Baby Boomer 2021

The major mid-season challenge is a Baby Boomer Memorial to recognize Pam for her contributions to the forums. Pam passed away in February 2021 and her loss has been felt around the forums.

For this challenge, in four weeks how many children can one couple have, age up, and move out. Of course there are rules:

  • A Baby may only be aged up early if both parents are Good Friends with the baby.
  • You may only age up a Toddler early if they are potty trained and have level 2 in all skills.
  • You may only age up a Child early if they have finished an Aspiration and have a B school average.
  • You may only age up a Teen early if they have a B school average, level 2 at a teen job, and a BFF.

And of course, there are points:

  • Infant: 100 points
  • Toddler: 200 points
  • Child: 400 points
  • Teen: 800 Points
  • Young Adult/moved out: 1600 Points

Our lucky couple is Nigel and Lila Whiting and they have moved into the empty lot in Newcrest, Rippling Flats. They are not allowed to move their house so this is where they will spend the next four weeks. Having lots of babies. Each season will be 7 days so they will play through one full year.

First things first, they need a house. I considered letting them do some lawn living but decided nope. Newcrest has some wicked storms in the spring and summer so they definitely are going to get shelter.

Then, Nigel finds a job as a painter and Lila tries to register as a Stay Home Mom, but it never updated so whatever.

After that, they spend the rest of the day painting. Nigel is working through the Painter Extraordinaire aspiration but all paintings are being sold immediately so that they can buy a bed to start and then other furniture as needed.

The bed has been delivered so it is time to work on the first pregnancy. Lot traits are not allowed so the first pregnancy I am expecting to be a single. She has earned any aspiration points yet as she has to maintain a Family aspiration for the entire challenge.

Lila spends all her time painting on the sketchpad and she is able to furnish the house. They also get lights, which are not in this picture. Now they just need to pop out that first baby.

Nigel gets a promotion on his first day, although really, who cares. Lila is bringing home the most money since she can knock out paintings on the sketchpad all day long.

Nigel is finally able to get his three emotional painting done. Dust kit keeps everyone in an inspired mood as long as the house is clean, so they have to let the house get dusty so that Nigel can have another mood long enough to start the paintings.

Now, Lila can clean the house and they can get back to that inspired mood.

Lot traits are not permitted so Lila is watching Kids TV and listening to Kids radio. I have no idea if that will work.


Baby Braydon joins the challenge and is a single birth.

It doesn’t take long before he is good friends with both parents, so Nigel gets to age him up. Braydon is Independent so he will be able to potty train himself.

Nigel has been chained to the easels plus he has to go to work. I might also have been keeping him busy doing something else, but I don’t remember.

Now this one I own completely. Braydon is so close to finishing his requirements. He just needs a touch to master the potty and then his thinking skill.

There we go. Braydon is about to have some cake.

{blow-spit} As a child, Braydon takes Creative and will be working on Artistic Prodigy.

Baby #2 is born, another single boy named Landyn.

Lila and Nigel quickly become Good Friends with Landyn so he can become a toddler.

Home from school, Braydon is working on a school project. He needs that B.

This is Landyn without the hat.

This is Landyn calling it quits for the day.

Braydon brings home that B. Now he just has to complete his aspiration.

The boys are working hard at whatever they are going. Except Landyn, who is passing out.

Braydon completes his aspiration and gets to blow out his candles.

He gets the Dance Machine trait and takes the Party Animal aspiration. He picks up a job at level 2 Fry Cook.

Landyn finishes his toddler skills and is ready to blow out the cake.

Another spitter. Trust me no one wants to eat the cake after a toddler spits on the candles. Of course, this is the original cake, so I probably wouldn’t want to eat it anyways.

Baby #3 joins the household. This time they have a single girl named Jennie. For the record, Nigel has the Fertile trait and Lila has been getting fertility massages before they try for baby.

As soon as they are good friends, Jennie becomes a toddler. All of the toddlers are getting the Independent trait so that they can work on the potty alone, and immediately.

Both boys bring home a B. This is also what happens when they don’t get makeovers.

Braydon blows out his candles and move out. That is one.

Jennie is on her way to the potty where she completes her requirements.

Another toddler done, Jennie blows out her candles and the cake goes back into the fridge.

All of the children are getting Creative as their trait with the Artistic Prodigy aspiration.

