Bladderstone Week 17

Pretty much the first thing I have to do when starting up this week is to have a birthday for Owen.

Then we send Piper out to work on her final scouting badge by having her grill up some food.  And, we have our first Llamacorn Scout.

Brittany’s last try with the ice cream didn’t seem to work, so she takes another two bowls.  She is determined to get her girlish figure back.

Meanwhile, Opal is trying to make her three friends.  She starts with her niece, Brenda.  Brenda is sad because her mom died.

Rose takes her turn at the grill to finish up her badge and she sets the damn thing on fire.

Everyone is aggravated because of the fire and someone takes it out on the dollhouse.  I didn’t catch the culprit, but Brantley needs the repair practice any way.  You would think that as much as things break he would be maxed out on handiness, but he isn’t.  This is the first time the dollhouse has been damaged in ages.

Rose heads back to the grill to try again.  She is successful this time and becomes a Llamacorn scout also.

Opal is still trying to make friends.  She was working so hard when the thunderstorm started.  She was able to get him checked off and then ran home as fast as she could.

And she finally makes the last one she needs and finishes up her aspiration.

Damned if Patrick and Ramsey both didn’t die this week.

Brittany gets her skinny dance on.  Someone needs to clean the kitchen.

Brantley takes a nap.  He did finish upgrading the rocket and he is level 8 Space Ranger so he hasn’t been slacking.

I didn’t really take a lot of pictures this week.  The kids mostly worked really hard on their aspirations.  Really hard.  And that is really boring.  Penny and Brody both had motor aspirations so they were in the yard on the monkey bars and swings as much as I could get them out there.  They were wet a lot.  It is spring.

Opal finished her aspiration just in time for her birthday.

Since it was spring, we got Love Day.  The kids all decided to give Brittany a daisy. She was happy with about half of the gifts.  For the kids, they were happy just to give a gift.  The teens wanted to have dates, but they didn’t have romantic interests, so oh well, they had failures for the holiday.

Brittany gave Brantley a tulip (he was not happy) and he gave her a rose (she was happy).  Brittany and Brantley had a successful Love Day.

Another fire on the grill.  I think I left it burnt this time so they would quit using with without my permission.

Another birthday – Piper is a young adult and moving out.  She is barely making it for this update as it is Sunday evening.

And we close this update with Penny’s birthday to teen.  Another late Sunday evening birthday.

Family portrait (and yes Brittany is pregnant although you can’t tell because not wasting any time with an opening in the household).

Streamer Updates

Bastian: We are still calling this Bastian’s house for now.  Donna is still married to Armani and they now have an infant daughter, Kathy.  Donna’s daughter, Willow is also living here. Katherine still lives here with her son Harold.

Oliver: Jaime is married to Sienna Anand (with the hat). His sister, Lucy, is finally a young adult (so expect something to happen with her soon).  Brenda (Oriana’s daughter) is still a teen and is now living with them since Oriana died last week.

Leigha: Leigha is the only one of the original six that has not died.  Yet.  Irving has, of course, moved out.  Leaving Bridgette the lucky one that will be raising Sandy once their parents die. Which according to their life bars, may not be for a week or two.  Leigha might have another week, Akito may have two weeks.  The elder bars are hard to predict.

Patrick: Patrick died this week leaving his house feeling oddly empty.  Betsy and Kyra are the only ones remaining.  As Kyra is a vampire, I expect she will remain until she marries and decides to move.  Xander moved out once Patrick died – he is now remarried and living elsewhere – bye-bye.

Ramsey: Ramsey also died this week.  It was a rough week for the main household.  Alejandro and Alisa had a daughter, Shanice. Marlene is still just hanging out.

Oakley & Piper: I couldn’t log into the gallery so I moved Piper in with Oakley.  There aren’t any changes to his household, but I did receive a notification that he had a son (Ullal) with Cheyenne Tharp.  Cheyenne is the daughter of Darling Walsh.

Peyton: Nothing new at Peyton’s place, but here is a picture of her and her twins, Don and Kristopher.  Their father is Porter El Karmani.

Beau: Beau has made no changes, but I am throwing in his portrait to maybe motivate him.

Odessa & Orchid: Odessa has two children, different fathers, while Orchid is married to Shea Lynx and has no children yet.  Odessa’s daughter Lea (toddler) is Shea’s daughter.  Her infant daughter, Trisha, is the daughter of Aditya Nair.

Lauren: Lauren is married to Porter El Karmani.  While they have no children together, Porter is the father of Peyton’s twins.

Irving: Irving married Catherine Munch. Catherine is the daughter of Yuki Behr and Wolfgang Munch.  They are sharing the biggest house in Windenburg with the Conroy sisters, Chana (redhead) and Emma (not redhead).  Catherine has Yuki’s turquoise hair.  Irving and Catherine don’t have any children together yet, but Irving has two children of his own (different mothers): Jonathon Anand and Hillary Pancakes.

Tyson: No changes with Tyson and his group other than Marion and Addisyn are young adults now

Leticia: Leticia (Bastian’s daughter) had a son, Herbert, with her husband, Darius. Lonnie is still a teen.

Babies: I moved most of the baby mamas into a single household in order to keep track of them.  Ira Basu is in the dress and the mother of Miguel, the child.  Miguel is Armani’s son.  Beatriz Pancakes is holding Hillary on the left side.  Irving is Hillary’s father.  Ritu Anand has the cat ears and is holding Jonathon.  Irving is also Jonathon’s father.  I believe the only one I am missing is Oakley new infant son.

Next week I will be making some changes to the streamer households.  I am still working on exactly what…

More to come…


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