Bladderstone Week 16

The family calendar for the week includes the Winterfest, New Year’s Eve, and four birthdays.  The weather is going to be freezing with snow for the Winterfest.

Scout badges along with progress needed for each level.  Piper, Rose, Opal, and Penny are Pegasus scouts and three badges away from becoming Llamacorn scouts.  Brody is a Unicorn scout and needs two badges to become a Pegasus scout.  I have actually spent more time working on their badges than on their aspiration.  But Piper and Rose both completed their child aspiration before their birthday. Opal just needs to make her 3 child friends and 1 adult friend to complete her aspiration and she has 4 days.  Penny is also on the last tier of her child aspiration and she still has 7 days. Brody just got started and has 10 days so he has plenty of time to do both.

  • Llama Scout – beginner
  • Griffon Scout – 1 badge
  • Unicorn Scout – 3 badges
  • Pegasus Scout – 6 badges
  • Llamacorn Scout – 9 badges

The Bills!!!  I have a theory that the bills are calculated on Monday based upon whether you have the climate control turned on or off.  I had it turned on and the house is huge and worth almost §300,000.  At the end of the game week they will be going into spring so I will turn off the climate control and will see what the bills are next Monday.  I sure hope it is less, because this wiped out their on hand cash.  Brittany will be painting all week to build it back up, just in case, otherwise they will be doing some remodeling on Monday.

The first birthday of the week is Penny.

Immediately following Penny is Piper.

Because the family is so large, they go through the leftovers quickly.  I will have Brittany cook several meals at a time so there is a choice.  The boys had different ideas on what to eat for dinner.

We started the week off with everyone still sad over Oliver’s death on Sunday.  Brody looked to the teddy bear for hugs.

Even Owen was sad, although this was a rare moment when he wasn’t frowning.

Brantley is so over helping with school projects.  Of course, he also really needed to pee so that is a look of desperation.

It is freezing outside but that is where the exercise equipment is located leaving Brantley with the workout videos.

Blizzard conditions, but life goes on because this isn’t Texas.

Brittany reads a book to Owen, and Owen tells Brittany a story.

Brody braves the blizzard for a slide.  And hightails his ass back inside.

Piper is finishing up her fitness badge for scouts.  I need to find a place inside for the exercise equipment.

Another picture of a toddler eating.

And a sad toddler learning to talk better.

The girls are hanging out in the kitchen because there is no where else to go.

It is time for the Winterfest.

Dance party in the foyer.  I had to move the stereo to make room for the fireplace so Father Winter would have a place to pop in.  Brittany is making the Grand Meal.

Owen is having his own party, making his own fun.

Brittany calls everyone to the Grand Meal.

I actually got everyone to the table.  Owen did finally sit in his chair and eat.

Presents for everyone.

While waiting for Father Winter, the kids took a nap leaving Brantley and Brittany some quiet time.

It is time!  Racing for the living room!  Brody is in the lead, and Owen is worried he isn’t going to get anything.

He is here!

Please!!!  And everyone got a second present from Father Winter.  Winterfest was a success.

Moving on now to our third birthday of the week, Brody becomes a child.

I thought the blizzard was over, so I sent the kids out to play in the snow.  I was wondering why they were walking so funny and moving weird.  Turns out it was still a blizzard.  No one died, thankfully, but Rose played in the snow,

Piper made a snow angel,

and Opal made a snowman and then fell down.  After that she ran back inside and no one went out again until the blizzard was over.

Our fourth, and last, birthday for the week is Rose.  Rose is now a teen.

We close the update with New Year’s Eve.  They sat around and watched the countdown to midnight (or actually until 11pm) at which point everyone updated as successful and went to bed.  Sounds like how I celebrate New Year’s Eve.

Family portrait – here we have the third grouping of six.

Streamer Updates

Bastian: I don’t even know how to start this update.  The families that have moved out have branched and intermingled to a level that it can’t be called Bastian’s house.  Donna has now married Armani Bladderstone.  Her daughter is Willow, by Otis Caliente.  Armani has two children, Miguel Basu (mother Ira) and Harold Behr (Katherine).  And yes, he is living with his wife Donna, and Katherine, the mother on one of his children.  You know, because Patrick can’t have all of the fun updates – Armani married his aunt – Uncle Bastian’s widow.  I do have the family flag activated in MCCC but it only looks at blood relations not marriage, apparently, and once death dissolves a marriage, all is fair for hooking up.  Son Miguel lives with his mother (for the moment).

Oliver: Jaime and Lucy are still living at home, Lucy is still a teen.  With Oriana’s death, Brenda moved in with them.

Leigha: Talk about a late in life baby.  Leigha snuck a daughter (Sandy) in at the last moment.  Mostly likely Irving or Bridgette will be raising Sandy though.  At the same time, Irving has his own bundle of joy on the way, with Beatriz Pancakes.

Patrick: For once, there aren’t any major changes at Patrick’s house.

Ramsey: We finally have a change in Ramsey’s household – Alejandro has gotten married!  He married Alisa Maeda, the daughter of Genji Maeda and Elsa Bjergsen.  No babies yet, and we are still waiting on Marlene to figure out what she wants to do.

Peyton: So the portrait is misleading as Peyton had twins with Porter El Karmani.  Kristopher and Don.  Nothing else to report.

Odessa & Orchid: Not posting a portrait here as the only thing I have a is a pregnancy announcement for Odessa and Shea Lynx.

Oakley, Beau, and Lauren: There have not been any changes with these three.  They are still living alone in their own houses.

Tyson: No changes in San Myshuno with Tyson.

Leticia: No changes in Willow Creek with Leticia.


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