Bladderstone Week 8

We have toddlers again, which means lots of toddler spam.  You have been warned…

Oakley is independent and while he may like to be on his own, I don’t notice that he skills faster alone.

Inquisitive Peyton joins him in toddlerhood a few days later.  They look identical and I don’t do much to fix that.  I figure with 24 kids, and no custom content, there are going to be a few that look alike.

Lost in the joy of new toddlers is Leigha.  She makes her own birthday cake and moves out.  She manages one positive character value – responsible.

For an independent toddler, Oakley loves to wake up his parents. For no reason at all.

Defiant Peyton montage

Mess making Oakley montage

Baby time … and another boy – Beau is the 6th boy and one of the pre-selected Bad Apples.  This means I will not be controlling him directly and I will not be viewing his wants, needs, or skills.

Patrick repairs the toilet while Ramsey does his homework.  Solidarity among brothers.  They know their time at home is almost over.  The new batch is incoming.

Oakley and Peyton are getting some doll time.

And some reading time.

They really look alike.

Brittany gets off the lot for the first time since this challenge began – she needs to hit the art gallery to view some art – it is a fast trip and she is back home in no time.

Oakley is waiting for her in her bedroom when she returns.

Patrick spends his remaining time cleaning the house. Sadly.

Speaking of the house, they have built up a nest egg and they are able to upgrade to a new house.  I download this from the gallery, created by icerouge.  It is one built for a many baby challenge and perfect for this family.  I made a few modifications but overall it meets my requirements – single story and not cramped.  It is spread out so there is a walk for the toddlers but I like it.

Peyton and Oakley fill their tummies.

The gallery is set back up.

Oakley explores the new ball pit.

Some chatting and eating.

And another clone looking toddler – this is Beau and he looks just like Oakley and Peyton.  Since he is the Bad Apple, he will get a makeover so that I can remember not to click on him.

Brittany and Brantley are busy and don’t get to Oakley in time to scold him for playing in the toilet.  He might just be my first toddler to have negative character values.

Hanging out in the nursery.  Peyton is already asleep while the older boys do their homework and Oakley eats some dinner.

Skilling a toddler without knowing what skills he needs is going to be fun.

Toddler first then pee.

Patrick is still cleaning up the house.

Yes!  Brantley caught Oakley playing in the toilet.  And Oakley had just had his bath.

Patrick has his birthday and moves out.

And it is also Oakley’s birthday.  He and Patrick shared the same burnt hamburger cake.  Patrick started it then went to bed and didn’t do a great job baking it.  But at least it didn’t start a fire.

Beau sneaked away from Brittany and made it to the playground before she caught him.  Peyton is in the ball pit underneath and they are in the exact same pose.

Oakley!  Hopefully as these three become children they have different looks (especially as Peyton is a girl).

Brantley gets some play time with Beau.

Brittney gives birth – the house is full as she has her first set of twins – and they are both GIRLS!  That brings the count up to 6 boys and 5 girls.  Odessa and Orchid.

The toddlers came over to meet their new siblings – since they were woken up by the noise – Beau was happy (I assume since his picture turned green and he smiled and clapped) while Peyton got angry and then looked over at Beau and gave him this look…

Super Efficient Baby Care.  Orchid is glitched somehow as SEBC doesn’t work on her.  They can only click on her and do the individual actions.  It will give the option for SEBC but then it will get waved off as if there is something preventing it and it will drop from the queue.  I have moved the bassinet and still it doesn’t work.  Once the girls have aged up, I will delete the bassinets and rebuy them to see if that fixes it.

Brittany is teaching Beau to talk.  She is spamming everything and I think he is at level 2 on everything and maxed on Potty.  I will have to watch the notifications to see when he gets level 3 in each skill.  He did get angelic as that was the rotation.  I would have loved for the bad apple to get fussy or clingy or wild.  My 6th girl will be the other bad apple – so the next girl born…

Oakley is working on Mental with Ramsey by playing three games of chess.

Peyton is on free roam as she has level 3 or more in everything.  She spends a lot of time going from the playground to the potty chair and back – it is a very long walk.

And then she does this – destroys the dollhouse.

And then cries about the dollhouse being destroyed.

About this point, Oakley realizes there are more babies in the house and gets angry.

I take out one of the bathrooms and convert it into a nursery to see if it will fix the SEBC glitch and to get the babies out of the toddler room.  Having the infants in the same room as the toddlers is not a good setup as no one can sleep through the night.  I still need to finish redecorating.  But that is another play session, as it is time for me to go to real world work.

Since I have MCCC installed, I will have a mini update on the kids that have moved out in the next chapter…  There has been lots happening – maybe not what I would have chosen, but when giving them to the time stream, I have to accept their choices…


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  1. Whoah, I’m getting tired to keeping up with all these kids. 🙂 This is kind of a fun way to get used to kids though. I like the new house a lot.

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