Babbling Brooks, Chapter 6.3

“Insanity does NOT run in my family. It strolls through, takes it’s time, and gets to know everyone personally.” ~Jacklyn Brooks~

This is one of my original legacy attempts that made it pretty far towards completion. If I remember correctly, they had collected so many items that everything started to glitch and in order to recover the save, they basically lost everything. I had a hard time playing for a long time after that and they have been saved in my incomplete folder since 2017. Enough time has passed that I am going to try to reboot this legacy.

Succession Laws:

  • Gender: Equality
  • Bloodline: Traditional
  • Heir: Democracy
  • Species: Tolerant

I even found my spreadsheet with all of the genealogy for the family. 4 years old, but I found it. Then I went and found the updated version and will transfer all the information to the new spreadsheet and link below.

Link to come…

To start, a brief reintroduction:

Jacklyn Brooks (gen 6 heiress). Jacklyn is a Vegetarian, Goofball, and Erratic (family trait). She has the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration, and also picked up Happy Toddler and Creatively Gifted while growing, and she has completed the Leader of the Pack aspiration.

Aden Stallone (gen 6 spouse). Aden is Vegetarian, Family-oriented, and Geek, with the Master Chef aspiration.

Liliana Brooks (gen 7 heiress). Liliana is Genius and Erratic, Mentally Gifted and Happy Toddler. Her aspiration currently is Renaissance Sim.

Matthew Brooks (gen 7 triplet spare 1). Matthew is an Art Lover and Happy Toddler.

Nathan Brooks (gen 7 triplet spare 2). Nathan is a Music Lover and Happy Toddler and is currently having a Mean Streak.

Oliver Brooks (gen 7 triplet spare 3). Oliver is Creative and Happy Toddler.

The family had moved around in my attempts to continue to play but now they have been moved back to the original legacy lot: Twin Oracle Point. It is, once again, an empty lot. Since they lost virtually all of their household funds, they are going to start over. They do have enough that they won’t be lawn living, but not enough to replace the house they should still have. I guess I am still a little salty about their loss it seems.

They start off with a very small house by feffelinna called Fefeland2. It will do until they can afford a larger house.

It is a cute little house but first they sell everything that is not needed immediately. So all of the plants, decorations, etc.

Everyone heads inside and while Aden looks happy that they have a house, Jacklyn is wanting to make sure he understands that this is temporary. Meaning, not permanent.

Everyone claims their beds and then begin to work on their lacking needs. I forgot that Aden and Jacklyn are both vegetarians and Aden made Eggs Benedict.

Jacklyn needed to improve her logic for work, so she added a chess table and quickly knocked that requirement out.

Oliver was the only one still needing to work on his homework, while Nathan really needs to potty.

Hoping to avoid the vegetarian snafu, Jacklyn hires a vegetarian caterer to come and stock up the fridge. Tomorrow, Aden will continue to add gourmet items to the leftovers as he works to master the skill.

Nathan is going to be a pain in the ass, I do believe.

Everyone is off on their schedule and I can’t get them to stay in bed. Aden will be home from work at midnight and that will be my chance to save and close. I still need to update the spreadsheet so I can link it above before posting.

Aden comes home with a promotion – level 7 Pastry Chef.

The only graves that were saved from before are the heirs – Ariella, Basil, Cybele, Fiona, Ilia. This is Fiona (red) and Ilia (white) out for a visit on the first night in the new house on the old lot.

After working on updating the new version of the legacy tracker, I realized that I had not been tracking this family other than genealogy. Not record of skills, aspirations, or careers was kept, and I am not going to comb back through the previous posts to try to figure it out. So this confirms that this legacy is not for points.

But, that also means that I am looking for the hook to continue this legacy. What can they do to keep my attention.

The day passes boringly. Work, school, homework, projects. Then they fight for the toilet and shower before going to bed.


This legacy will return to Hiatus and if I can think of a good hook for it, it may return. For now, there are several other challenges I plan on completing.


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