Bladderstone Week 13

Week 13 begins with teens and ends with toddlers.  I am still letting everyone do their thing.  And I am trying desperately to finish this week before Seasons is released.  I even took off of work early on Thursday.  Beau and Orchid know that their time in the house is coming to an end.

The bad apples spend time talking with negative results.

Brittany spends time with Piper.

She has morning sickness, which is rare for her.

Lauren grows up and gives me Peyton vibes.

Lauren gets a makeover and eliminates the Peyton vibes.

The Monday school projects are set out.  Lauren hijacks Beau’s project so Beau doesn’t get credit for doing one and Lauren does.

Of course, Lauren doesn’t actually do her project, Brantley does.

Odessa yells at Brantley and he yells back at her.  She responded by acting tough and then stomping off.  I missed that picture because I was laughing.

The kids are in the phase where they all want to sleep in the wrong bed.  Since I can’t control Beau I can’t assign his bed, Brantley and Brittany have to wake him up every time so they can go to bed.

Piper is a toddler, which means toddler spam.

We start off with potty training defiance and acceptance.

Yes, toddlers are frustrating.

Crying, lots of crying.

Excited hugging.

Toddler energy.

Scary slides.

Beau grows up and moves out.

I hate the high chairs.  It is release time and I am trying to save and exit so I can download, and I need to feed this toddler so she won’t be starving when I load the game.  I have zero leftovers in the house for her to grab.  So I add two high chairs (my mistake).  At the time, only Lauren was available to ask for food, which is why I added the high chair – Brittany was feeding Rose (the newest baby).  By the time Lauren placed Piper in the high chair and then gave her food, Odessa came home and put food on the other high chair, then Odessa swooped in and picked Piper out of the first high chair and put her in the second high chair.  Then Brittany picked her out of the second high chair and put her on the floor.  I gave up and put one of the plates in the fridge, the other on the floor, and deleted both high chairs.  I hate the high chairs.  Then I saved, exited, and installed Seasons.

By the way, this is Rose.  and We have Seasons.

I started with Spring, on a Friday, which means it was day 6/7.  Brantley reached level 10 in Tech Guru (career 2) so he switched to Astronaut (he already had his own rocketship).  Time to level Fitness so he went for a jog.  In a late snow fall.  That is snow falling.  On the last day of spring.

I didn’t play much, as it was late, just long enough to clear out the house.  During this time, Brittany finished repainting the portraits.

All of the portraits are masterpieces painted by Brittany.

And the twins became young adults and moved out.

Finishing up the week, we get our last day of spring and our first day of summer.  Summer brings us Sunsnow, Cold, and Thunderstorms.

Before the thunderstorms start the toddlers get some outdoor playtime.  Brittany plays with Piper in the pool while Rose plays on the scary slide.

Nobody puts baby in the corner, except baby herself.  Piper found the tablet.

Brantley was upgrading the rocketship with the thunderstorm hit.

Mud puddles!

Brittany takes up flower arranging.

The girls were sleeping when the storm came. It scared them and they thought food would comfort them.  It didn’t help.

Brittany reads to Rose to take her mind off of the storm.  Thunder, lightning, and rain, oh my!

Piper asks Lauren to read her to sleep, but she also needs to potty and by the time she is done, Lauren had passed out so Piper just sadly goes to bed by herself.

The family calendar…

The family portrait…

Streamer Updates

I am not including updates for the streamers this time as there haven’t been many changes. I forgot to unmark several of the newer households so they were passed over during the MCCC processing.  One good piece of news is that Oriana finally had a baby.  Other than that, there have been no deaths, no marriages, and no other births.

Beau’s house is from the gallery, and was created/uploaded by brittsimy.

Odessa and Orchid moved into a house together and their house is from the gallery and was created/uploaded by _kbaileyy.


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