Bladderstone Week 4

This week was a little bit better than last week, but then Brittany was not pregnant.  The family got a new house.  An empty house but much bigger with a lot more room. Brittany and Brantley take the toddlers to bed and the children find their beds themselves.  The house has very little – no wallpaper, no flooring, no lights.  But it does have beds for everyone.  There are two bathrooms for the family to share.

They got the basics and about the time the toddlers got up I realized I forgot the potty chairs…

After a quick addition of potty chairs, Leigha and Patrick grab some breakfast.

I believe Oriana is working on social.  Bastian and Leigha is her target.  I didn’t have anything else for them to do at the moment and needed to keep them busy.

Brittany plays with Patrick.

Pictures of the house…

Ramsey becomes a toddler.  He is sad because he just had a marathon session on how to use the potty and he missed several times.  Plus he is starving and exhausted.  But he knows how to potty now.

Leigha destroyed Bastian’s school project.  I told you she was going to be a pain in the ass.  And then she waits around for someone to notice.  Bastian had to start over from the beginning.

Beware the morning breakfast rush.  There are three hungry toddlers coming.  Leigha is faster than the other two (level 4 movement) but she couldn’t pass them in the hallway – they were blocking her path and she was getting frustrated and ended up third to the breakfast plate.

Drama queen grew up without a cake – I forgot/missed all of the birthday announcements this week.  This is Leigha.

Speaking of missing an announcement – I almost missed the most important one.  Brantley drank his first Potion of Youth while his age bar was bubbling.

With six babies under her belt, literally, Brittany ate from Taste of Diet ice cream.

Ramsey got a bath.

Oriana is working diligently on her social aspiration. It is the child aspiration I dislike the most.  Making friends, bleh.

Another missed birthday – this drama king is Patrick.

Missed birthday number three is Bastian – our first teen.

Sunday morning, finally.  Oliver is telling stories to Ramsey.

Leigha is playing on the monkey bars.

Patrick is playing with toys.

Bastian is painting.

Brantley is desperately working on his charisma.  He is still only to level 7.

Brittany is trying to write three bestsellers.  Well, she is trying to write her first bestseller, but she needs to write three total.

And finally, Oriana is trying make more friends.

As for scoring, I am not going to be including it on the posts – it is getting too long.  Once I finish the challenge, I will make a single post listing all of the points.  I am keeping a spreadsheet for myself to track them.  For now, the count is 4 boys and 2 girls.


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