Bladderstone Week 2

Picking up where we left off last time, at the beginning of week 2… a protein breakfast to get the day started.

A quick play time to get the day started…

A quick reminder of the mess we call home…

The second week was filled with lots of Brantley working and Brittany trying to write while Bastian made messes (angelic?) and Oliver slept, ate, and pooped.

Brantley would help when he came home from work, but he had to write reports and work on his charisma and keep his logic skills sharp also.

Something had to give.

Then Oliver became a toddler.

And then Oriana was born.

Bastian was not pleased.  Again, angelic?

When Brittany and Brantley went to try for another baby, they sent Bastian to the far corner of the lot – all the way to the top left corner.

Where he took a nap.

Then Oliver woke up and they sent him to the other corner

So, you have Bastian in the top left corner and Oliver in the top right corner, and by the time they both got into the corners, Brantley had to go to work, leaving Brittany standing by the bed.  Alone.

Thankfully (?) she was already pregnant.

Brothers, hanging out, chowing down.  Not even suspecting their world is about to change.

Brantley was supposed to fix the dollhouse.  He didn’t do so well.

One last look at the outside living before the family gets a real house.

Walls, a roof, beds, and everything.  Brittany and Brantley put the boys to bed in their new house.

An overview of the house after everyone goes to sleep.

And an outside view.

Dance party while mom works on her next book.

Another smashed dollhouse.  I really don’t know why he was mad.  By the time I could click on him, the mad was gone and he was happy again.

Brittany scolded him for losing his cool, then passed out.  No cares were given by Oliver as he went back into the house to dance.

Oriana is now a toddler – what joy will she bring?  Wild joy it will be.

And Bastian becomes a child.

And Leigha is born.

Oliver meets Leigha and is not happy.  Really for a Silly child, he is never happy.

We end this chapter, if that is what you want to call it, with a fly over of the house as it looks currently.

Family Stats and Points:

Family Funds: 1,755
Lot Value: 32,518
Family’s Net Worth: 34,273     [10 pt]

Brantley – Father [95 pts]
Soulmate Aspiration Level 1-4: 40 pts
Super Parent Level 1: 10 pts
Nerd Brain Level 1: 10 pts
Computer Whiz Level 1: 10 pts
Fabulously Wealthy Level 1: 10 pts
Aspiration Rewards (2 traits, 1 potion): 15 pts

Brittany – Mother [90 pts]
Soulmate Aspiration Level 1-4: 40 pts
Super Parent Level 1: 10 pts
Bestselling Author Level 1-2: 20 pts
Aspiration Rewards (3 traits, 1 potion): 20 pts

Bastian – Boy #1 [45 pts]
Born: 30 pts
Toddler skills: 15 pts (communication, potty training, imagination)

Oliver – Boy #2 [40 pts]
Born: 30 pts
Toddler skills: 10 pts (communication, potty training)

Oriana – Girl #1 [30 pts]
Born: 30 pts

Leigha – Girl #2 [30 pts]
Born: 30 pts

Additional Points for Mini Challenges [80 pts]
Family Gallery – 20 pts (planned for teen years)
OWBC Style – Bad Apple – 20 pts (planned for Girl and Boy #6)
Never Learned to Share – 20 pts
StoryShare – 10 pts
SimShare – 10 pts (#boolprop #bbbc #bladderstone #babyboom)


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