Bella Immortal, Week 7

Bella finally remembered to change jobs from Manual Labor to Barista.  Needless to say she isn’t going for Jack of all Trades.  With her Sunday free, it is time to have some parties.

Bella’s first party of the day is a House Party at Hugo Villareal’s house.  These are pretty easy when they are at a house where there is a lot to do and a lot of guests to socialize with.  As soon as the party reaches gold Bella ends it and immediately schedules the next party.

This time she has an Incognito Party at Cassandra Goth’s house.  Bella looks surprised at the invasion.

Distracted by the infant in the attic – and knowing we are playing aging off – Bella heads up to the attic and ages up Frankie to toddler.

Now he is stuck to her and it takes a long time to get her downstairs to drop Frankie in the living room.  Almost too long, I thought she was going to end this party with a bronze medal.

But Diego to the rescue – Bella was able to spam enough costume compliments to Diego and Rachel to spin the party up to gold with an hour to spare.

With enough time for one more party, Bella ends the Incognito Party and starts a third party.  This time she chooses the Black and White Bash at Diego’s apartment.  Yeah, they all look excited.

Talk about black and white subjects – penguins, newspapers, and zebras.  There really needs to be more variety.  But finally gold and the party is ended.

Diego and Bella are in bed before the guests have cleared the front door.

What?  It has been a long day and I don’t think the drunk mod is working because Bella hasn’t been getting buzzed from drinking recently.  I need to reinstall it.

Bella has decided not to go home tonight.  She is spending the night with Diego.  She could get used to this lifestyle.  Besides, Hugo won’t miss her.  

Never mind, I take that back.  Apparently she wasn’t finishing the drinks.  She just drank all four of the drinks and is wasted now. Monday is going to be a rough day – she is not going to be using any sick days.

Wakey, wakey.  

Time to get up and go to school…

Well, Bella is still wasted – the hangover isn’t going to hit until she is at school.

Have a good day… 🙂

While Bella is at school, her personal shopper sells all of the party prizes she won: Starcruiser Jungle Gym, 3x Stereos, and a Grand Piano.  She kept the big llama statue so I would have something to take a picture of for this update.  (I didn’t want to take a picture with build/buy gridlines and I didn’t want to lose any value to depreciation).

Hugo is still dancing – never even noticed she didn’t come home last night.

Bella definitely had a rough day at school Monday.  

She came home and went straight to bed.  No parties today.  Just recovery.

Bella wakes up way too early for school so she spends the time repairing crap that Hugo has broken.

Even though she only has a few parties left work and school has been kicking her ass this week and she hasn’t had any parties since Sunday.  Thankfully Patchy is keeping the garden alive.

She spends one evening and night volunteering which builds her empathy into range for the compassionate trait.  Of course, that screws up her energy and she drags her way through work and school once again.  It is good she only needs three parties at this point because she will be getting them back to back to back on Saturday the way things are going.

Okay, Bella is awake and it is early enough on Wednesday to have another party.  Plus she really needs to see Diego for some fun times.

The instant the party reaches gold status Bella ends it and suggests to Diego an alternate activity before she leaves.  Afterwards she grabs a piece of cake – but nothing to drink this time – and then heads home leaving Diego asleep in bed.

Bella gets home and into bed at a reasonable time.  So reasonable that she is able to get up and make breakfast before work and school.

Oh look at that – it is HarvestFest.  I lost track of time.  That means there is NO SCHOOL TODAY!  That means PARTY TIME!!  After appeasing all of the gnomes, because Hugo can’t do it.

Bella gets a gold holiday when she puts up the decorations.  Easy girl.  Or I should say, easy to please when it comes to holiday traditions.  Now, let’s party.

Well, crap.  I forgot that holidays and events don’t overlap real well.  Since I didn’t end the holiday, the event doesn’t have goals.  The event of choice is a Spooky party at Shane Parham’s apartment.

Since there aren’t any goals, I assumed that meant there wouldn’t be any medals – like the dance party.  So they just hung out until the timer ran down.  Diego and Bella made out during the movie.

They ate and drank.

And then as the party ended, Bella peed herself.  Yep, that was a good party.  And right about now, I realized no goals didn’t mean no medal.  This is Bella’s first bronze medal party.

