Bladderstone Week 7

Week 7 played fairly quickly as every one was allowed to do their own thing, within reason.  Since I am only really playing them to their young adult birthday, I am not putting a lot of effort into their aspirations or skills.  So once the teens got an A in high school they were allowed to free range as long as they played nice with each other.

Brittany makes dinner most nights now, when I think about it, as we wait on the birth of the next baby.  She has mastered cooking and is working on gourmet cooking.

And this week is rocket week.

Or rather, space week.  This is the first time I have seen all of the projects follow a theme so perfectly.

Speaking of the next baby, it is labor time.

Mood swing!

And Ramsey becomes a teen.

Brantley didn’t get his promotion until Tuesday.  Slacker.

It was a busy day as it was also Oliver’s birthday – moving out day.  He also received two character values – Responsible for sure, and I think Good Manners, but I didn’t write it down.  Those are the two that my kids tend to get.

Brantley was so relieved to be done with the Business of being a businessman that he immediately changed careers.  He is now a Tech Guru.

After which, he had his very own private dance party.

One day we almost lost Leigha.  She came home mortified by something that happened at school.  I know that the tuning has changed and supposedly school moods and mood swings are not supposed to kill the teens.  But, I wasn’t watching her closely.  And she didn’t make it to the bathroom.  So on top of being Mortified, she Peed Herself.  I popped her in front of a mirror and talked her down. But OMG.  I have put up with too much from her to have to replace her.  And my ratio of girls to boys is not so hot right now.

Patrick couldn’t sleep so he cleaned the bathroom and kitchen.  Thanks dude.

Brantley was trying to trigger Full Parent Mode by performing “numerous parenting interactions” with Oakley (the newest baby).  And it looked like he just dropped him.

Damned if I didn’t miss the birthday announcement again.

Oakley says that is okay – he is Independent and doesn’t need no help.

Oriana tries to get him settled down.  For an independent toddler, he is resistant to going to bed.  She is reading him to sleep and he wouldn’t get under the covers until she finished the book.

Speaking of Oriana and birthdays, guess who is aging up and moving out…  Oriana gained three character values: Responsible, Good Manners, and Compassionate.

The house is getting empty and Leigha and Patrick are enjoying the quiet.  And the ability to sit on the couch without being cramped.

Ramsey is running off his tension.  He ran a long, long time.

Oakley is chatting up the teddy bear.  He likes that it does’t talk back.

I just realized how much Ramsey looks like Brantley.  He grew up with the hair, I didn’t give it to him, I just let him keep it.

Sad boy.

Sleepy boy.

Stinky boy.

Typical house full of teens.  Leigha is heading for a timeout for losing her cool.  Ramsey wasn’t helping any but Brantley couldn’t scold him for taunting her.

Speaking of losing his cool.  Oakley is about to melt down if Brittany can’t get him into bed fast.  Just look at those clinched fists.

Waiting out her timeout.

We do have another girl finally – 5 boys and 3 girls so far – this is Peyton.

And, Brittany is pregnant again.


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  1. Whew, I didn’t really realize, until reading blogs, how easy it is to kill a sim if their moods swing one direction too much. It’s kind of crazy. Anyway, yeah for another girl by the end. It’s fun to see all these kids and how you handle them. 🙂

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