Bea Starr


Abusive situations, sexual assault, graphic content

To be a star, you must shine your own light,
follow your own path, and don’t worry about the darkness,
for that is when stars shine the brightest.

Bea sat quietly in her room.  She could hear them talking in the other room, getting ready for dinner, but she didn’t feel like joining them just yet.  She was all alone.  Forever alone.

There was a time when she hadn’t been alone.  When she had a mom and a dad.  Her mom told her once that they had been very happy when they found out they were going to have a baby.  They hadn’t been married long and they didn’t have much, but they were young and in love and that was all they needed.  Her dad, Brian, was a painter and her mom, Janelle, worked in an office.  Money was tight but they had the basics and they had each other.  Then, they had Beatrice.

Bea could still remember a little bit about her dad. She loved when he threw her into the air and played airplane with her.  She would ask him to play again and again, until her mom told them to settle down.  He always called her his bumblebee.  He would read her books and tell her stories of princesses and dragons and spaceships and pirates.  She loved those stories.  She missed hearing him read to her.  She missed him.  Little girls need their daddy.

She always felt so safe and happy with him.  She tried to remember him without remembering the day he fell down but it never worked out like that.  She couldn’t remember one without the other.  They were too intertwined, the good and the bad.  She could feel the tears coming again along with the memories.  Her mom had gone to work that day leaving Bea home with her dad.  There wasn’t anything she could have done to save him, she was too little.  When her mom came home Bea was sitting next to her dad on the floor crying.  

Her mom was gone a lot after her dad died, trying to work enough so that they could keep the house.  Bea had to go to daycare for awhile, but they didn’t do a good job taking care of her while she was there and it would take days for her to recover once she was back home.  Janelle began hiring nannies to look after Bea at home while she worked, but they weren’t much better.  They were either yelling at her or ignoring her.

Things got a little easier when Bea was old enough to start school.  Bea was able to stay home alone after school until her mom came home from work so they didn’t need the nannies any more.  Bea wasn’t allowed to have friends over when her mom wasn’t home, and she wasn’t allowed to go to anyone’s house either.  By the time her mom came home from work, it was time for homework, dinner, and then bedtime, so there wasn’t very much time for making friends.  

Time doesn’t pass quickly when you are young, but eventually Bea reached another milestone.  She had become a teen – thirteen.  She convinced her mom to take some time off from work for a vacation as a birthday present.  It was the only thing she had ever really asked for, and her mom eventually agreed.  Bea and her mom packed up and headed to Selvadorada for a few days .  They explored the market and then headed out into the jungle.  That is when things went terribly wrong.  Bea was attacked by fireflies and set on fire, at which point she headed back to the village, leaving her mom alone in the jungle.  Janelle was not having a better time.  She was also attacked by fireflies, she was stung by a scorpion, and she was cursed by a cloud of sadness.  They decided the jungle was a little too wild for them and went home.  When the curse of sadness was dispelled, Janelle felt the blessing of the sun.  Unfortunately, the poison from the scorpion was still making its way through her system and it was too strong.  She died a few days later – Bea found her laying on the bedroom floor.

Bea wiped her eyes and got up.  She might as well join the others for dinner.  Feeling sorry for herself had never worked in the past.  It wasn’t going to change things now.

They look up when Bea joins them at the table.  She smiles because that is what was expected.  They have had this discussion before.  She has been with the Drakes since her mom died a little over two years ago and they made it clear from the beginning that they expected her to get over it.  They have their priorities and dealing with teenage moodiness, as they put it, isn’t one of them.  Her foster mom is some sort of government agent or something.  She will be home for days and then will be gone for awhile on a secret mission.  She doesn’t call it that, of course.  She just tells them that she has a case when she leaves.  Bea’s foster father is a personal trainer and he is always working out or has just worked out or is on his way to work out.  And he always needs a shower.

Lately, Bea has been struggling in school.  High school is hard.  Sam offers to help her with her homework to get caught up and even helps her finish a project that she brought home from school.  After finishing her homework and project they sit and talk for awhile.  It has been a long time since she has had anyone really take an interest in how she is doing, and this is the first time Sam has spent any time with her.

Emily is off on another one of her cases when Bea gets home from school later that week.  Sam offers to help her with her homework again and afterwards he offers her a drink from the bar.  She has never had anything to drink but he tells her it is okay since he is her guardian.  Besides, she is almost sixteen.  Afterwards, she could never remember how many drinks she had that night, but it was definitely more than one.

