Bladderstone Week 15

Week 15 is the Fall and includes the Harvestfest and a surprise Lottery, which didn’t show on the calendar initially.

The scouts meet on Saturday and Sunday afternoons from 2-4.

The girls learn a secret handshake.

Brittany enjoys a rare moment to herself.  As most mothers know, moments alone are very rare.

Penny has become a toddler.

Olympia changed her name to Opal and then played with the dolls.

Piper took out the trash.  (I didn’t take a lot of pictures – I was just playing and watching them do their thing and was feeling kind of desperate for pictures).

Rose is cleaning up the dishes on her way to the bathroom.

We have a boy!  Brody!  Thanks to Livvie I realized I was accidentally influencing girls as I tend to choose pop music when they want to dance.  So now they will all be listening to Latin.

Opal gets caught making a mess.  She doesn’t look very sorry.

It is time to decorate for Harvestfest.

This is a sad week.  I have a feeling the rest of the challenge will have a lot of sadness.  Bastian died today and everyone received a 2-day sadness moodlet.

Opal even spent time talking with Brody.

The family had a Grand Breakfast for Harvestfest.

As Penny works on thinking, Opal uses the tablet.  The entire time they were talking, trading off positive and negative comments.  Piper was helping Opal.

The gnomes from the decorations lined themselves up in the hallway.

Brody had his birthday.

Opal is still sad.  I think she had also gotten into trouble for playing in the toilet.  But she spent the entire week sad for one reason or another.

Opal, please get yourself out of bed.

Brody is starving.  Brittany put him in the high chair, but oh wait, she is in labor and needs to deliver right now before she could give him food.  Yes, we have high chairs again.  I am a glutton for punishment.  Brody had to sit and wait until after Owen was born before he could eat.  Actually they rarely use the high chairs, but I wasn’t watching and Brody asked for food and Brittany got him into the chair then went off to deliver Owen.  Brantley was either at work or somewhere being not useful at the time.  So Brody sat and waited.

Opal is still trying to see if she can get thinking to level 5.  She has managed to get everything else mastered.  She is the most skilled toddler yet.

Speaking of Owen,  Brittany is huge.  Although that is not all baby.

Piper was not happy when she met her newest sibling.

Opal was half a bar short of mastering thinking and I let her grow up.  I was tired of torturing her.

Piper is still aggravated about something.  Opal is getting the glare.  Notice the gnomes in the kitchen.  They were positioned in such a way that it was an obstacle course to get to the fridge.  It was possible, but it took a circuitous path to get there.  I kept waiting for them to poof themselves somewhere else, but finally I moved them to the yard.  I forgot to check to see if they were still where I put them.

Penny is working on her movement skill.  Thankfully it is fall, so it isn’t storming and it isn’t freezing, yet.  Also, thankfully, Owen will be the last toddler to skill and hopefully he can get his movement skill before the blizzards hit next week – or the slide might be coming into the house.

With the babies born, and the house full, it is time for Brittany to eat some Taste of Diet ice cream.  Brantley has been working on fitness for his astronaut career so he doesn’t need it this time around.

Penny and Brody have dinner (or breakfast or lunch).  Time of day has no meaning for my sims.

Rose is working on completing her aspiration.

Opal is working on her scout badge.  She rolled social (yuck) and will be working on that next week.

Brody has been outside on the slide and he really needs to potty and sleep.  He didn’t stop in the kitchen so he must not have been hungry.

Opal came home from scouts covered in a rash.

With her aspiration completed, and the music lover trait, Piper is skilling up violin in her spare time.

More badge work – Rose is working on the Arts & Crafts badge.

Opal is working on both the Good Deeds badge and the Sociability badge.  Good Deed can be gained by entertaining a toddler and Sociability is gained by being friendly.  By using a toddler on the receiving end, she can work on both at the same time.

Meanwhile, Brittany is reading to Brody for his imagination.

When the toddlers turn blue, it is time to turn on the heat in the house.  We don’t turn nothing on until the toddlers turn blue.  They didn’t actually turn blue – they just got sad because they were cold.  I won’t test the social worker to see how quickly they come out for that.

Another mess to clean up.  I am, apparently, not keeping them busy enough.

And as Sunday winds down, Owen becomes a toddler.  He had just enough time to get potty to level 2.

But I couldn’t get out in time – just before I saved and left the household, the notification came through that Oliver had died.  I can see this will be how it goes,  Every 3-4 days one of the streamers will die, and the household will be sad for 2 days.

Family Portrait

Streamer Updates

Bastian: Bastian died.  There it is.  Blunt and to the point.  With Bastian’s death, Donna has moved on.  She is pregnant with the baby of Otis Caliente.  Katherine is also pregnant but she is (sort of) keeping it in the family – the father of her baby is Armani Bladderstone.  Leticia has moved out, so I have to go find where she is living now.

Leticia: Leticia married Darius Lee.  Darius has a son Lonnie Lee.  Leticia and Darius do not have any children together.  I was moving everyone to Newcrest, but the town is getting full, so I will let them live wherever they want.  In whatever house they choose. … And, Willow Creek is where they call home, in the Garden Essence house.  Darius is the son of Liberty Lee and Pierce Delgato.

Oliver: Oliver and Alayna have both died.  Oliver’s son Tyson has married Youssef El Majbouri and moved out.  Jaime and Lucy, Oliver and Alayna’s children, still live in the house together.  Lucy is still in high school so Jaime is her legal guardian.

Tyson: Tyson moved to San Myshuno, to the Medina Studios Apartments in the Arts district.  He lives there with his husband Youssef, Youssef’s daughter Marion, and Addison Goth, Marion’s half-sister. Marion’s mother was Cassandra Goth.  Addison’s parents were Cassandra Goth and Caleb Vatore.  Addison is a vampire and Marion is still a teen.

Oriana: The death that surprised me was over at Oriana’s house.  I didn’t catch that Dwayne was older than Oriana.  But he was, and he is dead now.  Oriana is hoping she hangs on long enough for Brenda to become a teen.

Leigha: There aren’t any major changes over at Leigha’s house.  Irving is in high school and Bridgette is in elementary school.

Patrick: Patrick really has the most complicated family tree, I think.  So, apparently Olivia has now died.  Having outlived two wives, Patrick has now taken a husband.  A much younger husband, Xander Bjergsen.  Xander is actually Sofia’s nephew.  Remember, Sofia was Patrick’s first wife.  You know, Patrick could be in a reality show.  Xander has two children (two different mothers) that live with their mothers, which is probably for the best since Patrick will not outlive Xander.  Still living with Patrick and Xander is Betsy, Armani, and Kyra.  Betsy and Armani are young adults, while Kyra is still a teen.  In the picture, left to right, Kyra, Armani, Patrick, Betsy, Xander.

Ramsey: Morgan has been gone a long time.  Ramsey is still living with his twins although they are young adults now.  There is an expectation that they will get lives of their own soon.  Especially if I can stop messing up the settings on MCCC.

Oakley, Peyton, Beau, Odessa, Orchid, Lauren: Everyone is still living alone, all by themselves.  Maybe there will be something to report next week.


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