Bella Immortal, Week 3

Bella cries when she realizes the challenge continues.  The good thing is that she already has her A in school so she only has to maintain it.  That means she doesn’t have to work hard anymore – she can spend time making friends now.

While she is at school, I watch boring old Hugo.  I need to give him more interesting things to do – but then he might not be interested in cleaning.

Despite spending all day making friends, Bella came home with full-on red fun, starving, and exhausted.  She went to school full in the green in everything except fun and social.  School sucks.

Monday after school is “cook all the meals” day for Bella.  She is already pissed and having a mood swing.

While Bella is cooking I caught a glimpse of Hugo watering the plants – amazed.  But I didn’t get a picture.

Then Bella’s day took a Monday bounce and things got really bad.

But she continued cooking – the stove wasn’t damaged after all.

She listened to Hugo bitch about the damage.

She watched Luna clean up the messy counters.

She made more meals.

She listened to Hugo yell some more.

She cried in frustration

She passed out once…

But she finished making the meals eventually.

And then she passed out a second time.

Yeah, she has had a rough Monday – but she isn’t starving and she isn’t lonely.

Tuesday was much quieter and she was given a break.  The name of the game was homework and project – Hugo was roped into doing her project while she slept.

And then Warren came over to visit and they make great headway on their friendship.  He didn’t even reject her initial flirting although the pink is barely visible and she went to bed at a decent time to prepare for school tomorrow.  She also splurged on a tablet to help with her fun since nothing else seems to be working.

A tasty breakfast of franks and beans and Bella is off to school.  That should be a fruity day.

I caught him watering the plants!

After school, Bella does her homework (nope, nevermind).  Bella heads out to collect-collect-collect.  She has maxed out her performance bar for school so she can afford to skip out on her homework for a few days.  She adds one more MySims trophy to her collection and drags her ass home at 2am.

Thursday is HarvestFest so Bella gets the day off from school.

She starts by appeasing the gnomes – 2/3 on the first try and only gets struck by lightning twice begging for forgiveness with the third.

The tablet does come in handy for keeping, or rather getting her fun back into the green each day.

Unfortunately, nothing is really helping her sleep.  Her bed is much better but she has so much to do that she doesn’t get to use it much.

She finally makes it to Saturday and trudges off to work.  She was so close to her promotion last week that she earns it just be showing up.

She is thrilled – level 3.

After spending all day Saturday collecting items to sell – and seriously wondering where the fell all the MySims are – she breaks down and spends some aspiration points on a moodlet solver.  She ends up at the park fishing and collecting all night and almost forgets to go to work Sunday morning.  She makes it in time and all is well.

All is well until she gets home.  While she is taking a shower, dumbass sets the kitchen on fire.

Bella puts the fire out and leaves the stove in ruins.

She does repair the fridge since it is New Skill Day and she needs the gold holiday for the happy moodlet.  She needs all the happy she can get.  Then she goes to bed and calls the week done.

Teen Career: (Jack of All Trades: work at least one shift at all jobs)

  • √Manual Labor 3/3

Savings: §7,272/§13,000 or §31,000 (Prestigious Callings: save more money)

Best Friend: 0/1

Friends: 0/13

Boyfriends: 0/4

Character Traits: 1/5 (Well Rounded: 3/5 positive character traits)

  • Responsible

√Meals cooked: 13/13

  1. BLT
  2. Garden Salad
  3. Grilled Cheese
  4. Eggs and Toast
  5. Fish Taco
  6. Franks and Beans
  7. Fruit Salad
  8. Mac and Cheese
  9. Pan De Muerto
  10. Pan Fried Tilapia
  11. Pancakes
  12. Scrambled Eggs with Bacon
  13. Veggie Burger

√Fish collected: 13/13

  1. Angelfish
  2. Bass
  3. Betta
  4. Cichlid
  5. Goldfish
  6. Guppy
  7. Koi
  8. Minnow
  9. Pufferfish
  10. Salmon
  11. Tetra
  12. Trout
  13. Tuna

Collectibles: 11/13

  1. Buddy
  2. Chaz McFreely
  3. DJ Candy
  4. Dr. F
  5. Gonk
  6. Jenny
  7. Morcubus
  8. Ol’ Gabby
  9. Poppy
  10. Trevor Verily
  11. Yuki

√Plants planted: 13/13

  1. Apple
  2. Basil
  3. Bell Pepper
  4. Carrot
  5. Grape
  6. Green Pea
  7. Lemon
  8. Mushroom
  9. Parsley
  10. Plantain
  11. Sage
  12. Strawberry
  13. Garlic

√Skills: 13/13 (School Nerd: +5 maxed skills)

  • Charisma: level 1
  • Comedy: level 1
  • Cooking: level 2
  • Dancing: level 1
  • Fishing: level 5
  • Gardening: level 3
  • Handiness: level 1
  • Mischief: level 1
  • Painting: level 2
  • Singing: level 1
  • Video Gaming: level 3
  • Writing: level 2

√Paintings: 13/13 (Perfectionist Streak: Masterpieces only)

  1. Small Abstract §119 >normal
  2. Small Classics §129 >normal
  3. Small Classics §135 >normal
  4. Small Classics §134 >normal
  5. Small Classics §142 >normal
  6. Small Classics §128 >normal
  7. Small Classics §118 >normal
  8. Small Classics §117 >normal
  9. Small Illustrations §117 >normal
  10. Small Impressionism §118 >normal
  11. Small Pop Art §132 >normal
  12. Small Realism §120 >normal
  13. Small Surrealism §119 >normal

Books: 0/13

Parties: 0/13


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