Bladderstone Week 19

We start off the week once again with a sad toddler hugging a teddy bear.


Sliding in the middle of the night.

Listening to a story.

Frowning at his new sister.

Yelling at his older sister.

Getting scolded by his older sister.  I did not have her scold him, she did that on her own.

Interestingly, immediately after she yelled back at him, he turned and left the dollhouse.

He went straight to the couch and sat there like he was in time out. And continued to yell at her.

He is still mad when Brittany reads him to sleep.

The family has lived in this house for weeks, and this is the first time they have even noticed this bench.  Yet every one of them have come out here to eat this week.  I didn’t even know there was a bench out there.

The baby is Larissa.  I believe I introduced her last week.

It is time for Opal to move out.

Thinking is always the last skill to reach level 3.

More yelling.

Larissa is a toddler.

Larissa takes her turn on the slide in the middle of the night.  It is fall so I need to get her on it before it gets too cold.

It is a holiday and they are trying appease the gnomes.  They are not doing very well.

Race for the food.

Skipping the festivities (I didn’t take any pictures) and it is bedtime for the bad-tempered toddlers.

It is Orlando’s birthday.

Orlando joins the scouts.

More yelling.

Everyone wants to help Larissa learn her blocks.

For some reason I find Brittany and Brantley standing next to a smelly leaf pile on the other side of the neighborhood.  I have no idea why.

Penny is moving out.  This was a fast week.  At this point everything seems repetitive and it is getting harder to find unique things to take pictures.  I have no idea what she is wearing.  This is not one of the outfits I planned for her.

Family portrait and I realize I missed taking pictures of a birth – baby Percy was born and when Penny moved out, Brittany got pregnant again.  So from left to right: Orlando, Larissa, Brantley, Brody, Brittany (pregnant), Percy, Owen.

Streamer Updates

No major updates to the extended family, so I will include pictures next time.  Highlights are new babies for Tyson, Marlene, and Orchid.  There weren’t any new marriages, and only one passing – Donna died.  Donna’s daughter, Willow is still a child, so she will remain with Armani until she is a young adult and then she will move out on her own.  Tyson’s son, Tyler, will move in with him during the next update as he is currently living with the baby mama.

Bastian (deceased)

  • Leticia Lee, married to Darius Lee
    • Herbert Lee
    • Lonnie Lee (stepson)

Oliver (deceased)

  • Tyson Kim-Lewis (single and alone, once again)
    • Tyler El Karmani
  • Jaime Bladderstone, married to Sienna Anand (parents are Don Lothario and Miko Ojo)
    • Lucille Bladderstone
  • Lucy Bladderstone, married Theo Linares

Oriana (deceased)

  • Brenda Bheeda (living with Jaime and Sienna)

Leigha, married to Akito Maeda

  • Irving Bladderstone, married to Catherine Munch (parents are Wolfgang Munch and Yuki Behr)
    • Skyler Bladderstone
    • Brielle Bladderstone
    • Hillary Pancakes (Beatriz Pancakes)
    • Jonathon Anand (Ritu Anand)
  • Bridgette Maeda
  • Sandy Maeda

Patrick (deceased)

  • Betsy Villareal
    • Bob Villareal
  • Armani Bladderstone (Donna died)
    • Miguel Basu (Ira Basu)
    • Harold Behr (Katherine Behr)
    • Kathy Bladderstone (Donna Bladderstone)
    • Willow Bladderstone (step-daughter)

Ramsey (deceased)

  • Alejandro Bladderstone, married to Alisa Maeda (parents are Genji Maeda and Elsa Bjergsen)
    • Shanice Bladderstone
  • Marlene Bladderstone
    • Ratna Bladderstone

Oakley, married to Adam Holiday

  • Ullal Tharp (Cheyenne Tharp)


  • Don Bladderstone (Porter El Karmani)
  • Kristopher Bladderstone (Porter El Karmani)

Beau, married Caroline Pease

  • Jayla Pease (step-daughter)


  • Lea Bladderstone (Shea Lynx)
  • Trisha Bladderstone (Aditya Nair)

Orchid, married to Shea Lynx

  • Rebekah Lynx

Lauren, married to Porter El Karmani, no kids/no changes

Piper, single and alone

Rose, single and alone

Opal, single and alone

Penny, single and alone


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