Bladderstone Week 12

Week 12 was a lot of teens running wild.  Seriously, I didn’t do a lot of controlling.  This is also the time when I tend to get bored.  So I let them do their thing.  During the first batch of kids, I had mom and dad punish them if they trolled on the computer – mostly because mom and dad were working on the parenting skill and Super Parent aspiration.  This time around, Peyton and Beau were working on mischief so they were trolling away with no parental oversight.

There was burping and farting…



Yelling (at mom, no less)…

Sleeping in the tub…  I looked around at one time and every tub in the house had someone in it asleep…

Repairing broken crap…

(I didn’t tell Beau to repair that… or he might be breaking it, not quite sure…)

And lots of coffee.

I have Peace and Quiet lot traits because it is supposed to make tense moods go away faster.  I haven’t seen that it helps.  I thought it would be helpful since the kids come home from school in the worst possible moods – Mortified and Enraged.

After laying out the school projects and directing the good apples to start working, Brittany or Brantley influence the bad apples to work on their projects.  Once they start the project (and they only work long enough to set it up and then they are off doing something else), but once they start it, anyone else can assist in order to complete it.  This time it is Brantley getting each one to head out there.

And they are all finished.

Peyton had a rough day at school – and she comes home like this a lot.

The kids come home from school and line up to ask Brittany for advice.  Really?  Did anyone line up for Brantley?  Nope.

A couple of milestones were reached this week: Oakley became a young adult and moved out.  He was my first kid with a negative character value – Bad Manners.  He also got Responsible.

Brittany drank the potion of youth.

Brittany got pregnant.

I received notifications that both Beau and Lauren made A’s in school.  I actually have no idea why she is waving at me.

Some random person wandered through the house and then left.  Brantley couldn’t even tell her to leave because she was already leaving.

Sunday morning, Brittany gave birth to another girl – now the girls are ahead of the boys 7 to 6 – this is Piper.  We have officially started the third batch of six.

Brittany started repainting all of the family portraits – I want them to all be masterpieces, and Brittany is bored working on the musician aspiration.  It isn’t like she needs to points – she already has enough potions and because they are doing “Never Learned to Share” she is the only one that can use her potions.

Sunday afternoon, Peyton has her birthday and moves out.

As Brittany and Brantley work on filling the empty place in the house, Beau walks through the bedroom.  He reaches the bathroom on the other side before he realizes what he witnessed.

But the babymaking was a success…

Streamer Updates:

Bastian: Not much to report here.  Bastian is closing in on his elder birthday.  Katherine has become a young adult and Leticia is now a teen.  Katherine doesn’t have a career but she did pick up the Grilled Cheese aspiration.  Leticia wants to be a Friend of the World.  In the picture, Katherine is next to Bastian and Leticia is next to Donna.  As a reminder, Katherine is Bastian’s step-daughter.  She was Candy’s daughter from a previous relationship.  Leticia is Bastian’s daughter with Candy.  Bastian and Donna don’t have any children together.

Oliver: Over at Oliver’s place, it is time for Alayna’s birthday and retirement, Tyson and Jaime are teens, and Lucy is the toddler.  Tyson is looking forward to becoming Public Enemy while Jaime thinks he might want a Vampire Family.  In the picture, Tyson has the lovely hat and Jaime is in the pink shirt.  Also as a reminder, Tyson is Oliver’s son with Olivia Kim-Lewis.  This will be on the test later, so take notes.  Jaime and Lucy are Oliver’s children with Alayna.

Oriana: Oriana was the one that rolled Big Happy Family and she is the only one without any children.  I don’t even know what to say.  She is 12 days from elder.

Leigha: Leigha and Akito had a baby, Bridgette.  Irving is getting bigger every day.  Akito is still a Medical Intern, and late for work.  Irving’s father is Noah Sharpe.  There really isn’t much to say here.

Patrick: Patrick’s family is a little more interesting.  The first thing he did after moving out was to have a baby with Luna Villareal, Betsy.  Then he married Sofia Bjergsen and together they had a son, Armani. After Sofia died, he married Olivia Kim-Lewis.  Olivia already had two children: Tyson (Oliver’s son) and Kyra (daughter of the Count Vladislaus).  So Patrick and Olivia now live together with his son Armani (Sofia), his daughter Betsy (Luna), and her daughter Kyra (Vlad).  And yes, Kyra is a vampire.  In the picture, from left to right: Kyra, Betsy, Patrick, Olivia, Armani.

Ramsey: Ramsey is now raising his children as a single father.  They seem to be doing well even though Ramsey is not working outside of the home.  There is always time for Ramsey to fall in love again.  And there is MCCC.

Oakley: Oakley still lives alone, all by himself and there are no love bugs, yet.  But he has only been out on his own for three days.  I need to improve the lighting on the landing where his portrait is hanging.

Oakley’s house is from the gallery and was created/uploaded by anggrita

Peyton: Peyton literally just moved out.  She hasn’t had time to do anything.

Peyton’s house is from the gallery and was created/uploaded by chartness89


  • Bastian’s points: 100 + 2 stages of his aspiration
  • Oliver’s points: 90
  • Oriana’s points: 95 + 1 stage of her aspiration
  • Leigha’s points: 90
  • Patrick’s points: 85
  • Ramsey’s points: 90
  • Oakley’s points: 90 + 1 stage of his aspiration
  • Peyton’s points: 90


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