Bella Immortal, Week 4

Bella gave up a lot of the bonus mini challenges this week.  She just wants this over with…  Her focus this week is the writing – 13 books, oh joy.  This is also the week of WinterFest so she will have a day off from school for that.  And, since she has maxed out the Manual Labor career, she is switching to Barista since it has fewer hours per day and it is before school, with the idea that she will be done with work when she gets out of school and will have the weekends free once she gets out of school on Friday.  We will see how that works out.

In the meantime, Hugo is fighting a losing battle in the bathroom while Bella sleeps.  Everything is broken.  

Bella finally got up and repaired the toilet so she could used it while Hugo continued to mop up the water.

Bella starts her first book before school on Monday.  One Blue Shoe, a children’s book.  It is excellent.

Monday this week is much better than Monday of last week.  The bills are getting larger though.

Bella finally has time to fix the tub and Hugo immediately kicks her out of the bathroom so he can soak in the tub.  He could have let Bella pee first.

But after finally playing a game on her tablet, and getting a chance to pee, Bella has a chance to start her second book before bedtime.  

Hugo is still just hanging around, doing not much of anything for most of the time.  Every once in awhile he will do something useful like clean or repair or take care of the garden.  but mostly, he watches TV or dances, eats or breaks things.

For her third book, Bella woke up in the middle of the night extremely sad and was able to write “One Fell Out of the Cuckoo’s Nest” before school started.  So far, all three of her books have been excellent.  

Bella even has time for half a sandwich before school.  

Hugo is boycotting his bed for some reason this week.


Bella is excited that tomorrow is WinterFest which allows her to start writing a workout guide.  Since she is exhausted, she won’t be able to finish it, so she also starts the poetry book.  These are books 4 and 5.

They are slowly repairing their relationship.  They had become best friends right after Bella moved in, but then Hugo was an ass and their relationship tanked.  Over the past few days, they have been getting back into the green.  I was shocked when Bella hugged Hugo before going to bed.  Despite the rocky road they have traveled, they never stopped being Best Friends, but I don’t want to count him as her true BFF until their green bar is back to full.

WinterFest morning brings a broken computer.  It is amazing how they break themselves in the middle of the night.

Bella buys a tree for the house and surprises Hugo with it.

She even gives him a gift – it is a moldy leftover ham and cheese sandwich – but it is the thought that counts, right? 

Even better is the fact that Hugo loves it.

Bella gets a candle for her desk – which gets sold with the rest of the gifts the next morning.

When Father Winter shows up, Bella meets him at the mailbox.  Hugo finally went back to bed and we won’t see him again until tomorrow morning.

Father Winter gives Bella a really nice microscope.  You can bet that was also sold for the cash the next day.

While WinterFest was a success for Bella and not a bad day for Hugo either, Bella was exhausted and didn’t quite make it to bed before passing out, again.

The next day, both Bella and Hugo were up when the alarms went off.  Bella was headed for school, although she forgot to do her homework, and Hugo was headed for the couch to watch TV.  Or something.

Bella brings home teen Hugo to try again to be friends.  

Today goes much better.  

Much better indeed.

Then there is the awkward meeting between the two Hugos in the bathroom afterwards.

Bella decided to take a break from writing and go out with some of the girls she met at school.  And, everything was free.  She made sure to meet as many people as possible, coming home with thirteen acquaintances.

New Year’s Eve dawns and it has been four weeks since Bella started this journey.  She is close to finishing , but not close enough.  For her resolution, she chooses “write/finish a book” and then she promptly completes her resolution.

Bella is still trying to find two more unique MySims trophies.  Since the ore deposits have not respawned around her neighborhood, she heads down to the park to see what is available there.  But first, lunch.

There is only one deposit available to dig up – and it gives her a duplicate trophy.  Where she lucks out is Warren is at the park.  She catches him all alone and is able to seduce him and before he leaves, he has agreed to be her boyfriend.  

