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It is 2021 which means it is time for a new Tournament to begin at Carl’s forums. The first challenge of the tournament is the Ultimutt Dogtor and it revolves around dogs. If that isn’t apparent from the punny title, then we need to talk.

January 1 to 17, 2021

GOAL: Are your Sims fond of those adorable furry friends? Do they also have a good business sense to translate that passion into simoleans? If you think we’re barking up the right tree, then jump in this event and see how quickly you can treat 50 patients, as well as teach your household mutts a few tricks along the way. As a twist, only patients that earn you at least 4-stars can be counted.

Our pet loving couple is Eddy and Betty Barker. They will be opening the Barker Pet Clinic and adopting lots of dogs. Well, six dogs is the plan. I have not done any significant testing so this is going to be fun.

Eddy is Outgoing, Good, and a Cat Lover. He will be handling the vet clinic which is why he chose Cat Lover.

Betty is Cheerful, Loves the Outdoors, and a Dog Lover. She will be handling training the dogs on their tricks.

Eddy and Betty move into Sporting Space, which is the empty lot next to the existing vet clinic. Then Eddy sweeps them away to the jungle. They need money, and lots of it. Instead of building a clinic, they are going to attempt to make enough money in 24 hours to buy a clinic. Their goal is around §80,000.

He then spends a few hours getting to understand the culture better. When he believes he has mastered the culture, he finds out there is a secret seller and he stocks up on machetes. He was hoping another seller would come back to the table with more items, but they didn’t so he is off into the jungle.

Eddy makes a fast run through the jungle and picks up two high value items. That was his goal, so he won’t have to come back a second time. He did get the Sneezing Curse placed upon him, so he spends §250 and has the statue cure him.

Back home, he sets up the yard sale table and still both items for enough to buy the vet clinic.

The clinic is his, and now he has to become a veterinarian.

His first patient, and his second and third, are all just 3-stars. But then again, he had no vet skill when he opened his doors, so that is better than having 2 stars or lower.

While Eddy is getting the vet clinic up and running, Betty adopts the first three dogs. This is going to be fun.

I didn’t take a lot of pictures, but Betty adopts three more dogs, filling up the household. Out of six dogs, she managed to come up with three smart ones. Those three are the ones she focused on completing all of their training.

Eddy continues to treat patients and is regularly earning those 4-stars.

This is my favorite image of those challenge.

Once the three smart dogs are fully trained, and the three non-smart dogs have learned a trick or two, Betty begins seeing patients also.

Eddy masters the veterinarian skill and he is earning 4-stars on every patient.

Betty is only at level 3 veterinarian when she earns her first 4-star rating.

Random picture, Betty is doing surgery. And it is done. 50 4-star patients out of 94 reviews. The day and time is Saturday 10:37 pm, week 1, which is much faster than I expected. The six dogs learned 34 tricks in total, so the final score is 5665. (9517 minutes divided by 1.68)


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