Nigel completes Painter Extraordinaire and spends his time selling whichever paintings are on the easels. There are always paintings on the easels. Nigel is also a level 3 celebrity now.

Jennie grew up pissed. She is still pissed and it takes awhile for her to calm down.

The painting is all autonomous. I don’t care what they do while the next baby percolates.

Landyn has completed his requirements, finally, and is blowing out the candles.

He rolled Mean so received a Deviance aspiration. He then takes a job as a Fast Food Worker, and begins working on his homework. He becomes BFF with Morgan Fyres.

Jennie needs some social interaction so Landyn keeps her company. He just needs his B so he is waiting for school to start again.

Another single girl, Scarlet.

Good friends done, Scarlet becomes a toddler. So far, Braydon is the only redhead.

Jennie gets her aspiration completed and just needs her grades now.

Scarlet is so over this skilling thing and manages to ask Nigel to put her to bed. I canceled that and had Lila read her to sleep for the imagination.

Scarlet just completed her toddler requirements and celebrates with a good solid diaper poop.

She will have to take the shower on her own because it is time to blow out some candles. That is still the original strawberry cake.

Scarlet takes Creative and Artistic Prodigy as the rest of her siblings and then she gets to work.

Jennie has finished her requirements, bringing home the B that she was missing.

Cute. Lots of silver rings everywhere. Jennie picks up the Fast Food job, level 2, then she begins to work on her homework.

Moving along Landyn earns his B and gets to blow out some candles and move out.

Jennie chooses Eliza Pancakes to be her BFF mostly because Eliza showed up at the house uninvited and was available.

She also leveled her cooking up for her school skill. Everyone has been using cooking to qualify for their B.

Braydon came by, dropping off a rare seed for Lila.

The next baby, another single boy, joins the family. They are no longer going to be doing the fertility massage as they both have Fertile now. It seems like the fertility massage sucks and doesn’t work, and prevents Fertile from working. And I really miss the lot trait, On Ley Line.

Kason quickly becomes good friends with both parents and becomes another Independent toddler.

Had to think a moment, but Lila just mastered cooking. She has also mastered painting. Each time a kid is kicked out, they are seeded with §20,000 because it seems like the right thing to do. So Lila and Nigel continue to knock out paintings so that they can afford to send their kids off right.

Girls! Jennie has everything complete except the grade, which she screwed up today with a bad choice on a chance card. Scarlet has the B but still needs to complete her aspiration.

Another day comes and goes, and Jennie finally has her B. She looks like she had to fight for it pretty hard.

Bye bye Jennie. That makes three moved out so far.

Soon after Jennie moves out, Scarlet completes her aspiration.

The cake is still holding on.

Jennie rolls Art Lover and takes Painter Extraordinaire. Not that it matters. And the cake goes back into the fridge.

Kason is so close to completing his requirements that he is being pushed to the limit.

That face. He is also ready to blow out some candles. Then he will be allowed to sleep.

Candles are blown and there is another creative child in the house.

Scarlet makes her BFF with the current mailman, Derunk Mete.

The first set of twins are born and we begin the last week of the challenge.

Lila and Nigel begin the good friends process with Ethan and Martina.

Both of the twins age up and begin learning their toddler skills.

They reach the point of candles at the same time and join Kason in the childhood days. The pictures are slowing down as the challenge wears on because everyone is doing the same thing, rinse and repeat for each child.

I have so many pictures remaining, so they are just going to be a collage below. The challenge is done with 5 kids moved out (8000 points) + 2 teens remaining (1600 points) + 1 child remaining (400 poiints) + 2 toddlers remaining (400) = 10,400 points total. After school on Friday the kids that still had a C in school were done. There was no way they could raise their grade to a B before the challenge ends Sunday morning at 8am. That just left the incoming baby, which turned out to be twins for a second time. The twins were able to make good friends and age into toddlers with just a few hours remaining. Not enough time to complete their skill requirements to become children. So the challenge ends at midnight, eight hours early. Good enough. 🙂

Recap of the kids:

NameBabyToddlerChildTeenMoved OutBFF
BraydonDoneDoneDoneDoneYesCassandra Goth
LandynDoneDoneDoneDoneYesMorgan Fyres
JennieDoneDoneDoneDoneYesEliza Pancakes
ScarletDoneDoneDoneDoneYesDerumk Mete
KasonDoneDoneDoneDoneYesOlivia Kim-Harris


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