Bella Immortal, Week 6

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Could this be the last week of Bella’s challenge?  Probably not.  She has a full week of school, thirteen parties to host, two days of work, one last book to write, and she still has to make twelve friends.  She is going to do her best, but it will probably take her until week 7 to complete the last of the tasks required.  Additionally, she will have to make the money to pay for each party and for the bills that will need to be paid on Monday.

Bella begins where she left off by bringing home Harmony from school on Monday.  They are soon friends and buoyed by that success, Bella decides to have her first party.

She starts “small” with a dance party of every sim she knows that is not a friend, boyfriend, or just-friend.  Her goal is to make a new friend at every party.  One party-one friend.  Yuki is her first party friend.

With the dance party winding down and Bella about to pass out, she invites everyone back to her house.  She barely makes it to bed and leaves the girls to their own devices in the house with Hugo.

Yuki and Penny take over Hugo’s bedroom.

Hugo is pouting in the living room while the rest of the girls are hanging out at the kitchen table.  He finally crashes on the couch at 4am – Bella has been sleeping since they got home – and the girls haven’t shown any signs of leaving yet.  Everyone finally left at 8am when Bella left for school.

After school on Tuesday, it is time for the second party.  This time Bella chooses a House Party.  When it comes to the location, she realizes that she has choices other than her house.  So, she chooses the Bjergsen’s house.  Aren’t they surprised when Bella shows up with all of her almost-friends.

Bella introduces herself to Sofia and soon they are friends – Bella makes sure of that.

Bella ends the party once she reaches gold medal status {yay}.  Then she keeps Rachel from leaving until she and Rachel are also friends.

She takes a quick nap before heading home.

Bella lets Hugo have the stereo that she got from the gold medal house party and sells the crappy little radio that he had been using since she moved in.

Her next house party was Wednesday afternoon and this time she and her friends showed up the Leigh Kim’s house in Del Sol Valley.  Wow, this is a house. 

She even called and asked Diego to come over.  Of course, Diego almost caused her to not get gold, but she got it at the last minute.

Of course, then she realized she spent so much time with Diego that she didn’t make any new friends, so she went and woke up Leigh and make her socialize until they were friends.

Then she took a nap before heading home.  Again.

No clue what this was about but it is something that came with Get Famous.

Bella finally spent the money to replace the counters and stove since there was enough in savings to do so without going under §13,000.  Hugo could have said thanks but he just bitched about the dirty floor.

Bella took the afternoon off from parties and worked on her journal so that she could write her last book.

And, done…  Now, it is all down to the friends and the parties.

Bella wakes up early Friday morning and has enough time before school to invite Bjorn over to finish making friends with him.  Then she leaves him at the house with Hugo while she heads off to school.  Bella brings Darling Walsh home with her from school and adds another friend to her list.

After updating her friends list, it is time for a Friday night party at someone else’s house.  This time, I believe she chose Mila Munch’s house.  She never made it inside – she just kept three sims outside until they all agreed they were her friends.  The party had reached gold status earlier, but she didn’t end it until she had the friends in the bag.

Now, it is time to go home, and pee.

And sleep.

Bella’s next party on Saturday is a dance party at the ancient ruins.  While they are cheaper, I can’t end them early since they don’t have a gold medal to strive for.  

Bella calls Diego and asks him to come to the party.  He does but only for a few minutes and then he leaves and won’t come back.

Bella orders a drink, but it doesn’t get her drunk – not even buzzed.


After the dance party, Bella goes back to her preferred house party at someone else’s house – the Bjergsen’s house is a nice place even if they don’t have a bar.  It is another gold medal party – the stereos are a nice way to make some cash.  Diego comes to that party and Bella lets it run a little long just so she can spend some time with him.

Despite having an affair with an older man, Bella has a pristine reputation.  She will take that.  She is also Soulmates with Diego now so she is working on keeping him interested.  And he is definitely interested.

Bella doesn’t even remember she is hosting a party, she and Diego spend the entire party in their own world.

As Bella’s party is wrapping up, Bella gets invited to a charity party.  She agrees to go to see what it is like and invites Diego to join her.  Clement’s party cost her §500 so she ended that event early and took Diego home with her.

This is why Bella’s bedroom door is locked to Hugo.  And this is the end of the week.  Bella should, hopefully, complete the rest of the parties during the next week.

Scoring so far…

  • Tasks completed…
    • Teen Career: completed
    • Savings: completed
    • Best Friend: 1/1 completed
    • Boyfriends: 4/4 completed
    • Meals cooked: 13/13 completed
    • Paintings painted: 13/13 completed
    • Plants grown: 13/13 completed
    • Fish caught: 13/13 completed
    • Collectibles collected: 13/13 completed
    • Skills learned: 13/13 completed
    • Character traits: completed / in the range
    • Books written: 13/13 completed
    • Friends made: 13/13 complete
  • Parties Thrown: 6/13
    1. Dance Party at Discotheque Pan Europa
    2. House Party at the Bjorn Bjergsen’s, gold
    3. House Party at the Leigh Kim’s house, gold
    4. House Party at the Mila Munch’s house, gold
    5. Dance Party at Ancient Ruins
    6. House Party at Bjorn Bjergsen’s house, gold
  • Friends: 13/13
    1. Clement Frost
    2. Harmony Beaver
    3. Yuki Behr
    4. Cassandra Goth
    5. Sofia Bjergsen
    6. Rachel Kenyon
    7. Leigh Kim
    8. Bjorn Bjergsen
    9. Darling Walsh
    10. Alfonso Cheatham
    11. Kennedi Fink
    12. Penny Glass
    13. Don Lothario
  • Books Written: 13/13
    1. Children’s Book: One Blue Shoe: A Tale of Lost and Found
    2. Short Story Book: Tall Tales for Short People
    3. Sad Book: One Fell Out of the Cuckoo’s Nest
    4. Workout Guide: Golly Zees
    5. Poetry Book: Poems Lovelier Than Trees
    6. Romance Book: Bolster Your Heart
    7. Non-Fiction Book: Life of i: Imaginary Numbers and You
    8. Screenplay: All about Cleve
    9. Fantasy Book: Cat Lord, Cat Counsel
    10. Playful Book: Artsy Fartsy: It’s a Gas!
    11. Science Fiction Book: The Venusian Chronicles
    12. Mystery Book: No Way Out
    13. Motivational Book: You Rock! A Celebration of You!


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