Building Blocks, Chapter 1

Here I am, piddling around, and I decide to start a(nother) dynasty. This time it is the Life-States Dynasty located at Carl’s forums. In this challenge, a married couple has volunteered to raise 45 children of different life states who will move into 45 different houses in your world. Sounds a lot like a Baby Boomer on occult steroids. There are rules, of course, which we will cover as we go.

How Many Life States in Your World?

The parents for this challenge will be Billy and Caitian Blocks. Billy is a Human, Genius-Good-Family Oriented. Cait is an Spellcaster, Cheerful-Neat-Family Oriented.

They will both be starting with the Soulmate aspiration. Once they each complete their first aspiration, they will have 24 hours to add up to six kids to their household. Kids can be adopted as infants, pregnancy can be initiated, and they can wish at the wishing well for a child. Babies from alien adoption can also be kept. I do need to double check what happens if an alien pregnancy happens outside of the 24-hour window.

Billy and Cait move into the large empty lot in Newcrest and the plan is for them to stay there throughout the challenge. To bring 45 kids into the household, they will each need to complete 8 aspirations at a minimum. Easy-peasy. Hahaha!

Billy and Cait are ready to get started so they immediately begin all of the lovey-dovey stuff.

At one point they add a bed.

There they get what has become my standard starter house – 64×64. The kids are going to love living outdoors. There will be a covered patio coming soon.

Billy and Cait move indoors as they both needed to use the new bathroom facilities.

No kitchen yet – but Billy has completed Soulmate.

Cait follows soon after, also completing Soulmate. They now have 24 hours to add up to 6 kids to the household, no later than 2:11

With Soulmate finished for both, it is time to try for a baby.

Where is the confetti?

I don’t know why they sit on opposite sides of the bed for sharing the good news. Makes getting good pictures hard.

Cait is pregnant so Billy heads out to wish for a child.

They didn’t get an instant kid, but Billy received a pre-approved adoption application – they can adopt for free.

Of course, the get the discount, he has to have a computer. And a new table, which takes almost all of the funds.

While she waits on Billy, Cait tries her luck wishing for money. That didn’t work out for her – the wishing well took all of their remaining money, all §72. They are now completely broke.

Billy returns home with Angel, and he begins the process of becoming good friends.

I know I do this a lot, but I am not feeling things with Billy and Cait. Mostly, I think, because I approached this as a speed run instead of enjoying the family and making sure they were ready for 45 kids. So, tell me you are surprised, but I am starting over. A quick note on the game settings as this challenge is setup a little different from my other challenges.

  • Aging: Active Household only
  • Fill Empty Homes: unchecked
  • Seasons: 14 days

Billy keeps his traits: Good, Family-oriented, and Genius. Since they have to complete their first aspiration before they can change it, they both start with the Jungle Exploration aspirations. Billy takes Archaeology Scholar, which gives him Quick Learner as a bonus trait. He remains human.

Caitian is now Caitlyn. She is still a spellcaster with the traits of Neat, Cheerful, and Family-oriented. She will start off with the aspiration of Jungle Explorer. She has the bonus trait of Collector. Both Billy and Caitlyn are staying out of the spotlight.

Caitlyn puts in the household vote for Supporting the Creative Arts. That will be for after they get back from their jungle trips.

And just to get it out of the way, Billy and Caitlyn max out both of their relationship bars and become BFF. Although they will not be completing Soulmate until the next round. Probably.

Billy calls for a taxi and they head off to Selvadorada for a working vacation. I want money, I mean they need money because I don’t want to be scrounging. This is the first time I have seen this screen since Snowy Escape was released. I guess any world with a rental lot will show up in the bottom line.

But be that as it may, Billy and Caitlyn are heading into the jungle. What will be a different approach for me is that they will be working on separate aspirations and the goal won’t be to complete the temple run as fast as possible. At least not at first. So, they move into the cheapest rental lot near the marketplace. Stuffs. They have to buy stuffs before heading out into the jungle.

Somehow I took more pictures than I realized while they are adventuring. They each have goals so they go together to the marketplace where they do what is specific for them.

Some things they do in parallel, like mastering Selvadoradian Culture.

Caitlyn’s guide is giving her some advice about the jungle, and maybe it is not going to be a picnic.

Billy’s guide is tired of talking to him, but that is okay since Billy masters the culture first.

Caitlyn is not far behind him and that is a relieved look if I have ever seen one.

Caitlyn waits to leave for the jungle until Billy is ready. He is excavating three dirt piles.

And maybe a bathroom break before they go.

While Caitlyn clears the first path, Billy works on uncovering one of the items he found.

There is a possibility that Caitlyn is not dressed appropriately for this activity, but she looks good, so there is that.

More alternating, as Billy clears the local dirt piles, Caitlyn remembers she is a spellcaster and begins practicing. The first spell she learns is Scrubaroo. And I guess I have never really played the spellcaster to know their abilities. She gives all of the waterfall in a bottle to Billy. She has this hygiene thing figured out.

There are four attacks by spiders total. Two times Billy was attacked and two times Caitlyn was attacked. Caitlyn is the only one with the spider spray. Billy just ran around panicking. Luckily, neither one was poisoned.

Yep, they are exploring in style. Billy is carrying the air mattress so they can get some sleep.

More paths to clear and someone needs to Scrubaroo again.

Yeah, someone is pretty proud of herself.

They finally enter the temple, clearing the traps and the dirt piles.

There are a few hours remaining in this vacation, so they head back to the marketplace to replenish their stocks and wait for the plane home. Their haul wasn’t as great as I was hoping, with just one frog and one plate, but it is always better than nothing.

They return home and build a tiny house so that skills will increase faster. Then Billy works on completing his current milestone (authenticating three artifacts) while Caitlyn practices her magic. Then they get some sleep. They will return to the jungle in the morning.


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