With it getting late, Bella heads home for New Year’s Eve activities with Hugo.  Just how any teen would want to spend their evening.

Midnight celebrated – time for bed.

Bella has had a long day and she didn’t quite make it.  She sleeps on the floor beside her bed more often than she sleeps in her bed.

On Sunday, Bella found one more MySims trophy leaving just one more needed.  She also finished the books she had started, so she has 6/13 books done.  I didn’t take any pictures of her on Sunday so you get a picture of Hugo taking a bubble bath to close out this update.  Yeah, enjoy that.

Scoring so far…

Teen Career: Manual Labor 3/3

Savings: §12,219/§13,000

Best Friend: 1/1

  • Hugo Poindexter, Best Friends and Good Friends

Friends: 1/13

  • Clement Frost, Friends

Boyfriends: 2/4

  1. Hugo Villareal, Sweethearts and Boyfriend
  2. Warren Lunsford, Sweethearts and Boyfriend

Character Traits: 2/5 (Well Rounded: 3/5 positive character traits)

  • Responsibility (in the range)
  • Manners (in the range)

Meals cooked: 13/13

  1. BLT
  2. Garden Salad
  3. Grilled Cheese
  4. Eggs and Toast
  5. Fish Taco
  6. Franks and Beans
  7. Fruit Salad
  8. Mac and Cheese
  9. Pan De Muerto
  10. Pan Fried Tilapia
  11. Pancakes
  12. Scrambled Eggs with Bacon
  13. Veggie Burger

Fish collected: 13/13

  1. Angelfish
  2. Bass
  3. Betta
  4. Cichlid
  5. Goldfish
  6. Guppy
  7. Koi
  8. Minnow
  9. Pufferfish
  10. Salmon
  11. Tetra
  12. Trout
  13. Tuna

Collectibles: 12/13

  1. Buddy
  2. Chaz McFreely
  3. DJ Candy
  4. Dr. F
  5. Gonk
  6. Hopper
  7. Jenny
  8. Morcubus
  9. Ol’ Gabby
  10. Poppy
  11. Trevor Verily
  12. Yuki

Plants planted: 13/13

  1. Apple
  2. Basil
  3. Bell Pepper
  4. Carrot
  5. Grape
  6. Green Pea
  7. Lemon
  8. Mushroom
  9. Parsley
  10. Plantain
  11. Sage
  12. Strawberry
  13. Garlic

Skills: 13/13

  • Charisma: level 2
  • Comedy: level 2
  • Cooking: level 3
  • Dancing: level 1
  • Fishing: level 6
  • Gardening: level 4
  • Handiness: level 3
  • Logic: level 1
  • Mischief: level 1
  • Painting: level 6
  • Singing: level 1
  • Video Gaming: level 4
  • Writing: level 5

Paintings: 13/13

  1. Small Abstract §119 >normal
  2. Small Classics §129 >normal
  3. Small Classics §135 >normal
  4. Small Classics §134 >normal
  5. Small Classics §142 >normal
  6. Small Classics §128 >normal
  7. Small Classics §118 >normal
  8. Small Classics §117 >normal
  9. Small Illustrations §117 >normal
  10. Small Impressionism §118 >normal
  11. Small Pop Art §132 >normal
  12. Small Realism §120 >normal
  13. Small Surrealism §119 >normal

Books: 6/13

  1. Children’s Book: One Blue Shoe: A Tale of Lost and Found
  2. Short Story Book: Tall Tales for Short People
  3. Sad Book: One Fell Out of the Cuckoo’s Nest
  4. Workout Guide: Golly Zees
  5. Poetry Book: Poems Lovelier Than Trees
  6. Romance Book: Bolster Your Heart
  7. Non-Fiction Book
  8. Screenplay
  9. Fantasy Book
  10. Science Fiction Book
  11. Mystery Book
  12. Biography Book
  13. Motivational Book
  14. Playful Book

Parties: 0/13


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