Bladderstone Week 20

Larissa makes sure we open this update with an unhappy toddler as she meets her new brother, Percy.

She is fussy so this is normal look.

She doesn’t let Brantley comfort her.

Nothing makes her happy.

Not even having three men trying to appease her.

Brantley takes a break from the fussy toddler to make a snow angel.

Orlando is insane, which they have renamed erratic.  He has lots of conversations with himself.

Percy is a cute toddler.  He is also clingy.

Since it is winter, the projects are being done in the house.  We also only got two projects this week.

But the slide is still outside.  Percy is outside trying to not freeze.

Homework group.

Brody is moving out.

Which means it is woohoo time.  Brantley is running to find Brittany.


Christmas Carols

Christmas Breakfast

The toddlers get their presents first.

Of course, Larissa doesn’t like hers.

Percy loves his.

Orlando sneaks one when no one is looking.

Brantley switches out one for a prank gift.

Which Owen gets.  He isn’t impressed.

Which makes Brantley laugh so hard it makes him hysterical.  Which I miss.  Until I get the notification that he is dying.  Crap.

And Brantley dies.  Seriously.  My first hysterical death.  Shit.

Brittany is thinking that she is pregnant with baby #23 and that we just went through all of this for nothing.  Owen is thinking that is fair turnaround for giving him a prank gift.

Brittany begs Grim to spare Brantley

But he laughs at her.  I don’t give up that easily.  I refuse to end the challenge here.  Not this close to the end.

Father Winter comes soon after and ignores the urn as he leaves more gifts.

He gives Orlando a gift.

It is also Larissa’s birthday.

Brittany begs Brantley’s ghost to come visit.  He doesn’t.

Owen makes snow angels.

Percy becomes a toddler.

The boys are heading for food.  It is always food, or the potty, that gets them moving.

Brittany is in labor with baby #23.

Octavia makes 12 girls and 11 boys.  We are one boy short of completing this challenge.  We need Brantley.  I have a plan because I am not calling this challenge a failure and I am not quitting.  Not!

Owen grows up without a cake because I am not ready for him to move out.  Brittany can’t do this without help.

Finally, on New Years Eve, as the clock strikes midnight, Brantley shows up.

Brittany is excited to see him.  She quickly asks him to join the household and he agrees.

Brittany heads in to take care of Octavia’s needs

And Brantley heads out to make a wish at the wishing well.  It failed.  Even with the 5,000 simoleons he offered in advance.

Since he has to wait 8 hours to try again. they rekindle their romance, and renew their vows.

Random picture of pouting Percy.  Oh, I remember – this is a picture of Percy’s green fumes.  He really needs a bath.

Brantley was able to get his old job back, only losing one level.  He has all of his skills and traits.  When he has waited out his time, he tries again.  He offers up 5,000 simoleons and then wishes for life.

And we have success!

As he heads into the bedroom to make baby #24, we have our fingers crossed – we need a boy to finish the challenge.  A girl will mean that we need to wait until Orlando can grow up and move out before we can try again.  And the pidgeon toes means he really needs to pee but that is going to wait until after he does his duty.

One thing, after Brittany found out she was pregnant, I realized she was hysterical.  She had to tell Brantley she was pregnant before I could get her in front of a mirror to calm down.  I was so worried I was going to lose her.  The newly repaired family portrait.

Streamer Updates

I went to take pictures and I decided that I will wait until next week to make a detailed update on the streamers as I hope I am getting close to the end of the challenge. {fingers crossed}

Bastian (deceased)

  • Leticia Lee
    • Herbert Lee
    • Kristin Lee

Oliver (deceased)

  • Tyson Kim-Lewis, married Cayla Lynx
    • Tyler El Karmani (Haeju El Karmani)
  • Jaime Bladderstone, married to Sienna Anand (parents are Don Lothario and Miko Ojo)
    • Lucille Bladderstone
    • Quinton Bladderstone
  • Lucy Bladderstone, married Theo Linares

Oriana (deceased)

  • Brenda Bheeda, married Michael Weinstein

Leigha (deceased)

  • Irving Bladderstone, married to Catherine Munch (parents are Wolfgang Munch and Yuki Behr)
    • Skyler Bladderstone
    • Brielle Bladderstone
    • Hillary Pancakes (Beatriz Pancakes)
    • Jonathon Anand (Ritu Anand)
  • Bridgette Maeda, married Krishna Raghavan
  • Sandy Maeda

Patrick (deceased)

  • Betsy Villareal, married Zackery Huntington III
    • Bob Villareal
  • Armani Bladderstone, married Latoya Datta
    • Miguel Basu (Ira Basu)
    • Harold Behr (Katherine Behr)
    • Kathy Bladderstone (Donna Bladderstone)
    • Willow Bladderstone (step-daughter)
    • Lara Tharp (Cheyenne Tharp)

Ramsey (deceased)

  • Alejandro Bladderstone, married to Alisa Maeda (parents are Genji Maeda and Elsa Bjergsen)
    • Shanice Bladderstone
  • Marlene Bladderstone
    • Ratna Bladderstone


  • Ullal Tharp (Cheyenne Tharp)

Peyton, married Shaquille Maeda

  • Don Bladderstone (Porter El Karmani)
  • Kristopher Bladderstone (Porter El Karmani)
  • Yasmine Maeda (Shaquille Maeda)

Beau, married Caroline Pease

  • Jayla Pease (step-daughter)

Odessa, married Chase Landgraab

  • Lea Bladderstone (Shea Lynx)
  • Trisha Bladderstone (Aditya Nair)

Orchid, married to Shea Lynx

  • Rebekah Lynx
  • Leanne Lynx

Lauren, married to Porter El Karmani

  • Emmanual El Karmani

Piper, single and alone

  • Pierre Bladderstone (Tim Gaffney)

Rose, single and alone

Opal, single and alone

Penny, single and alone

Brody, married Kailey Pancakes



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