BNTM Season 11

Welcome to Season 11 of Boolprop’s Next Top Model! Ready for another fun season of sims modeling for some great themes? This season is female OR male adults or young adults from TS2, TS3 or TS4. Supernatural sims are allowed.

Intro Round

Savanna Gentry is a young scientist currently living in her family’s mansion in Newcrest.  One of the advantages of living in the mansion is access to the pool whenever she wants.

07-16-16_2-52-04 PM

She loves spending her time outdoors hanging out around the campfire, working in the garden, or playing horseshoes.

07-16-16_2-15-57 PM

She is also known for some serious shopping sprees and yet still claims she has nothing to wear.

07-14-16_7-39-10 PM

Round 1

Savanna enjoys being outdoors and spends as much time as possible enjoying the summer sun.

Sliding in the soapy water…

07-30-16_4-15-45 PM

Cooling off with lemonade…

07-30-16_4-33-59 PM

And topping it all off with burgers from the grill…

07-30-16_4-37-46 PM

Round 2

Start your day with a cup of coffee from the Grind-o-Matic and Espresso Machine: Guaranteed to grind coffee beans to perfection and then to turn grumpy into jumpy.

08-18-16_6-14-16 PM

Take a mid-day break for tea brewed with your own Tea Magic Personal Brewer: Brew all of your favorite teas at a touch of a button.

08-18-16_6-16-01 PM

Party into the evening with chocolate covered strawberries from the Fountain of Mirth: Flavor and tastes stacked and tiered to perfection.

08-18-16_6-20-25 PM

Round 3

Savanna has a bad habit of spending too much time at the pub playing games.


08-29-16_5-55-55 PM


08-29-16_5-41-58 PM


08-29-16_5-37-04 PM

Round 4

For this round, Savanna has invited the photographer to spend the day with her as she prepares for her wedding.

The day starts off with a relaxing breakfast of Eggs Benedict on the front porch.


After the ceremony, Savanna and James share the first piece of Wedding Cake.


Winding up the wonderful afternoon, the happy couple have Blackened Bass.


Round 5

Savanna wakes up and looks around.  The dream was so real that she expected to see a husband lying next to her.  Things have been weird since she moved to this town and took a position at the local science center.  As she starts to get out of bed, she looks around and doesn’t recognize anything.  This isn’t her house!  Whose house is this and how did she get here?!?


Savanna slowly turns in a circle taking in the very small shack she is in and tries to remember the previous night.  She had a drink, but only one, and then went to sleep – alone – in her own bed.  How did she wake up here – and where is here?!?


Savanna walks outside and realizes the man from her wedding dream is standing in front of the house.  He introduces himself and explains that overnight there was an apocalypse and she was transported to a safe location in order to help rebuild.



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