Bladderstone Week 5

We are moving right along.  With the kids growing up, Ramsey is the last toddler in the house.

Alone, left behind.  Ramsey is not used to being so alone.

The kids all come home with projects and they begin working carefully on them.  One of these days I am going to see what the difference is between working carefully and working sloppily.  In the meantime…

While everyone else works on their school projects, Ramsey works on a project of his own.

Projects are done.

Ramsey is so glad to have everyone home from school.  He stalks them all and chatters away.

Hmm, new TV, everyone is trying to get their fun up.

So glad they are home.

Home alone with Mom

Yep, alone with mom.

Just you and me, Mom

Still the two of us, Mom

Just standing here Mom

Hey Mom!

Whatcha doing Mom?


Just standing here alone, by myself, with nothing to do.

Still standing here watching you – all damn day.  He literally stood behind her all day, watching her while she wrote her book.

This picture is Oriana after she completed her social aspiration.  Doesn’t she look excited?

And Ramsey became a child.  No more toddlers until Bastian moves out.

Leigha is almost done with her aspiration.

Oliver arrives home from school and immediately becomes a teen.

Sit down Ramsey.  I don’t care if you stink and have a green cloud.  You are going to listen to me read to you for 2 hours.

Oliver isn’t a bright boy.  He goes trolling on the forums while sitting next to Brittany.  She catches him.


Oliver is grounded from the computer for 24 hours.

Finally Brittany is home alone – all of the kids are in school. So she cleans.

The family really needs a larger living room.

And like magic, they have a larger living room.

A larger dining table.

A pretty new computer.  But only one because they ran out of money before they could replace the second one.

Both bathrooms are updated.

And an overview of the house.

Patrick is so close to finishing his aspiration.  He doesn’t have time to be sick.

Drink some orange juice and get back to drawing pictures.

Damn, slacker.  After he woke up, I let him take a nap and then he completed the last picture and finished his aspiration.

That leaves Ramsey and the Mental aspiration – my first one for this group of six.

And, Leigha became a teen.

After Oliver was allowed on the computer again, he went right back to trolling the forums, and not having learned his lesson, Brittany was right on top of him.  Grounded from the computer again.

Then he got caught swearing at Leigha, which resulted in a time out.

Once released from his timeout, he went out to jog to clear his mind.  He found that actually helped.

Then Oliver got caught breaking his grounding – he was on the computer, in front of Brittany.  This time he was grounded from his phone on top of being grounded from the computer.  He really isn’t the sharpest crayon in the box.

Trying to not lose any more privileges, he has a dance battle with Oriana.  I am not sure if either one won – they both looked pretty bad.   Which brings us to Sunday night – and close to Bastian’s birthday.  Soon we will have more babies (and toddlers)…


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