After taking a shower Bella schedules the next party – a dinner party at Leigh’s house.  She needs to make a meal and then call everyone to eat.  The caterer is slow getting started so Bella makes a salad just as Clara Bjergsen decides to start cooking.  Be my guest, but the party is already gold.

Ending that party and heading home, she needs a boost to her fun so she takes Diego with her.  It looks like she is starting without him – he better catch up.

Afterwards, she sleeps and Diego dances with Hugo.  That isn’t weird or anything.  One more party – she just has to get through Friday work and school and then she is free from this challenge.

Hugo and Patchy do the normal Bella is at school, useless mop the bathroom floor activity.

Friday afternoon Bella comes home from school exhausted and extremely needing fun.  She invited Diego over to take care of that before throwing her last party but by the time he showed up she was having a mood swing and was extremely sad.  Woohoo was no longer an option.  By the time the sad wore off, she was too tired to make it through the woohoo.  Maybe tomorrow.

Finally she gets to start her last party.  She goes back to the Spooky Party to try to improve from the bronze medal.  Maybe I should have looked at the requirements.  Silver is the best she will get since Diego doesn’t have a pumpkin carving table.  But silver she gets.

With the medal as good as it will get, Bella and Diego head off for some private fun building activities.

If only they could get some privacy…

Finally alone!  Everyone wanted to play on Diego’s computer and game pad.

Bella needs a shower, but first a drink to celebrate her final party of the challenge.

She heads home to tie up loose ends and tally up her score.

With the challenge officially over, Bella and Diego can now become best friends. 

With the challenge officially over, she tells Hugo that she is moving out.  She will be moving in with Diego – as soon as possible…

With the challenge officially over, Bella makes a birthday cake and blows out her candles.  It is time to graduate out of these eternal teen years.  (She still needs to take a shower – that is definitely not her priority at the moment.)

Bella’s third personality trait is Self-Absorbed – she already has Outgoing and Cheerful.  She gains four character traits: Responsible, Compassionate, Emotional Control, and Good Manners.  She settles upon Friend of the World as her aspiration since she already had the Gregarious bonus trait.  Her public image is Pristine.

And with that Bella’s challenge has ended.  


Scoring … 1,600

  • +130 Tasks completed
    • Teen Career: Manual Labor completed
    • Savings: >13,000 completed
    • Best Friend: 1/1 completed
    • Boyfriends: 4/4 completed
    • Meals cooked: 13/13 completed
    • Paintings painted: 13/13 completed
    • Plants grown: 13/13 completed
    • Fish caught: 13/13 completed
    • Collectibles collected: 13/13 completed
    • Skills learned: 13/13 completed
    • Books written: 13/13 completed
    • Friends made: 13/13 complete
    • Parties thrown: 13/13 complete
  • +30 Sick Day Used: 0/3
  • +10 Completed challenge in 22+ days (total time 7 weeks = 49 days)
  • +800 Aspiration points accumulated (not spent) 8,020 (x10 multiplier)
  • +600 Net Worth = 60,084
    • Paintings = 1,736
    • House = 26,147
    • Funds = 32,201
  • +30 Extra Challenges 
    • +15 Well Rounded: completed / 4/5 character traits
    • +15 Prestigious Callings: completed / 32,201 >31,000
  • Parties Thrown: 13/13
    1. Dance Party at Discotheque Pan Europa
    2. House Party at the Bjorn Bjergsen’s, gold
    3. House Party at the Leigh Kim’s house, gold
    4. House Party at the Mila Munch’s house, gold
    5. Dance Party at Ancient Ruins
    6. House Party at Bjorn Bjergsen’s house, gold
    7. House Party at Hugo Villareal’s house, gold
    8. Incognito Party at Cassandra Goth’s house, gold
    9. Black and White Bash at Diego Lobo’s Apartment, gold
    10. House Party at Diego Lobo’s Apartment, gold
    11. Spooky Party at Shane Parham’s Apartment, bronze
    12. Dinner Party at Leigh Kim’s House, gold
    13. Spooky Party at Diego Lobo’s Apartment, silver


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