One thing she would never forget is the look in Sam’s eyes when she straddled him in the hot tub.  Getting in the hot tub was Sam’s idea.  Or, maybe it was hers.  That part she can’t remember.  She definitely had too much to drink when she got on top of Sam though.  He sure didn’t say no.  In fact, he didn’t say much of anything for a long time.

The next time Emily left on a case, Sam came to Bea’s bedroom.  Bea tried to turn Sam away but he told her that since she started things in the hot tub, she didn’t have the option of saying no anymore.  At least not until she moved out.  Then Sam suggested she have a drink to relax, so Bea had two.  As Bea finished her second drink, Sam pulled her to the floor.

After that night, Sam would be waiting for Bea on the days that Emily was out on a case.  He would make sure her homework was done, then he would pour her a drink.  If Sam was in a hurry, he would take her at the bar.  Otherwise, he preferred working out with her.  He had developed a preference for having her on the workout machine.  And he was able to tell Emily that they spent their time working out without blinking an eye.  When Emily was home, he would mentor Bea on the treadmill. 

But they got careless.  Emily came home and caught them in Bea’s room.  It was bad when Emily started yelling at her but Bea couldn’t believe it when Sam started blaming her also.  He even yelled at her for touching him.  Bea could not believe that Sam would lie, that he would betray her like that.  When she tried to tell Emily what was really going on, Emily wouldn’t listen and threatened Bea, calling her a liar, and then kicked her out of the house.  Bea realized that Sam never really loved her and she ran.

Just turned sixteen and homeless, Bea heads into the city.  She has to find somewhere to sleep, something to eat.  She is really, truly alone.  After her mom died, she thought she was alone, but she had Sam and Emily.  Now, she doesn’t even have them.  At first, she sleeps where she can, hoping to go unnoticed.  But that doesn’t last long.  A young girl out at night will get noticed, if not by the authorities, by those who want to take advantage.  Bea’s luck has never been good.  

Joey found her near the food kiosks where she was watching for someone to leave their food unguarded.  When you are hungry food is food and even rummaging through the trash isn’t out of the question.  And Joey had gotten good at picking out the strays.

Bea noticed him watching her and she sat a little straighter.  She tried to look casual, tried to figure out what she had done to catch his attention.  Maybe she had sat there too long.  While she was thinking, he moved over and sat down beside her.  She jumped when he asked if she wanted something to eat.  He didn’t wait for an answer, he just kept talking quietly.  Waiting to see if she would run.  When she didn’t leave, he finally looked at her and told her that he could give her a place to stay and food to eat, if she was interested.  Then he got up and walked away. 

Bea watched him leave.  Then she followed him.  She was hungry and she was tired of sleeping in the park.  She stayed a little bit behind him, keeping her distance.  She didn’t know what she had agreed to by following him and she wanted to keep open the option to run if things didn’t look right.  But he led her to an apartment building in the Spice Market district of downtown.  She was beginning to have doubts, maybe he didn’t mean for her to follow, when he turned and looked at her.  He was holding the door waiting for her to enter.  She stopped for minute and then stepped inside.

The apartment was small but it was clean.  And it was an improvement over sleeping in the park.  Bea stood nervously for a few minutes and then dropped her bag and disappeared into the bathroom.  She took a long bath, enjoying the feeling of being clean again. When she finished, she could smell spaghetti cooking.  It was time to meet her new friend.

During dinner he tells her his name is Joey and that she can stay here until she figures out what she is going do.  While she is staying there, she can help out by keeping the place clean and cooking for Joey and his friends.  Bea agrees to the arrangement as it sounds like a reasonable trade-off.  Since it has been a long day, really a long time since Bea has slept well, Joey suggests she head to bed early.  

Joey wakes Bea up the next morning.  It is time to pay the rent.  As she spreads her legs for Joey, he tells her that everything has a price, nothing is free.  After Joey finished, he leaves her to clean up and then she goes back to bed.  Joey is gone when Bea gets up again.  Not only is Joey gone, but so are all of her clothes and her bag.  The only thing she can find is her slip, there isn’t even a pair of underwear remaining in the apartment.  She finds a note from Joey: “Don’t go outside”.  The note wasn’t necessary since he took all of her clothes.  Besides, she has nowhere else to go.

Bea is bored.  There is nothing to do in the apartment except watch TV.  At least there is a TV.  When Joey finally comes back, Bea is so happy to see him that she forgets she is pissed that he took her clothes.  Just for a moment – then she starts complaining.  She complains about him taking her clothes, she complains about being stuck in the apartment, she complains about being bored.  When she is done complaining, Joey reminds her about what he said – that everything has a price, including complaining. 

