Bella Immortal 1.1

There is a new challenge over at Boolprop – The Immortal Teen. This challenge was created to celebrate Boolprop’s 13th birthday in November (2005-2018) and is all about the teenager.  So, for this challenge I follow the adventures of one “lucky” teen as she attempts to complete 13 tasks.

I am starting this challenge even though I have other challenges in process because of the aging bug introduced with the Get Famous patch.  I am not opening the saves for the other challenges until the bug is patched, so this is what I am doing in the interim.  Once the game is patched, I will return to the 100 baby challenge (Yuma), then the DyNasty (Vanity), then the trailer park challenge (Tami).  This is the order they were started, so it is the order I want to get them completed.  I have a lot of challenges on my list so the sooner I get going, the better.

Bella Curry

  • Traits: Cheerful, Loves Outdoors
    • Collector
  • Aspiration: The Curator

Bella is only allowed to miss 3 sick days of school.  She must attend school and achieve an “A”. She is not allowed to have a pet – she has Hugo (see below).  She must always have a part-time job, or she must be involved in an after school activity (scouts or drama club).  She cannot eat anything prepared by Hugo.  This challenge is played with aging turned off and ends when Bella completes all of the tasks set out before her.

Speaking of Hugo, Bella has to have a “guardian”, although he only agreed because he thought he was going to get money for taking her in.  What he got was just enough for a simple house with nothing left over.

Hugo Poindexter

  • Traits: Mean, Lazy, Glutton
  • Aspiration: Chief of Mischief – but who really cares, since he is not going to be played

Hugo is uncontrollable during this challenge – he lives or dies by his own choices.  He cannot have a job, he cannot contribute to the household funds, and he cannot leave the lot.

They move into one of the empty lots in Oasis Springs and download a house from the gallery.  A little tweaking and some redecorating and Bella is down to §14, which is removed to bring her funds to zero.  I changed the lot traits to Private Dwelling, Good Schools, and Home Studio and it is time to begin the challenge.

Bella’s goals are simple:

  1. Max a part-time job
  2. Have a BFF
  3. Have at least 4 boyfriends
  4. Have at least 13 friends
  5. Earn 13,000 for college
  6. Collect 13 different rocks, gems, metals, or collectibles
  7. Catch (and keep) 13 different fish
  8. Write 13 books
  9. Paint 13 pictures
  10. Cook 13 recipes
  11. Gain 13 skill points
  12. Grow and maintain 13 plants
  13. Throw 13 successful parties (not dates)

Extra challenges:

  • School Nerd: Max 5 skills (+50 points)
  • Prestigious Callings: Collect 31,000 (+15 points)
  • Perfectionist Streak: Only keep masterpiece paintings (+25 points)
  • Well-rounded: Have at least 3 positive character traits (+15 points)

There are points to be earned with this challenge:

  • 130 points for completing all 13 goals
  • -10 for each sick day used (3 sick days allowed)
  • +10 points for every 1,000 aspiration points that are earned but not used
  • +10 points for every 1,000 in net worth
  • +10 points for completing the challenge in 22+ sim days
    • +15 points for completing in 15-21 sim days
    • +25 points for completing in 8-14 sim days
    • +50 points for completing in less than 7 sim days

Bella starts off on Spring Day 1.  She immediately takes a job as Manual Labor, level 1 Lawn Mower.  This was an interesting decision but I decided that she will be working on collecting items, painting, and writing books so she will hopefully be supplementing her part-time income.  This means she needs to have time to do these things.  The real question will be whether she can earn a promotion each weekend since she will only have two 5-hour shifts to raise her job performance each weekend.

  • Retail: 20 hours/week = 660/800/960 weekly paycheck
  • Manual: 10 hours/week = 450/590/700 weekly paycheck
  • Barista: 10 hours/week = 280/410/620 weekly paycheck
  • Babysitter: 12 hours/week = 396/480/576 weekly paycheck
  • Fast Food: 20 hours/week = 320/360/400 weekly paycheck

After taking the job, Bella completes her homework for Monday, then writes in her journal.  Might as well get those two things checked off for the day.

Sunday is spent fishing, collecting, and rummaging.  By the end of the day, there is a little money in the bank, 2/13 fish in the bowls, and 4/13 MySims collected for her hobby.

Unfortunately, she did not get up Monday morning in time for breakfast.  Well, she did if she would have eaten something that didn’t need to be cooked first.  So she made chicken nuggets, but didn’t have time to eat them.  She left them on the table and Hugo ate them when he got up.

Monday was a bad day in that Bella came home enraged.  She did a good job on her performance, just barely missing an improvement in her grades.

She scribbled furiously in her journal for a long time and then worked on her homework with Hugo’s help.  He does nothing else, but every time Bella works on her homework he is right there to help.  They are good friends already.

