Bordeaux, Generation 3.1

Fleurie, as the heiress of generation 3, makes the decision to not kick out her siblings.  Instead, they will continue to live with the family and build up the coffers.  Fleurie also decides to bring in the next generation, hoping for a girl first thing.  She reels in her target and is rewarded with a positive pregnancy test.

09-11-14_9-17 PM

Baby daddy, whatever his name is, which isn’t important as he won’t be seen again unless the baby is a boy.

09-11-14_9-24 PM

Working out, as astronaut requires some fitness skill.

09-11-14_9-53 PM

Baby time.  The moment of truth.

09-11-14_10-00 PM

And it is a girl, Marsala.

09-11-14_10-02 PM

Uncle checking on the baby.

09-14-14_2-08 PM

Mama feeding the baby.  Up to this point, no one would feed Marsala without direction.  After this, everyone would race for the crib to be the one to feed her.

09-14-14_2-11 PM

Frascati has to be despised and after succeeding with Bacchus, she needs some time with the social unicorn.  Brut makes sure she is okay.

09-14-14_2-22 PM

Once Frascati gets her promotion, she begins to mend fences with Bacchus.  It doesn’t go so well though.

09-14-14_2-29 PM

More baby feeding, undirected, so progress is being made.

09-14-14_2-31 PM

Moving from fitness to logic, Fleurie makes her siblings play with her.

09-14-14_2-56 PM

Marsala is now a child.

09-14-14_3-10 PM

And as a Whiz Kid, she is the next one tapped to play chess with Fleurie.

09-14-14_3-16 PM

With seven people in the house and only six beds, Marsala sleeps where she can.  Riesling should be dead but she isn’t leading to the shortage of beds.

09-14-14_5-40 PM

The family gets a new house and still they are short a bed since someone won’t die.  It figures, when I don’t want someone to die, they die.  When I want someone to die, they won’t.

09-14-14_5-40 PM-2


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