Building Blocks, Chapter 2

I was just going to play the first chapter to get them started, but I want to get back into the jungle, so here is another chapter. Billy and Caitlyn are recharging their batteries before they head out. Caitlyn is up before Billy, so she goes ahead and sells the frog and plate that she brought home.

Just those two items brings in more than §70,000, which means they get to upgrade the house. It is still 64×64 tiny home, but there is a lot of outdoor living space.

Of course, this the trouble with outdoor living, None of these people are friends or acquaintances. They all came for the yard sale and just didn’t leave.

Finally the uninvited guests are gone and the only remaining needs to address are social and fun. This is not a try for baby as they have not completed their aspirations yet. Just saying.

The second trip begins in the middle of the night and Caitlyn has to wait for a vendor to show up.

Billy gets right to setting up excavation spots.

The only relics that I like are the Bala-Watchers. But a cheap relic to be used on others – they are getting a Totes-Chaos, which I believe is the Curse of Food Mirage.

Billy is soaking wet and is not having fun. Caitlyn isn’t clearing the path fast enough. I think he better back off or his body might never be found deep in the jungle.

Or, of course, he could get poisoned.

Poison or not, there is still work to do.

It was a fast and very unfruitful trip. Caitlyn found exactly one frog.

It is about time to head back, and she will be going alone this time. The only things left on Billy’s list can be done at home, as long as he doesn’t run out of artifacts to uncover and authenticate first.

He is lucky that he was able to fight off the poisoning. Just saying.

Caitlyn makes two fast trips back to complete the goals that she can’t complete at home. She leave Billy at home this time.

Simeon was bothering her and me, so she used the Totes-Chaos on him, Curse of the Food Mirage.

Stalker much? He literally followed her around for way too long.

Back home between the two trips, she sells the three frogs she was able to bring home.

She did bring Billy initially for the last trip with the hopes that he would refine the rare crystals for her to use in the relics. Too many distractions. Billy went home early.

More random sims wanting to chat. She has a machete and is hacking at the vines. Stand back.

She was racing the clock on the last temple in more ways than one. The timer was counting down to the end of the vacation, and she didn’t want to pay for another day. She also had to pee and was about to pass out.

But she is done except for using the relics on some more sims.

This time she collected a plate and two frogs. I remember back to Bob Pancakes and his collections and the times he brought home five and seven different frogs and plates. Oh well, after selling these, they have just under §300,000 in the bank, so they should be good. One guess as to what their second aspiration to complete will be?

Billy finally has the rare refined crystals ready, so Caitlyn completes the four Bala-Watcher relics with the Blessings of Wealth attached.

She still has a blessing active so she activates the relic on Billy. Two more to go.

That means it is time for Billy to have some focused time on his aspiration. He is on the third tier, needing to authenticate excellent relics, then master archeology, write a good book, and give a successful lecture.

Billy is working hard on his aspiration but Caitlyn is bored and lonely.

She finally sets up a cauldron inside and begins experimenting.

When she uses the Blessing of Wealth on Billy one more time, her aspiration is completed.

Eating on the patio in the rain is nice, where there is a roof overhead.

Billy has mastered archaeology and now just needs to write a book and give a lecture.

Someone sent Caitlyn some spellcasting items in the mail. She received a broom and a bunnerfly. Midnight is his name.

Billy gives the lecture to Caitlyn and she is completely impressed.

Finally, the final item – writing the book.

He was so close to being done, but I guess, he can go get some sleep first.

And Done!. It is week 2, Tuesday morning at 10:42 am. Time to try for baby, wish for a child, and then adopt some infants.

First things first. Billy and Caitlyn try for a baby.

Success, and they finally sit on the same side of the bed. Unfortunately, it is the side up against the wall so this is the best picture happening.

Next, Billy heads out to wish for a child. Trolling wishing well – gives him increased fertility for four hours.

So off to adopt. They are able to adopt four infants and then the house is full. So, Caitlyn must be pregnant with twins.

Billy just realized that the nursery is located in an open air pavilion. They will survive.

From Billy to Caitlyn, the babies are Lorraine, Tammy, Erick, and Jakob. Two boys and two girls. They get to work immediately on becoming good friends with each baby.

This happens a lot. And this was just taking care of the four infants.

Lorraine is the first one to become a toddler, and Billy reached good friends with the last infant and then passed out.

It takes just a little bit of time, all four are now toddlers, and Billy is down again. This time just after he helped Jakob age up.

Caitlyn’s turn for a nap.

Lorraine might have just mastered the potty. We are ignoring Billy at this point. All of the toddlers can finish their potty training now and I think Caitlyn has already gone to bed.

Lorraine is Clingy, so she is sad a lot of the time since she has to share Billy and Caitlyn with the other kids.

Tammy is a Charmer and she is adorable. And she just mastered the potty.

Lorraine just mastered communication. They only have to reach level 3 in their skills but if it comes easy, they are going to try to master them also.

Erick is Independent, so he handled his own potty training from start to finish. And it is mastered.

Jakob is a Charmer like Tammy, but he is feeling sad because he had an accident with the potty training. He has also mastered the potty.

After mastering the potty, they each mastered communication with the teddy bears. Now they are working on imagination. Caitlyn is about to pee herself while trying to clean up the messes from the potty.

Oh. Well, shit. This could be bad.

Thankfully, she survived, but I guess she is going to be doing things by hand for a little bit.

I might have to add openings in their pavilion as it takes for-ever to walk around the house.

And they are done. Every one was starving and exhausted. At least they were all able to eat before passing out.

They were also trying to get to the potty, but Lorraine was way too far away. Once she is done here, Caitlyn will get her to bed.

Caitlyn has another accident. I hate when this happens as you are turning around to sit down.

Large family, Caitlyn just figured out how the cauldron can be useful. Everyone will be eating mac and cheese for breakfast.


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