Bladderstone Week 22

With two adults you can get two toddlers into the pool together.  I try to not have climate control turn on when the bills come on Mondays so it is necessary to keep the little ones cool during the summer.  They overheat quicker than the older kids and adults.  I would be curious to see if you could get three or four toddlers in the pool – one in each corner.

Palmer is my last toddler that has to learn how to think.

Palmer had enough and decided to go get some food.  Brittany wanted to show him just a few more cards so he would actually reach level 3 before they stopped.  But he disappeared like a cloud of smoke, or like a toddler who had learned how to run and knew there was food on the counter.

With time to himself and no supervision, Palmer creates a masterpiece in the living room.  Brittany is not impressed and tells him so.  Palmer is not impressed with Brittany’s opinion.  He thinks it looks masterful.

Palmer is outside playing when the rains begin.  Brittany brings him inside to dry him off and put him down for a nap.

At which point it the thunder begins.  This is when the thunder sounds and right as the panic strikes and he gets out of bed and runs (stiff-legged walks because he is sad) for the other room then turns around and comes back because Brittany was waiting to read him to sleep.

Birthday time for Octavia.  One remaining toddler.

Brantley needs to make a space mission for work but the weather is too bad.  He starts to take off and immediately comes back to run inside out of the storm.  He tries several times but can’t get far off enough gone to count.

Octavia is cleaning up and keeps taking the trash out.  She is also not impressed with the weather.  For the record, I did not tell her to take the trash out – she is doing that on her own.  I just told her to clean the potty chair.  And the dishes.  She chose to also take out the trash in the storm.  She could have chosen otherwise.

With her chores done, she is chatting while everyone else finishes eating.  She is working on her scouting badges.  She has four badges remaining to complete as a child.  Then Palmer will have eight to complete as a child and I will be done with scouting for this challenge.

Brantley is telling Palmer a story.  It isn’t important which way he is facing, I guess.  Palmer has reached level 3 in all of his skills so he is free ranging until his birthday.

Ripley rolled social (my last one as both Octavia and Palmer rolled mental) so he is working on building his social skill and checking off his aspiration tasks with Percy.  I am down to my last three childhood aspirations for this challenge.  Yes, I am counting.

Ripley moves on to socializing with Palmer so that Percy can get some sleep before school.  Eventually they need a potty break, which they take together.  By then it is time for Ripley to go to school and Palmer to get some sleep.

Just a picture of a pissed off toddler being forced to listen to a bedtime story at 8am.  He was perfectly willing to go to bed without the story, but he hasn’t maxed out imagination so he has to listen to the story.  Every little bit counts.

Octavia gets Orlando to play chess with her in order to build her mental skill and work on her aspiration.  Three games.  Check.

Palmer is inquisitive and he gets sad if he doesn’t learn so Percy spends time teaching him his shapes some more.  Anything to keep them busy and out of trouble.

Damn thunderstorm is expensive.

I forgot about the gnomes.  They haven’t moved since Thanksgiving, or Christmas, or whenever it was they moved here.  I was looking for other items the lightning had fried.  There were lots of things that had to be replaced.  Damn thunderstorm.

We received noticed that Beau has died, so the household is full of sadness once again.

I missed Larissa’s birthday and she grew up alone.

And then Peyton died.  Which made me think – Odessa and Orchid are next and Orchid has a house full of little kids.  I need to make sure someone is living with her so they don’t get farmed out to non-relatives.  I moved Ullal in with her so he will take over their care once she goes.

Ripley needs to make friends with two adults and his two choices are Brody and Rose.

Brittany is trying to cheer up Palmer but nothing is working.  He is just a grumpy thing that cries all the time.

Now we have the first death of a grandchild – Tyson, Oliver’s son is the first to die.  The Loss in the Family +3 Sad 2 day counter starts over.

Ripley’s last two child-age friends should be Lara Tharp and Quinton Bladderstone.  It is hard to make friends when you are limited to friendly actions because your funny actions are grayed out because you are sad all of the time due to deaths in the family.

Sorry, but I love the concentration on their face when they poop – haha!  Deep breath – hold it – push!