Joey’s friends come over to play games that evening and Bea stays in the bedroom since Joey not only didn’t give her clothes back, he also took the slip she had been wearing.  Now she has nothing to wear. 

Joey leaves her in there for awhile, but he has other plans for her.  Bea is sleeping when she realizes someone is there with her, and it isn’t Joey.  At first she thinks Joey is going to come and stop him, but then she realizes Joey did come in, but he is just watching.  Joey is holding her slip and she understands the message.  If she cooperates, she will get the slip back.  Bea doesn’t even know his name, and she isn’t going to ask.  If she doesn’t know, later maybe she can pretend it never happened.  She waits to see what he will want to do, while Joey watches.

This becomes their routine: Joey takes his “rent payment” in the morning, she spends the day alone watching TV, in the evening Joey brings friends over to play games, and then someone comes in to play with Bea.  Joey is always there watching.  After the first few days, Bea stopped noticing tha she was being watched.  She never asks their name, they never tell her, and it is never the same sim twice.  Joey calls them his friends, but Bea knows better.  They are paying him to play with her.  But, she did get her slip back.

Joey slowly begins giving back her clothes as she continues to be compliant; so far he has given her a top and a pair of socks to go with the slip.  What she really wants was a pair of pants, even just her underwear.  She waits until Joey is in a really good mood, and then she asks if she can have her pants back.  He says she will have to do something extra special for those.  Bea agrees without asking because saying no to Joey isn’t an option.  She has been with Joey long enough that she knows she will do whatever it is now, or she will do it later.  She might as well find out what it is now and get it done.

Eventually, Joey tells Bea he has a surprise for her.  They are going away to a party.  He even brought her a dress so that she can get dressed up special for it.  She is excited – it will be the first time she has left the apartment since the day she followed Joey in.  She takes her time getting ready but she is still ready by the time they need to leave.  

The house Joey takes her is just a little spooky.  Bea realizes quickly that this isn’t a fun party.  Joey brought her here to be the party favor.  And there is something different about the “guests” – even more than the fact that the look identical.  Getting to the reason for the party, each one takes his turn with her.  It is a long night for Bea.

Bea wakes up back in the apartment sometime the next day.  She feels awful and tells Joey she is sick.  Joey makes her pay for a day off then he leaves her to sleep.

Joey is the first to suspect that Bea is pregnant.  He lets her sleep as much as she wants until he is certain about the baby, and then he contacts the vampires to let them know.  Once she reaches the second trimester, he tells her it is time to leave.  Since there is a chance the baby will be born a vampire, they want her to come stay with them until the birth.

Bea is not sure that leaving Joey to live with three male vampires is an improvement in her situation, but maybe they will be nicer to her since she is pregnant.  She gets dressed and follows Joey out of the apartment for the last time.  She doesn’t look back.

Bea wanders around the house aimlessly.  She can roam freely here, but there is nowhere to go.  She could leave the house even, but again there is nowhere to go.  Forgotten Hollow is truly forgotten, and vampires roam the streets, even in the daytime.  Bea misses going to school, but they won’t agree to let her go back to school.  They are very protective of the baby she is carrying so no one is allowed to touch her now, which is a welcome change from her time with Joey.  She refuses to think about what will happen once the baby is born.  She discovered that if she asks for something, the next day it is there for her to use.  Except for a computer, that she can’t use.  She isn’t allowed contact with the outside world, so she is still a prisoner and this time the cage is gilded in black. 

She is tired of doing nothing, so she asks for a piano.  She always thought about learning to play piano but that never worked out.  Now she has the time.  She spends her days teaching herself to play, losing herself in the music.  Hour after hour, day after day, she spends at the piano. Bea doesn’t realize how good she is becoming; she doesn’t notice them listening to her play.  She only knows that when she is playing, she is finally free.  There is no past, no future, there is only the now.

The time is coming soon when Bea will give birth.  Bea hasn’t spent a lot of time with the vampires since she moved in, but there are times when they talk to her.  They have told Bea that sometimes sims will give birth to vampire babies and sometimes they don’t.  So, there is a chance Bea’s baby will not be a vampire.  They won’t be able to tell until the infant gets a little older. 

They have also told Bea that they haven’t decided what to do with her after the baby is born.  There is one that wants to turn her, another that wants to kill her, and one that wants to let her go. 

