Bordeaux, Generation 1

With the crashing and burning of the generation 3 heiress in the Lightning Legacy, it is time to start over.  A lot was learned during that first attempt.  This attempt will be a matriarchy, heiresses only and no spouses.  With that, we meet our new founder, Rose Bordeaux.  Rose is Good, Cheerful (family trait), and Loves Outdoors.  She is a Nature sim and will begin with Angling Ace, which adds Collector to her traits.

09-05-14_10-02 PM

As required, she moves into the recently bulldozed 50×50 lot in Willow Creek “Oakenstead”.  She takes a job in Culinary and begins working on her career and aspiration.

09-05-14_10-08 PM

Her required suit of armor.

09-06-14_10-13 AM

She spends her days fishing.

09-06-14_8-54 AM 09-06-14_8-54 AM-2 09-06-14_8-58 AM

She attempts to cook on the grill, but that doesn’t go so well.

09-06-14_9-16 AM 09-06-14_9-16 AM-2 09-06-14_9-19 AM

No idea what they were talking about here.

09-06-14_9-27 AM

Breakfast in bed.?.?  Interestingly enough, she is drinking orange juice and eating eggs and bacon.  Two actions.

09-06-14_10-02 AM

As she won’t be moving in a spouse, she gambles that she will have a girl on the first baby and delays getting pregnant until right before her Adult birthday.

09-06-14_2-27 PM

Baby daddy is Alonso Bowden.  Alonso is married with a daughter, but that doesn’t bother Rose.  She only needs his participation for a short time.  He shows up daily though to see Rose.

09-06-14_12-24 PM

He was a full life stage older than Rose.

09-06-14_2-12 PM

Weight comes very easily to Rose.  Once the baby is born it is time for Rose to become an Adult.

09-06-14_2-37 PM

She then heads down to the gym but just seems to get larger and larger.

09-06-14_2-45 PM

She decides to spend some point on the Insta-Lean potion, and miracles do happen, as it actually works.

09-06-14_3-50 PM09-06-14_3-50 PM-2

Baby Riesling

09-06-14_2-53 PM

Riesling rolls Social Butterfly.  While Rose is off fishing, Riesling holds court in the library, meeting sims and making friends.

09-06-14_4-28 PM

Queen Riesling

09-06-14_4-31 PM

With low social needs, Riesling joins Rose for some afternoon fishing.

09-06-14_4-39 PM09-06-14_4-39 PM-2

Homework can be done anywhere.

09-06-14_6-13 PM

A best friend is needed and DeShaun Stein was loitering nearby.  They quickly become best friends.     09-06-14_6-36 PM

Socializing during meals when there isn’t a dining table to be found.

09-06-14_6-47 PM 09-06-14_7-53 PM

And it is time for Riesling to become a teen.  She was not able to complete her childhood aspiration of Social Butterfly.

09-06-14_9-05 PM-2

She rolls Creative to add to the family trait of Cheerful.  For her aspiration she rolls Musical Genius and picks up Muser.  As money is still tight, she gets the cheapest instrument, which happens to the be the violin.

09-06-14_9-38 PM

Around this point, Rose becomes an elder.

09-07-14_10-51 AM

New lighting mod.

09-07-14_11-00 AM

Rose has completed both the Angling Ace and the Curator aspirations.  She picks up the third Nature option of Freelance Botanist.

09-07-14_11-25 AM

This is Riesling’s happy, made an A in school for the first time ever, face.  She really needs to work on that.

09-07-14_11-52 AM

This is her Sad dance,

09-07-14_12-02 PM

And this is her Happy dance.

09-07-14_12-03 PM

Finally DeShaun is a teen and Riesling invites him over.  She needs to serenade someone while flirty so it is time for a boyfriend.

09-07-14_12-24 PM 09-07-14_12-25 PM 09-07-14_12-26 PM

And teens can now mess around, although pregnancy is still not an option in game.

09-07-14_12-28 PM

What has been seen, cannot be unseen.

09-07-14_12-28 PM-2

With Rose’s final promotion to reach the top of her career, she has enough funds to finish the house.  The outside looks like crap so here is the inside.  These are all premade rooms.

09-07-14_1-51 PM

It is time for Riesling to become a young adult.  Rose bakes her a special cake, Rose’s Signature Cake.
09-07-14_2-37 PM

Blowing out the candles and closing out this chapter.

09-07-14_2-38 PM


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