Seeing that there is a birthday cake in the background, I believe my last toddler is about to grow up.

Palmer finally grew some hair!  I already miss my toddlers.

So I am slow, but I just figured out that two sessions of Cheer UP with the giant stuffed animal will reduce the children’s 2-day sad moodlet to 8 hours if the child has at least level 6 in the social skill.  Now, I figure this out.  Unfortunately, Octavia and Palmer did not have level 6, but Percy and Ripley did.

I am testing other ways to deal with sadness on the teens and adults.  Brittany tried to discuss sad mood (time dropped from 2 days to 20 hours), Try to Cheer Up (no change), then I used You’ll Be Okay and the time on the moodlet dropped from 20 hours to 10 hours.  Woo!  A second time and it dropped from 10 hours to 5 hours, then to 3 hours.  After spamming that on everyone I got the sadness under control.

This is the first time that I have actually had one of the sims drink the health potion that the kids make on the science table.  It completely filled up her hunger bar.

Streamer Updates

The branches of this family tree is getting intertwined and confusing.

Bastian (deceased)

  • Leticia Lee, single
    • Herbert Lee
    • Kristin Lee

Oliver (deceased)

  • Tyson Kim-Lewis (deceased), married Cayla Kim-Lewis
    • Tyler El Karmani (Haeju El Karmani)
    • Samir Kim-Lewis
  • Jaime Bladderstone, married to Sienna Anand
    • Lucille Bladderstone
    • Quinton Bladderstone
  • Lucy Linares, single

Oriana (deceased)

  • Brenda Bheeda (pregnant), married Michael Weinstein

Leigha (deceased)

  • Irving Bladderstone, married to Catherine Munch
    • Skyler Bladderstone
    • Brielle Bladderstone
    • Hillary Pancakes (Beatriz Pancakes)
    • Jonathon Anand (Ritu Anand)
  • Bridgette Maeda, married Krishna Raghavan
    • Shauna Raghavan
  • Sandy Maeda, single

Patrick (deceased)

  • Betsy Villareal, married Zackery Huntington III
    • Bob Villareal
    • Karli Huntington
    • Brett Huntington
    • Lizbeth Huntington (stepdaughter)
  • Armani Bladderstone, married Latoya Datta
    • Kathy Bladderstone (Donna Bladderstone)
    • Lara Tharp (Cheyenne Tharp)
    • Miguel Basu, married Carmen Villareal
      • Tammy Villareal (Logan Villareal)
    • Harold Behr, married Kyra Kim-Lewis
      • Shea Baldwin (Kerri Baldwin)

Ramsey (deceased)

  • Alejandro Bladderstone, married to Alisa Maeda (pregnant)
    • Shanice Bladderstone
    • Juliana Bladderstone
  • Marlene Bladderstone
    • Ratna Bladderstone
    • Andy Bladderstone (Clark Lewis)

Oakley (deceased)

  • Ullal Tharp, (living with Orchid Lynx)

Peyton (deceased)

  • Don Bladderstone (Porter El Karmani)
    • Cleo Villareal (Ayla Villareal)
  • Kristopher Bladderstone (Porter El Karmani)
    • Jimmy Raghavan (Siya Raghavan)
  • Yasmine Maeda (Shaquille Maeda)

Beau (deceased – no kids)

Odessa, married Chase Landgraab

  • Lea Bladderstone (Shea Lynx)
  • Trisha Bladderstone (Aditya Nair)
  • Bailey Landgraab

Orchid, single

  • Rebekah Lynx
  • Leanne Lynx
  • Darius Lynx
  • Constance Lynx
  • Jeanette Lynx

Lauren, married to Porter El Karmani

  • Emmanual El Karmani
  • Hannah El Karmani

Piper, single

  • Pierre Bladderstone (Tim Gaffney)

Rose, single

  • Taylor Bladderstone (Marco Ishikawa)

Opal, married Tim Gaffney

  • Clay Gaffney

Penny, single

  • Derek Bladderstone (Harold Behr)

Brody, single

Owen, married Thalia McKenna

  • Ulises Conroy (Emma Conroy)
  • Jayda McKenna (stepdaughter)
  • Wilson McKenna (stepson)


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