Bordeaux, Generation 2.2

Welcome back.  We join Riesling as she takes her brood to the park.  From left to right we have Frascati, Riesling, Beaune, Bacchus, Brut, and Fleurie.  There is a wide variety of moods happening.

09-09-14_3-17 PM

Park spam

09-09-14_3-18 PM 09-09-14_3-22 PM 09-09-14_3-21 PM 09-09-14_3-20 PM-2 09-09-14_3-20 PM 09-09-14_3-19 PM-2 09-09-14_3-19 PM

Our first teen of the generation is Beaune.

09-09-14_4-49 PM

Beaune rolls Painting.  This is the Sad painting he paints because no one remembered his birthday.

09-09-14_4-53 PM

Fleurie makes some interesting faces.  This one is because she stinks, is exhausted and hungry, and needs to pee very badly.

09-09-14_4-57 PM

A very rare family meal.

09-09-14_5-11 PM

Another day of line dancing.

09-09-14_5-18 PM

Beaune is playing the sea monster while the younger kids play pirate.

09-09-14_6-07 PM 09-09-14_6-08 PM

I give up, the doll house will remain broken until this generation moves out.

09-09-14_6-21 PM 09-09-14_6-29 PM 09-09-14_6-29 PM-2

Playing Sims Forever.

09-09-14_6-46 PM

Fleurie’s reaction when the sims get romantic.

09-09-14_6-46 PM-2

Taking his frustration on the bear.

09-09-14_8-06 PM

Another shot of Fleurie, the last of the children.

09-09-14_8-28 PM

Fleurie and Frascati are finally teens.

09-09-14_9-33 PM

The boys as teens, Brut, Beaune, and Bacchus.

09-09-14_9-33 PM-2

The last shot of Riesling as an adult.

09-09-14_9-33 PM-3

And the first shot as en elder.

09-10-14_7-26 PM

By this generation all of the houses are empty and there are only a handful of sims remaining in the game. (This will need to be fixed or modded).  Going into the gallery and using the Households filter, sorted by Recent, the first group of male sims are downloaded into an empty house.  Fleurie heads over to meet them and choose her future baby daddy.  She is shooting for the redhead on the couch.

09-11-14_6-15 PM

Not many pictures this generation.  Running six sims is not as easy as it used to be.  Everyone is now a young adult and will remain in the house until the household funds are built up.  They will work strictly on career, not aspiration; they will also move out once Fleurie begins her attempt to bring in the next generation.  Starting off is Beaune (painter, master of the real) …

09-11-14_6-34 PM

Bacchus (entertainer, comedian) …

09-11-14_6-36 PM

Brut (astronaut, space ranger) …

09-11-14_6-35 PM-3

Fleurie (astronaut, interstellar smuggler, and heiress) …

09-11-14_6-35 PM-2

and Frascati (criminal, oracle).

09-11-14_6-35 PM

Riesling (stuck at level 8 in entertainer, musician)

09-11-14_6-36 PM-2

Two meals started and then stopped before completing.  Riesling is finishing them up as everyone has gone to school/work.  She was able to put both on the stove and finish each separately.

09-11-14_12-41 PM


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