Bea gave birth to twins one night, a boy and a girl.  Now, only time will tell if they are vampire or not.

As the twins began to grow, they can finally tell that Seth and Mara are both vampires.  There is no question now that they will be staying with the vampires.  The only question remaining is what will become of Bea.

Bea has to decide what she wants.  She knows the vampires will be making their decision soon and she needs to be prepared. If they are going to decide between turning her, killing her, or letting her go, she wants to make her case before they decide.  She doesn’t want to die, so the real question is whether she wants to become a vampire, or does she want to try to convince them to let her leave.  Well, there really is no question.  Bea knows what she wants for the first time in her life. 

Bea approaches the father of her children.  Despite being triplets, they had been able to determine paternity without any trouble once the twins were born.  She makes her request and waits for his answer.  She wants to stay with her children, and she is willing to do whatever it takes.  

They turned her down.  They are going to let her go, but she will be going alone.  Bea is heartbroken, and the twins are upset that she is leaving also.  But with two uncles and their daddy around all the time, there are plenty of distractions and toddler attention spans are short.

They move Bea to a town in the desert, far from Forgotten Hollow and far from the city.  They make sure she has a place to live but she will have to get a job to pay the bills.  Bea has just turned eighteen and she decides to return to school for her final year, so that she can graduate.  It has been two years since she left Sam and Emily and she has a lot of ground to makeup so that she can graduate, but she works to improve her grades.  Between school and work, Bea doesn’t have time for anything else.

She goes to visit her parent’s graves for the first time since her mom died.  When her father’s ghost comes out to comfort her, she remembers times from when she was younger when she thought she had seen him.  He gives her a hug and is gone again.

With graduation over, it is time to find a job.  When she considers her options, one job stands out.  She takes a job working as a ringleader for the local crime boss.  The thought of working in an office just does not appeal to her.  And she has a score to settle with Joey the Fuck.

She works hard and she quickly moves up the ranks in the organization, soon becoming a minor crime lord controlling her own territory.  

She hasn’t done anything fun in a long time but she needs to find some way to release the stress and tension.  With a few days free, Bea finds herself restless and with nothing to do.  She heads into the nearby town, if you can call it that.  There is a museum, a gym, a bar, and a lounge.  Bea picks the lounge and heads in to do some people watching.  She ends up at the bar where she orders a drink.  She chats with several of the other sims that are there and she finally begins to relax for the first time in a long time.

Bea wakes up the next day with a hangover and the bartender in her bed.  She gets up, wakes him up, and sends him on his way.  Then she takes a shower and goes back to bed.  She is definitely not looking for any attachments.

The piano has been sitting there for years, Bea has never really noticed it.  Tonight when she went into the lounge she stopped.  She hadn’t played in years, not since the twins were born; she left that part of herself in Forgotten Hollow.  But now she can’t stop thinking about the time when she played for hours.  She hasn’t seen the twins since they were toddlers.  She hasn’t thought about them in years.  It was like a dream, that is what she tells herself, it was just a dream.  But now, she can’t stop thinking about them. 

She heads to the bar where she orders drink after drink until something else takes the place of the sadness.  When it is time to head home, she doesn’t go alone.  

Bea spends her birthday alone.  She hasn’t really celebrated it in a long time and this one isn’t any different.  She finds herself thinking of the twins again, wondering how they are doing.  They must be teens by now.


The piano continues to haunt her thoughts and she finds herself wanting to play, needing to play.  Finally, she returns to the lounge and she begins to play.  She is rusty, but it comes back to her and she is soon lost in the music.  She doesn’t notice as the time passes, she plays until she is all played out.  Then she gets up to leave.  For the first time, she doesn’t even stop for a drink.  

She never noticed him watching her.  She is exhausted from the emotion of playing, of remembering.  But he sees her and he remembers her.  

They go up to the door together.  They know she is home, and it is time.  Even after all the years that have passed, she knows who they are.  A mother knows her children.

They leave by morning, their world is in Forgotten Hollow with their father and their kind.  Her life is here in Oasis Springs now.  

Bea was never able to do anything about Sam.  It was her word against his and Emily’s protection was powerful. 

But Joey was another story.  When Bea joined the organization, she began looking for Joey.  He was warned and went into hiding.  It took awhile, but eventually she found him.  That’s one body that’ll never be found.  And it turns out he was a missing person who nobody missed at all.

For a long time Bea didn’t have the power to say no. Now Bea has all the power she needs. And when she plays the piano, the music brings the light out of the darkness.


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