Bladderstone Week 11

My favorite thing is to load the game into an angry toddler meltdown and I don’t know why.  Especially when her moodlets are all green.

Odessa is so over Lauren’s attitude, that is for sure.

Peyton is a teen, and what?  I don’t know either.

Lauren is so sad, which must mean she is growing up without a birthday cake.

And yes, she goes in and wakes up Odessa to watch her become a child.

A quick outfit change and some new hats and Lauren is ready for some food.  Which she can now get for herself.  And I have no toddlers in the house any more.

Who is this?  This is the trash diver from a previous update – Lukas.

Peyton rolled romantic and she needs a boyfriend.

The family that works together on projects gets them done faster.  Parents can influence bad apples to work on their projects.  Once they are started, then anyone can assist, even in the student isn’t working on it.  The student still gets the credit.

Odessa is working to finish up social (yuck) and needs Leticia to be her BFF.

I see Lauren had a bad day at school.

Peyton and Lukas take the rocket for a spin.  And some messing around.

They must have messed up the wires while messing around because Brantley barely made it home alive on his next space flight.

Still looks wrong, but I guess that is really on me since I am the one that makes them look at the stars to become friends.  This is Alexander Goth, all grown up.

Odessa meets Armani Bladderstone.  He is not sure what her intentions are.

Lots of green fumes – making friends is hard work.  And who has time for a bath?

Last freaking friend to finish this freaking aspiration.

Brittany tells a story – I was hoping this would build creativity for the two bad apples – but it didn’t.  Apparently that only works on toddlers.

This does build creativity (I hope) as Lauren really needs some skills.  I will find out when she ages to teen and either has an A in school or doesn’t – although I hope to see some skills or grade notifications at some point. (She did get a notification of an “A”).

After what seems like years, Brantley finally finished making a mobile app.

Lauren came home from school dressed like this.  I don’t even want to know.

Two things about this picture…  Isn’t she so cute in her yellow swimsuit and matching towel, and where the hell did they get a tablet?  I didn’t buy them a tablet.

Beau is now a teen.  He is Mean and Jealous.  And I couldn’t resist that combination (which was rolled) so I gave him Deviance – Mischief, which I can’t do anything to help him with.

Peyton invites Lauren to play chess.  In order to get an A in elementary school, the kids have to have level 4 in a skill.  Peyton plans on playing a lot of chess with Lauren to get her up to level 4.  Hopefully I won’t miss that notification so they can stop.  Lauren lived in the swimsuit and towel for days.  I am not sure she ever went near the swimming pool, but she sure dressed like it.  She is so ready for seasons.

Damn! another fire.

Beau to the rescue.  With his very own handy dandy fire extinguisher.

While Peyton works with Lauren on her Mental skill, Oakley will be doing the same thing with Beau on his logic.  I got lucky when both bad apples rolled logic.  Neither will complete their aspiration or max a skill, but maybe they will be able to do well in school.

Last minute edit – the twins became teens:

And the family portrait

Streamer Updates

I changed the time stream updates to the end of the week rather than the beginning just because it seemed the better time, and also to the end of the update for the same reason.

Bastian – Candy died.  Bastian got remarried to Donna Weinstein.  Donna is the daughter of Nadia Munch, who is married to Lucas Munch.  Donna is in the Critic career.  Katherine is a teenager and Leticia is a child.

OliverNot much to report.  I didn’t realize until I took the picture that Alayna is very pregnant.  In my defense, it was dark when I checked on them.  When I went by to check out Oliver’s love child I discovered that Tyson is a boy,  not a girl like I had mistakenly assumed.  I moved Tyson into Oliver’s household so that I can keep them all together.  I need to track down the other love child(ren) that belong to the various boys.  Tyson is the redhead next to Alayna.  Jaime is next to Oliver.

Oriana – Oriana is married to Dwayne Bheeda, no children.  Dwayne is the son of Jesminder and Arun Bheeda.  What does Dwayne do for a career?  Nothing.  Dwayne does nothing.  Dwayne doesn’t have a job.

Oriana and Dwayne are living in a house downloaded from the gallery, that was created / uploaded by osiazul.

Leigha – Leigha has a son, Irving. Irving’s father is Noah Sharpe and Noah is married to Lilith Vatore.  Leigha is married Akito Maeda, who is a Medical Intern.  They don’t have any children yet.

Patrick – Betsy is the other love child.  Betsy’s mother is Luna Villareal, who is now an elder, so Betsy moved in with Patrick and Sofia.  There were no other changes to their household.  Betsy is standing next to Sofia and Armani is wearing the hat.

Ramsey – Okay, this one, there really have been no changes other than aging.  Morgan is still alive, Ramsey doesn’t have any extra children, and everyone is calmly living their lives.

Bad Apples

It is weird to play this round of kids where I can’t actually play two of the kids.  But the real challenge has been to try to keep those two bad apples on track without knowing specifically what they need or controlling them directly.  The only time I look at their panel is when I receive the notification that it is their birthday.  I do this to count their score.  For scoring purposes, I look to see (1) if they completed their aspiration, (2) if they maxed any skills, (3) their grade in school, and (4) their traits.  I do check their inventory on Monday – and pull out anything they have collected such as dirty plates and toys, and their school projects.  I plan on spending any aspiration points they have earned on the day they move out the same as the others. The only direction I have given, at this point to Beau alone, is to take a selfie when he became a teen, so that he could be added to the family gallery.  Lauren will receive the same direction when she becomes a teen.  My game teases me as it always loads the household, from every single loading screen, with one of the bad apples selected.  One thing I am pretty darn sure, I will never play an ISBI challenge – I do not like not controlling all of my sims – even if I don’t micro manage them to extremes, I do like monitoring and managing them.

MC Command Center

The modules I have installed are Pregnancy, Population, Career, and Woohoo.  For the most part I am using the default settings.  But not completely.  For the career and woohoo modules, I left everything on the default setting.  For the pregnancy and population modules, I turned on the notifications for relatives, added young adult into the ages for marriage and pregnancy, and added homeless into the occupants available for marriage and pregnancy.  I didn’t change any of the percentages or limits.  I think the promiscuity of the world was MCCC getting everyone married and pregnant and basically catching up on all that it had missed.  And now it should settle down.  Fingers crossed.


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