Bladderstone Week 26

Well, we have made it to the last week.  This is the week that Octavia and Palmer both become young adults and move out.  This is the week that we have been working towards for five real life weeks and 26 game weeks.  And I am hesitant to click into the family.  Actually I am about to the leave for breakfast and will play when I get back, so I am drafting the final posts.  They should all be posted sometime today as I expect to finish playing today.  Palmer’s birthday is on Wednesday so it won’t be a full game week – the family is on Sunday morning, so they only have four days to play through.  Here are some pictures while I wait for the rest of my kin to get ready for breakfast.  Newcrest is full.

The rest of the worlds:

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…and I am back from breakfast, hubby is off to his mom’s, and I have no reason to keep putting this off, so it is time to play the last four days of the challenge… Octavia and Palmer’s birthdays are close together since I missed her birthday but not his…

B&B have completed all of the aspirations that they are going to complete – well all of the aspirations that I am going to put time into, for the most part.  So for their last few days, I switch them into Nature – Brantley will focus on fishing and Brittany will focus on collecting.

or, maybe not… I changed my mind and decided to have Brittany finish mastering piano, since she was already level 7.  While she was practicing, Palmer tipped her…

The first of the last two birthdays comes quickly, and Octavia moves out.

Brantley is still trying to master handiness – he is only on level 8.  Of course, it might go faster if I just had him upgrade all of the electronics, which he never did.  Maybe I can’t really blame the slacking on him.

One last mortification before he becomes a young adult and ends the challenge.  On top of that, Palmer has some illness.

Yes, Palmer.  I am going to miss y’all too.

I will order you some medicine so you can grow up without the rash.

…because the boys room is better for a family meal than the dining room…  I think everyone knows this challenge is winding down.  The only reason I haven’t downsized the house (and normally I would have already) is because I don’t feel like packing up the portraits and then trying to find a wall in the new house to set them back out.

Crunch time – Brantley needs to finish out handiness before Palmer’s birthday for the last few points – he is upgrading both computers.  Can he do it?

Potions of Youth and Moodlet Solvers that were purchased but not used.  They only used the few potions that were needed for to keep them young.  They did not use any other potions during the challenge.  This should be the complete collection as I don’t expect B&B to earn many more points and I have already included Palmer’s purchases in the collection.

And he makes it in time.  It takes 6 upgrades (3 upgrades per computer), a break to potty and eat, and a radio repair to get to level 10, but he gets handiness mastered before Palmer’s age bar begins to bubble.  He probably has about 12 hours to spare so it wasn’t that close but Brantley doesn’t have any other skills that are close enough to level 10 to worry about now.

Now Brittany still has a chance to get piano there as she is in the 9th level, but she is going to have to do nothing else between now and Palmer’s spin with destiny.

Palmer’s age bar is bubbling and Brittany is still only two-thirds the way to level 10 in piano, so we are calling this done.  It is time for the final cake, the final birthday of the challenge.

Palmer will be making his own cake since Brittany is now in bed asleep.

Palmer makes himself a chocolate cake.

Brantley and Brittany now have an empty nest.  This challenge has ended.


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