Bladderstone Week 6

Moving right along, there is always something broken that needs to be fixed or cleaned, or both.

I forget our vegetarian – and I fed her something with meat.  She was sick the rest of the day.

Brittany is still trying to write her bestsellers.  She actually has written three, but only two counted since I had switched her to the parenting aspiration and forgot to switch her back.  So she has to write a fourth one.  But she has the house to herself to get it done.

W.e.i.r.d.  This actually makes my eyes hurt.

It must be Monday.

Ramsey quickly finishes his mental aspiration.

Brittany has had good luck with confident genre bestsellers so she is taking a mud bath to get that long lasting confident mood.

She is so confident that this will be the one, that she doesn’t even take time to dress.  She should have gotten dressed.  It wasn’t.

I didn’t miss the birthdays this week – Leigha becomes a teen.

More groundings for trolling – Ramsey and Oliver.

Another attempt at writing that last bestseller.

When left to their own devices, everyone in the family makes ice cream for dinner (and lunch and breakfast).

I didn’t catch the culprit and no Brittany had no one to discipline (punish) for destroying the dollhouse.

Relaxing with a movie.  Ramsey over there sleeping.  Brantley wandered off to take a shower.

Patrick’s birthday – another teen.

And our last birthday for the week – and our first young adult move out – Bastian.  Bastian grew up with two positive character values and no negative ones:  Responsible and Good Manners.

Which means it is time for Brittany to drink her first potion of youth.

And we have our next baby on board.

This is the house Bastian moved into, across the street.  The kids will be moved into here, game willing, as they become young adults.  I did install MC Command Center, with Pregnancy, Population, and Woohoo modules only, to allow them to hopefully have fulfilling lives after they move out.  Not sure if they will continue to live here together or get married and have babies (and then die) as time passes.  We’ll watch and see.

For a change, the household (minus Bastian) has a meal at the same time, in the same place.

Leigha was caught trolling.

Bastian comes over to visit.

Finally!  Brittany writes her last bestseller and completes the Bestselling Author aspiration.  She will be moving on the Painter Extraordinaire, which is where she should have started.

Patrick will be taking over the Family Gallery (mini challenge) painting duties from Bastian.

Brittany is publishing the last of the books she will ever write.

These are the paintings Bastian painted before he moved out.  I am having each sim take a selfie, then the official painter is using that as a reference to paint their portrait.  My plan is the youngest teen in the house at the time the official painter moves out will take over the painting duties.

Leigha needs to get any skill to level 3 so that she can become an A student.  Video gaming was the easiest since she is grounded from the computer for trolling.  Everything else she tried was really slow to level for some reason.

With Brantley needing one last promotion and still only level 8 in charisma, I finally broke down and let him spend 3000 aspiration points on Great Kisser.  Those 3000 points were two Potions of Youth.  But O.M.G.  He mastered charisma in an hour of kissing Brittany.  Well, two hours, because I forgot to alternate it with another action, and she got irritated and started pushing him away and slapping him.  So he had to make up then get back to kissing.  But it is truly the way to level charisma, and yes well worth it to me.  It has taken Brantley five weeks to get charisma to level 8 (I hate leveling charisma).

Once he mastered charisma, he called his boss and negotiated a raise, and got a boost to his work bar – he will get a promotion on Monday.  I put him in Business / Management because it is the career with the highest weekly salary and it has the daily task with the lowest hourly time commitment.  But it is a pain in the ass to level charisma.  He will be switching to the tech guru, also where he should have started.  His focus will be on the knowledge aspirations and skills.

A quick overview of Bastian’s house.  I love the layout.  I need to look at the cost of the house and see if I can use this for the Bladderstones.  They are building up their coffers but maybe not enough for this house yet.  Although maybe unfurnished.  Bastian got the house through freerealestate but since he is no longer playable, that is fair enough. I can see he needs more furniture though.

And the potions that Bastian left behind – which no one can use since the mini challenge we are doing is Never Learned to Share.  Side note:  Right about this point in taking pictures, I realized I had lost track of time and I was going to be late for work…


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  1. Oh my goodness, I LOVE that house! I might have to rummage through the gallery a bit. 🙂 This family is so much fun to read about. I love how so many of the kids get in trouble for trolling. lol. So much fun!

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