Olive Evergreen

Olive Evergreen Traits Athletic Loves the Outdoors Kleptomaniac Lucky Party Animal Lifetime Wish Become a Superstar Athlete Career Professional Sports Super Max Skill Athletics Body Builder Fitness Nut Marathon Runner Other Max Skills None Building Llama Memorial Stadium Property Barnacle Community Pool Lifetime Rewards Fast Metabolism Body Sculptor Vacationer Best Friends Shantel Martin Carlo Dowling […]

Neon Evergreen

Neon Evergreen Traits Excitable Ambitious Easily Impressed Kleptomaniac Workaholic Lifetime Wish CEO of a Mega-Corporation Career Business Super Max Skill Sculpting Chiselmeister Prolific Sculptor Master Sculptor Ice Personality Other Max Skills None Building Doo Peas Corporate Towers Property Goldbeard Galleon Gallery Lifetime Rewards Artisan Crafter Better Mixologist Slacker Best Friends Marion Stevens Thelma Shore Rashida […]

Lime Evergreen

Lime Evergreen Traits Star Quality Insane Kleptomaniac Neurotic Bookworm Lifetime Wish Distinguished Director Career Film/Directing Super Max Skill Writing Speed Writer Prolific Author Specialist Writer Other Max Skills None Building Plumbob Pictures Backlot Property Ye Olde Library Lifetime Rewards Acclaimed Author Map to the Stars Carefree Best Friends Angela Frey Marvin Jernigan Lorie Ambrose Kory […]

Kelly Evergreen

Kelly Evergreen Traits Virtuoso Artistic Party Animal Kleptomaniac Friendly Lifetime Wish Rock Star Career Music/Rock Super Max Skill Guitar Master Guitarist Money Maker Guitar Star Other Max Skills None Building Wilsonoff Community Theatre Property Landgraab Sell ‘n Swap Lifetime Rewards Next Big Thing Teleportation Pad Always on the List Best Friends Clay Arthur Heriberto Mercer […]

Jade Evergreen

Jade Evergreen Traits Charismatic Friendly Kleptomaniac Schmoozer Ambitious Lifetime Wish Leader of the Free World Career Politics Super Max Skill Charisma Celebrity Personable Super Friendly Comedian Everybody’s Best Friend Other Max Skills None Building Sacred Spleen Memorial Hospital Property Goldbeard’s Gym Lifetime Rewards Learned Relic Hunter Never Dull Observant Best Friends Candace Elrod Domingo Rushing […]

India Evergreen

India Evergreen Traits Genius Good Workaholic Friendly Kleptomaniac Lifetime Wish World-Renowned Surgeon Career Medical Super Max Skill Logic Grand Master Celestial Explorer Teacher Extraordinaire Skill Professor Other Max Skills None Building Landgraab Industries Science Facility Property Barnacle Boneyard Lifetime Rewards Office Hero Collection Helper Haggler Best Friends Cat Mercouri Grace Jarrett John Gillis Igor Clay […]

Holly Evergreen

Holly Evergreen Traits Clumsy Friendly Kleptomaniac Natural Cook Disciplined Lifetime Wish Celebrated Five-Star Chef Career Culinary Super Max Skill Cooking Star Chef World-Class Chef Menu Maven Other Max Skills Gardening Building Little Corsican Bistro Property Jollyboat Plaza Lifetime Rewards Food Replicator Moodlet Manager Speedy Cleaner Best Friends Meagan Mercer Todd Green Heidi Hamm Luis Zubiri […]

Emerald Evergreen

Emerald Evergreen Traits Angler Green Thumb Handy Kleptomaniac Excitable Lifetime Wish Become a Creature-Robot Cross Breeder Career Science Super Max Skill Handiness Electrician Plumber Tinkerer Other Max Skills Fishing Gardening Painting Building Hogan’s Deep Sea Diner Property Founder’s Beach Lifetime Rewards Super Green Thumb No Bills Ever Fireproof Best Friends Garrick Dyer Andrae Adkens Edwardo […]