Boolprop Baby Boom Challenge

November 2017 was the 12th birthday for Boolprop and one of the events they had to celebrate was a Baby Boom Challenge.  Which I missed because of school and life and other excuses.  But I found the challenge this week, and I cannot resist a challenge that demands lots of kids.  So here we go…

The basic premise is for one couple to have twelve girls and twelve boys, birth to young adult, during their lifespan.  Gender cannot be influenced so it is very likely that there will be more than twenty-four babies born.  Potions of Youth will need to be taken to make sure they live long enough.  All twenty-four children must have the same two parents – no aliens, no adoptions.  No cheating.  Sounds like fun.

The full set of rules are located at Boolprop HERE

Selected Rules:

  • The naming scheme will follow:  BOOLPROP BOOLPROP BOOLPROP then any overflow kids will all begin with B
  • Only one parent can have a traditional career – the other must stay home with the kids.
  • No service sims allowed – I am going to miss the maid and the repairman

Mini Challenges:

  • OWBC Style – Bad Apple:  The 6th girl and 6th boy will be Bad Apples – they will be hands-off and I will not be allowed to control them
  • Never Learned to Share:  Aspiration rewards will be allowed to be used by the sim that earns it – no sharing
  • Family Gallery: Each family sim will have their portrait painted as a teen
  • StoryShare:  The story, such as it is, will be shared to Boolprop
  • SimShare:  Each family sim will be shared to the gallery before moving out
    • #bladderstone #bbbc #boolprop #babyboom


Brittany and Brantley Bladderstone

Brittany was a sim I had made previously for another legacy attempt that went nowhere.  She got new traits and a fresh look.  I spent three hours trying to think up a name for Brantley.  Bladderstone just popped into my head.  Three hours and I ended up with Brittany and Brantley Bladderstone.  For Michael J. Fox fans, Brantley might ring a bell if you are old enough.  if it does, you get a gold star.  And yes, that is where I got the name.  If it doesn’t, google The Secret of My Success – cute movie, watch it.  Laugh and enjoy. 1987 so no judging.

Brittany is Cheerful, Bookworm, Family-oriented and wants to be a Super Parent.  Convenient since she is going to have at least 24 kids.

Brantley is Self-assured, Ambitious, Family-oriented and wants to be Fabulously Wealthy.  Also convenient since someone has to pay for those 24 or more kids.


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