Bladderstone Week 14

With Seasons, the family finally gets a new house.  This is downloaded from the gallery and was created and uploaded by carlybb93.

I really should take the pictures of the new houses during the day, but I tend to make the housing changes at night when everyone is sleeping.

Brittany begin learning how to arrange flowers.  I like that they don’t last which means she will be making arrangements to replace arrangements until I get bored with it.  Flower arranging is a lot like cooking.  You can use fresh ingredients – grow your own flowers, so there is finally a use for the plants you harvest – or you can purchase the flowers as you make the arrangement.  Brittany is level 4 so far.

Spring and Summer, at least for me have been mostly thunderstorms.  Thunderstorms scare my toddlers.  Toddlers cry when they are scared.  This could get as irritating as nightmares if it is too frequent, but it is still new so we’ll see how it settles down.

Brantley is rebuilding his rocket in between rain.  When giving them a new house, I forgot to pack the upgraded rocket so Brantley has to start from scratch.

The selfie wall, which is not in order yet.

Brittany did something wrong with the flower.  It looks broken.  This is also the same look she gives her kids, a lot.

The masterpiece emotional wall.  The only one she hasn’t been able to get is Confidence.  I remembered to save them, but I forgot the rocket.

Another random walkthrough – seriously, WTF?  I think I forgot to give the lot traits – I need to check that.  This house will have Good Schools, Private Dwelling, and Gnomes.

Lauren takes Piper out to play in the pool.

Brittany reads Rose to sleep.

Piper plays in the sprinkler.  Despite needing to potty and sleep, Piper kept playing.  I will need to watch this as it could be another death trap.

The musical note indicates Rose has mastered the potty.

Lauren has been stuck on a B in school which means she must not have the required skill level.  Brittany glues her ass to the chess table until I see a level 3 notification.  Speaking of ass, Brittany’s had spread a lot this round of pregnancies.

Piper keeps Brantley company while he works out.  She is ready to grow up so she has had free range for a few days.  And she has been ranging keeping everyone company.  She is clingy and she is always talking to someone.

Brittany is in labor, but first someone needs to have a birthday.  (The baby that was born is Olympia – I realized later in the post that I never actually took any baby pictures of her)

It is Piper that is becoming a child.

Just a random picture of Lauren.  I think this was when I actually received the level 3 notification.  Or maybe when I realized she was still playing chess and I couldn’t get her to do something else.  Since I couldn’t control her to cancel the chess playing action, I had went into build and moved the chess table and then put it back.

And a random picture of Brittany.  Oh yeah, she just found out she was pregnant again.

Piper joined the Scouts and starts out as a Llama Scout.  She quickly gets promoted to Griffon Scout by completing her homework and earning the Scholarly Aptitude badge.

Brittany is grilling in the rain.  Seriously, it rained almost every day during the spring and summer.  Apparently Newcrest is a rainy world.  I didn’t realize until just now that each world has a different weather pattern.  According to the guide over at Carl’s, Newcrest is going to be wet most of the time.  I might be choosing a different world to play in the future.  Oasis Springs looks dry.

I realized it was time for Brantley to drink the potion when I received the notification that it was time to plan his birthday party.  I knew it was coming up, though, because it was on the handy dandy calendar.

Brittany and Brantley watched the TV Season Premiere of Peach is the New Orange.  This was our first holiday – TV Season Premiere Day.  Everyone in the family had from 6am to 2am to watch the premiere, except for the toddlers, because they are toddlers.

Another scout promotion, Piper is now a Unicorn Scout.  This time she earned the Good Deeds and the Civic Responsibility badges.

Lauren spends time teaching Rose to talk.  I forgot she never finished hugging the teddy bear.

And Olympia is a toddler.  I was typing this and I realized I hadn’t mentioned when Olympia was born.  It was right after Piper became a child.  And I also almost missed Olympia’s leap from the bassinet.

And the next baby is another girl (Penelope).  I know I haven’t been showing most of the babies until they become toddlers.  This is seven girls in a row.  This can’t be right.  I sure hope I get back to having boys soon.  I even went and checked the settings on MCCC but they are default so not sure what is happening with my game.

Speaking of toddlers, Rose is becoming a child – and Lauren is helping her out.  I almost missed the timing on this also.  She had been bubbling for a long time and it is late in the day when we get the cake made.

Rose plans her outfits and joins the scouts.  She starts off as a Llama Scout.

Then Rose and Piper catch up on their homework.  Once the homework was done, Rose collected her first badge and promoted to Griffon Scout.

Olympia is playing outside when it begins raining again.

It is hell trying to get a toddler to sleep in a thunderstorm.  I watched Olympia literally take off running the minute the thunder/lightning struck.  She ran from her bedroom to the living room.  Then back to her bedroom.  Just as she got back to her room, it struck again, and she was off running back to the living room again.  She was exhausted and starving.  When Lauren checked on her, she asked for food.  Then in the high chair she threw a temper tantrum because she was exhausted.  It was actually funny to watch her go running except I couldn’t catch her to put her to bed.

And then Lauren grew up and moved out, and I called it a week.

The family as of Sunday afternoon – Brittany is pregnant, 1st trimester, I believe.  And yes, those are all girls.  The count is 10 girls, 6 boys.  That is two full BOOLPROP with one BOOLPROP to go. (plus however many extra it takes to get the 12/12 gender split).

Streamer Updates

Once again, there isn’t an update on the streamers due to a user error (mine) with MCCC.  Due to me updating the versions, I deleted my settings and didn’t think about it which means that week 14 has been played on default settings which also means not much as changed other than aging.

Lauren’s house is from the gallery and was created/updated by SBpony.


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