Bladderstone Week 18

I didn’t take many pictures this week because my mom was in the hospital and I came home exhausted and just needed to zone out.  Since the kids had basically done everything they needed, I just let the game run and sat back and watched them.  The few pictures I did take were the ones that caught my attention.

Every time there is a thunderstorm, it strikes the sprinkler.  One thing about summer this time around, there hasn’t been anywhere near the number of thunderstorms as last time it was summer.

Monday means projects, which actually gets boring, but here we are once again.

Another fire on the grill means another outdoor badge – Penny, I believe.  Of course, she is nowhere to be found.

Rose is working out her anger issues.

Brody is now a teen and it is his turn at the grill.  Despite the gas, he doesn’t start a fire.  This time.

Brody’s face.

Even when they bring home friends, they all come home sad.  Even their friends.

I realized Patrick’s portrait was missing, which means Brittany needs to repaint it.  As she started painting Patrick and the others, I decided I didn’t really care if they were masterpieces (it really has been a rough week).  She needs to paint Patrick, Piper, Rose, Opal (painted), Penny, and  Brody.  For now.  There will be more as the newer kids become teens.

And the portraits are all caught up to Brody.

Brenda spent her time at the house trying improve her mood.

Rose is moving out.  Brantley looks excited.  That means he gets woohoo!

I don’t think the special night light keeps the monsters away anymore.  I find the kids are waking up scared of monsters and there at least three night lights in each of their rooms.

Looking at how skinny Brittany is in this picture and I realized that I never had her check to see if she is pregnant.  She is holding Orlando, the newest boy – baby #19

There, that is much better – baby #20 is in the belly.

This is the very first time Brittany has ever done anything resembling exercise – and she did it on her own.

Orlando is now a toddler.  A sad toddler.  Because everyone in the family is always sad these days.  I am hoping for a break now since Leigha died, before the next group start to die.  Oakley is the next oldest and he is still an Adult so we should have at least a week or three.

Enraged toddler – never seen one get this bad – {angry} Exhausted, Ravenous, Don’t Want To, Needs Amusement – then to top it off, he had {sad} Loss in the Family and {energetic} Too Hyper to Listen.  This happened because he had just aged up and I was having Brittany potty train him, back to back to back.  I wasn’t paying attention, because I was zoning out.  By the time I zoned back in, he was just about as dead as a toddler can get.  In fact, I am surprised I didn’t get a warning from social services.  He passed out trying to pickup the bowl of food.

Random dance party since no one is telling them what to do.

Orlando is not at all impressed so far with this family that he has been saddled with.  They will need to do much to overcome this start.  At this point, he has eaten and is on his way to bed.

If grilling wasn’t the easiest and fastest way to finish the outdoor activity badge, I would delete the grill.  Every single one of them has set it on fire.  But, Owen finished the damn badge and promoted to Llamacorn Scout.  All of the children since Seasons released have completed their scouting badges and made Llamacorn Scouts.

Family portrait.  Gender count is 9 boys and 10 girls.

Streamer Updates

I went through all of the households and grouped them by branch.  I started with the children of Brantley and Brittany, then moved to their grandchildren.  If they don’t show in B&B’s family tree, then I won’t be including them in the updates.  As it is, the updates are already pretty long.  What I am still trying to decide is whether to move the love children in with the Bladderstones, or leave them with their mothers… I moved all of the love children in to live with their Bladderstone parent.

Bastian (deceased)

  • Leticia Lee, married to Darius Lee
    • Herbert Lee
    • Lonnie Lee (stepson)
Darius, Herbert, Leticia, and Lonnie

Oliver (deceased)

  • Tyson Kim-Lewis (single and alone, once again)
  • Jaime Bladderstone, married to Sienna Anand (parents are Don Lothario and Miko Ojo)
    • Lucille Bladderstone
  • Lucy Bladderstone, married Theo Linares
Theo and Lucy
Brenda Bheeda, Jaime & Sienna Bladderstone and Lucille

Oriana (deceased)

  • Brenda Bheeda (living with Jaime and Sienna)

Leigha, married to Akito Maeda

  • Irving Bladderstone, married to Catherine Munch (parents are Wolfgang Munch and Yuki Behr)
    • Skyler Bladderstone
    • Brielle Bladderstone
    • Hillary Pancakes (Beatriz Pancakes)
    • Jonathon Anand (Ritu Anand)
  • Bridgette Maeda
  • Sandy Maeda
Sandy, Akito, and Bridgette Maeda
Catherine holding Skyler, Hillary Pancakes, Irving holding Brielle, Jonathon Anand

Patrick (deceased)

  • Betsy Villareal
    • Bob Villareal
  • Armani Bladderstone, married to Donna Bladderstone
    • Miguel Basu (Ira Basu)
    • Harold Behr (Katherine Behr)
    • Kathy Bladderstone (Donna Bladderstone)
    • Willow Bladderstone (step-daughter)
Miguel, Harold, Armani, Kathy, Donna, and Willow
Betsy and Bob

Ramsey (deceased)

  • Alejandro Bladderstone, married to Alisa Maeda (parents are Genji Maeda and Elsa Bjergsen)
    • Shanice Bladderstone
  • Marlene Bladderstone (pregnant)
Marlene, Alisa & Alejandro and Shanice Bladderstone

Oakley, married to Adam Holiday

  • Ullal Tharp (Cheyenne Tharp)
Ullal Tharp, Oakley, Adam Holiday


  • Don Bladderstone (Porter El Karmani)
  • Kristopher Bladderstone (Porter El Karmani)
Don, Peyton, and Kristopher

Beau, married Caroline Pease

  • Jayla Pease (step-daughter)
Jayla, Caroline, and Beau


  • Lea Bladderstone (Shea Lynx)
  • Trisha Bladderstone (Aditya Nair)
Trisha, Odessa, and Lea

Orchid, married to Shea Lynx, no kids/no changes

Lauren, married to Porter El Karmani, no kids/no changes

Piper, single and alone

Rose, single and alone


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