Once she started her project, he even finished it for her so she could do something fun.  Bella watched a movie and then some TV shows and finally got over her pissy mood.

Then, she made a poor garden salad for their dinner.  She was considerate and made enough to feed Hugo also.

Tuesday morning, Bella got up early and had a glass of orange juice and then some applesauce because she wasn’t going to make the same mistake twice.  This is becoming her normal face.

Tuesday was a good day.  She had her grade improvement in the bag – that “B” was hers – so she spent time meeting some classmates.  She met Luna, Aimee, and Warren. She even asked Luna over after school.  They had a great time getting to know each other, even if Hugo was always right there.

Then Bella went around harvesting some of the wild plants growing around the house.  While she was doing that, Summer Holiday called and asked if she wanted to go to a local bar and meet some aliens.  Well, yeah. Of course.  Bella met Diana and Dayna and a lot of non-aliens too.  And then had a long walk home, because the bar wasn’t local – it was in Windenburg.  She finally got home and in bed at 3am – on a school night.

It is good thing Bella made a family size meal because Hugo has done nothing but eat, dance, and watch TV.  Maybe she will buy him something to keep him occupied when she has some more money.

Be happy Bella – you brought home an “A”.  This is a good thing.

Bella is not happy about cooking immediately after getting home.  She would much rather be doing something fun.

Another day, another rough day at school.

Needing to get out of the house, and hoping to get some fishing done, Bella heads to Oasis Springs park with one of her friends from school.  She is too tense and exhausted to fish, so she just tells him stories before leaving him there and heading home.

At this point, I actually went into Bella’s panel to see if she had enough aspiration points to buy a moodlet solver potion.  She had plenty of points.  An extremely high number of points.  At first I was thinking that she was just satisfying a lot of whims and completing her Curator aspiration.  Then I looked at some of the other aspirations and realized that she had many other tiers completed that she shouldn’t have completed.  Tiers that required her to be an adult.  This is not good.  Bella was a sim from my library and I had aged her down to teen.  I didn’t realize she had been played and had that much history.  There was no way I could reverse out what was showing completed, so I did what many TV shows have done in the past.  I swapped out the lead actress.  Using Manage Households, I went into Bella’s household and twinned Bella, creating a physical clone.  Then I deleted Bella1 and all four days of her history.  Taking her place is Bella2.  Bella1 takes with her the A she earned in school, the few skills that she has learned so far in the challenge, and her friends.  Bella2 has a C in school, no skills, no friends, and no history to muck up the challenge.  Bella2 is not an exact duplicate.  Bella1 was Cheerful and Loved the Outdoors.  Bella2 is Cheerful and Outgoing.  Bella1 wanted to be a Curator.  Bella2 wants to be a World-Famous Celebrity.  If I am going to make the change, she might as well get famous.  The tracking below has been updated to reflect what Bella2 has cooked/collected.

Bella2 heads down to begin leveling fishing – she has some ground to make up.

She replaces Bella1 early Friday morning which means she doesn’t have the option to go to school on Friday, so she spends the day catching up on her homework, writing in a new journal (I deleted Bella1 without emptying her inventory, so everything she was carrying was lost), and getting to know Hugo.

She heads out to the park to try some more fishing and rummaging through the trash.

Back home she makes her first meal – a Garden Salad, which she shares with Hugo.

Sunday is spent at the park gathering collectibles and rummaging through all of the trash cans.  The only thing she finds is a huge teddy bear, which is sold for the cash.

On her way home, she almost meets a Global Superstar, Judith Ward.  She tried to introduce herself (nope), she tried to ask for an autograph (nope), she asked for a selfie (nope).  She finally just went home.

With her social non-existent, she talked to Hugo for hours.  By the time she went to bed at midnight, she was feeling like he was her best friend.  Her only friend for sure.

Bella heads out to her first day of work and comes home with a promotion to Landscaper.  I am in shock – a teen promotion in one day.  Now she needs level 2 Gardening skill for the next promotion.

Bella is trying her hardest to make friends and find a boyfriend but today is Prank Day so her flirting is met in return by pranks.  She finally just goes to bed and calls it a week.

Meals cooked: 1/13

  1. Garden Salad

Fish collected: 8/13

  1. Guppy
  2. Betta
  3. Bass
  4. Tuna
  5. Pufferfish
  6. Koi
  7. Goldfish
  8. Tetra

Collectibles (hobby): 7/13

  1. Poppy
  2. Trevor Verily
  3. Gonk
  4. Morcubus
  5. Yuki
  6. Jenny
  7. Ol’ Gabby

Plants planted: 13/13

  1. Apple
  2. Basil
  3. Bell Pepper
  4. Carrot
  5. Grape
  6. Green Pea
  7. Lemon
  8. Mushroom
  9. Parsley
  10. Plantain
  11. Sage
  12. Strawberry
  13. Garlic


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