Building Blocks, Chapter 3

I thought about giving the toddlers a makeover, but I don’t expect they will be toddlers after today. They just need to improve their movement and thinking skills to level 3 in order to qualify for early aging up. Lorraine is heading for a plate of mac and cheese and maybe she will be in a better mood. And as much as I don’t put slippers on sims with the pajamas, I love the little slippers on the toddlers.

One more day I said, and then they will be ready to age up. Lorraine gets us off to a good start. She has mastered everything except thinking.

While Erick works on movement, Lorraine watches him for thinking. Things are going well.

Now Lorraine is playing on the tablet because I am tired of having to reload her queue. That leaves the three others working on imagination and movement.

Then the world explodes.


Caitlyn was trying to repair the sink with magic and instead she starts a fire that cannot be put out. Eventually it stops burning. She couldn’t even call for the fire department. Jakob chose to come watch while the others are standing by their beds waiting on someone to rescue them.

Not happening.

Eventually, the fire is out. Everyone eats, poops, and heads back to bed.

While the toddlers sleep, Caitlyn and Billy work to restore the house to its former glory. She is also in her third trimester and I figure the babies are coming before the toddlers are aged up. Although, if I let go of Top-Notch Toddler and just work with the challenge requirements of Happy Toddler, then Lorraine is ready to age up. The others are only lacking Thinking.

And I let go of Top-Notch Toddler, so Caitlyn bakes a cake and Lorraine is the first one to blow out the candles.

She rolls Genius, so will be working on the Whiz Kid aspiration. She is required to complete her aspiration and then she can age up early if she masters three childhood skills. I haven’t decided if they are going to join the scouts. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow.

The remaining there are working on thinking. And I just can’t settle into the tablet.

So they are all sent to watch Billy.

While waiting for the next toddler to be ready, Caitlyn plays a game of chess with Lorraine.

Tammy is ready to blow out the candles.

She rolls Music Lover, and I could have sworn her hair was red as a toddler. But it isn’t now. Anyways, Tammy takes Artistic Prodigy.

Erick is ready for his candles.

Lorraine plays her second game with Tammy.

Jakob is bringing up the rear, but then he is technically the youngest and was the last one adopted.

But he gets there.

Jakob rolled Geek and takes Social Butterfly.

Erick rolled Gloomy and took Rambunctious Scamp. I wasn’t planning on having them do different aspiration, but that is how it worked out.

Lorraine needs to read with an adult for two hours, so Billy takes a break from authenticating to read to all of the kids. Then they are sent to bed.

I was hoping the children were far enough from the infants, but apparently Lorraine’s bed is the only one that is too close, so she is moved to the other end. Oh yeah, Caitlyn went into labor as Jakob was blowing out his candles. She gave birth to twin girls, Yvonne and Catherine.

So my struggle for today is the weird shadows on some of the inventory items (if you know what is causing this, please let me know). As I worked through various suggestions, I ended up removing ReShade (didn’t fix the problem). So now I am back to regular Sims lighting and shading. So, I installed Luumia’s lighting mods, NoGlo and NoBlu. So, we will see. Or I will have a million lights in every area once again. I don’t want natural lighting, I want to be able to see the details in the pictures I take. Anyways, rant over. And seriously, if you have suggestions, I will try anything, and everything, until I get it where it makes me happy.

Everything covered in shade
Comparison of the items shaded and not shaded. This is all in Billy’s inventory but it is not limited to Billy. The trouble started right after the update with Snowy Escape was released.

The kids all discovered the new babies, and I realized there is no freaking lights on now.

Also, I gave them single beds without thinking about the monsters.

So, that is remedied. Now for the lights.

Okay, I have added a million lights and finally got them all to come one. I can’t get them to shut off now though.

As I climb out of the rabbithole, Caitlyn remembers me that they really needs more than one small bathroom.

So, not so mucha rabbithole, but they finally gave up the tiny house bonuses. And if you are going to go big, you got to go all the way big. They spent all their funds on the upgrades and covered the roof with solar panels. Hopefully they get enough of a rebate to help pay their weekly bills, or someone is going back into the jungle.

The house was downloaded from the gallery, and didn’t need a lot of adjustments to work out.

The house is setup for four infants, four toddlers, six children, and the parents.

The children scatter to work on their aspirations. The aspiration is a must so that is their first concern. Jakob is working on social and he needs to meet new sims and then will need to make a BFF.

Tammy is working on creativity so there is drawing while inspired, playing with toys, and maybe even some keyboard.

Lorraine is a genius so her focus is her mind. She gets to play chess for a long, long time.

Erick is working on motor skills, so some playing outside and a lot of practice typing.

Catherine is the first of the infants to become good friends with both parents. Billy gets to help her out of the bassinet and then she gets something to eat, because she grew up hungry. Making changes to the house while the babies are still in the bassinet always glitches them somewhat.

This is Catherine. She has reached level 2 in her potty training and it is time for bed now.

Apparently I forgot to get a picture of Yvonne when she became a toddler, so this will have to do until they wake up tomorrow. I will also be checking to see if they are human or spellcasters.

The new SimProfile doesn’t show if they are spellcasters, but here is a picture of Yvonne. She also reached level 2 potty before eating and going to bed.


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