Babbling Brooks, Interlude Myra

Children are the anchors that hold a mother to life ~Sophocles~

Some days I think back to how it all started.  That night, I was on the prowl for a meal.  Instead, I found a family.  I was out late that night, when I ran into him.  Finley.  He was looking for a wife and I was looking for a bite.  We talked all night and by the time the sun came up, I was still hungry but he had his wife.

He built me a room underground and seemed to accept me for who I am.  His family made an attempt to get to know me, but I felt separate – apart from them – maybe because I was living in a basement under their house.  Thankfully, my job was one where I could work from home if I wanted – which I generally always wanted.  Going out in the daytime has never been my first choice.

I had always had a strong hunger but with my marriage I decided to adjust to my new life by controlling it.  I was going to become a “Good Vampire”.  Maybe that was the mistake I made.  I don’t know.  Then, I discovered I was pregnant.  I don’t know how that happened.  I watched Buffy and Twilight and everyone knows vampires can’t have biological children.  But I was definitely pregnant. And now, I was even hungrier than before.

When we first married, Finley would allow me to feed.  But then once I became pregnant, my thirst become unquenchable and he pulled back.  He started rejecting my requests.  In desperation I started compelling him to let me drink.  My thirst was so strong that I would need to feed several times every night.  I found myself drinking from Finley and from his sister and then prowling to see who was out late.  Finley’s family caught me several times while I was feeding and any relationship we might have had disappeared.  Yet, I could not stop feeding.  I also turned Finley into a vampire.  Accidentally, of course

Then I gave birth to a screaming, smelly, titty monster.  My thirst became uncontrollable.  Finley and I knew we were going to have to move.  We could not remain in the same house with his family.  And that is when we made the decision to leave the suckling behind.  It would be safer that way.  But before we left, the suckling grew into a fussy, demanding brat.  We planned our escape for after dark, when the family was asleep.  The walking diaper would not go to sleep.  Finley took it to the kitchen to feed it.  While I was waiting, the uncontrollable desire to feed came over me.  Finley’s sister was once again my target.  We definitely had to go.

That should have been the story.  Finley and I should have moved to Forgotten Hollow and created a new life with other vampires.  But it is not how things worked out.  We did move to Forgotten Hollow and Finley did start a new life.  He never returned to his mother’s house, although he would call her to chat almost every day.  But I felt drawn back to the creature that I gave life.  I found myself popping in at all hours, just to see how it, how she was doing.  While I was there, I would clean up after the family.  I never realized how messy that they all are.

Gwendolyn. My child.

Gwendolyn was struggling with being abandoned by her parents.  She was angry all of the time.  But I kept coming and eventually she would be excited to see me.  The anger never truly passed though.  She would ask me to play with her, to read to her, to feed her.  Thanks to my thick skin, I was able to play with her outside.  I fed her and read her to sleep.  Made sure she was learning her basic skills.

I should have never left her behind.

And then one night after she fell asleep, I remembered why I left. Why I left her.  The thirst hit hard that night and once again Finley’s sister was my target.  His mother walked in as she was collapsing to the floor and was furious with me.  She ordered me out of the house.  And I left.  I am a Grand Master Vampire, powerful and immortal, and I left when a mere mortal ordered me out.

My Gwendolyn.  I told her I wouldn’t be back again.  I don’t think she understands.

I know that she will be better off raised by Finley’s normal, mortal family.  I know I did the right thing by leaving her.

I did, didn’t I?


Author’s Note:

After Myra and Finley moved out, Myra kept coming back.  She didn’t socialize with anyone except Gwen – except when she fed on Eliza.  Before they moved out, she had no interactions with Gwen.  Her story had to be told.

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