3.2 Plan of Action

Trophy Total [49] Laurel Posy [29] Firefighter [9] Axe (move in Gil Lai) Coat Hero Trophy Honor Trophy Firetruck Fire Alarm Key to the City Award Trophy Hero Medal Adventures [14] China Symbol of Halls of the Lost Army Symbol of Pangu’s Haven Symbol of the Hot Springs Cave France Signet of the King’s Burial […]

3.3 Trophy List

Skill Certificates [15] Handiness – Laurel Posy Athletics – Laurel Posy Inventing – Captain Roberts Photography – Laurel Posy Guitar – Chase Cruz Gardening – Gil Lai Logic – Anne Goldbeard Riding – Laurel Posy Fishing – Captain Roberts Painting – Jasmeen Hassen Cooking – Gil Lai Charisma – Doreen Slate Piano – Jasmeen Hassen […]

3.1 Laurel Posy

Laurel Posy Traits: Brave Handy Athletic Ambitious Adventurous Plan of Action Trophy List Simmers! If you’re interested in writing and/or reading sims stories, participating in fun competitions and events, joining a friendly and welcoming community, completing legacies and challenge and earning medals, or just having a great place to discuss Sims 2, Sims 3, or […]

1.1 Timmie Taylor

Timmie’s Traits Handy Loves Outdoors Ambitious Loner Over Emotional Lifetime Wish Swimming in Cash (completed) Lifetime Rewards Moods Steel Bladder 10,000 (purchased) Upgradeable Teleportation Pad 75,000 (purchased) Purchases 100 Apples Sleeping Bag Toilet “Steal” Chinese Books 50 Shower in Can Incense Burner Travel China 3 days Egypt 3 days France 3 days Career Firefighter Level […]

2.1 Cherry And Orange Blossom

Cherry’s Traits: Workaholic ♥ Ambitious ♥ Over-Emotional ♥ Genius ♥ Artistic ♥ Lifetime Wish: Paranormal Profiteer ♥ Lifetime Rewards Entrepreneurial Mindset ♥ Multi-Tasker ♥ Steel Bladder ♥ Meditative Trance Sleep ♥ Dirt Defiant ♥ Hardly Hungry ♥ Fast Learner ♥ Suave Seller ♥ Vacations 3/3 China ♥ Egypt ♥ France ♥ Career Plan 3/31 Ghost […]

Finale: Elements 4×4

Fire Star Quality Bookworm Disciplined Athletic Natural Cook Physical Perfection Air Star Quality Bookworm Artistic Virtuoso Charismatic Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers Earth Star Quality Bookworm Photographer’s Eye Handy Green Thumb Perfect Garden Water Star Quality Bookworm Angler Genius Savvy Sculptor Presenting the Perfect Private Aquarium Scoring: Sim 1 (Air): 110,044 Sim 2 (Water): 20,000 Sim […]

12.1 Wanker-Bundy

Al Bundy Commitment Issues Coward Grumpy Couch Potato Loser Firefighter Super Hero Peggy Wanker Commitment Issues Coward Grumpy Unflirty Mean Spirited Firefighter Super Hero Score: + 6 full weeks x 7 days = 42 days + 1 full day = 43 days – 10 full days = 33 days + 15 hours and 24 minutes […]

10.1 Holly Wood

Holly Wood Virtuoso Party Animal Charimatic Friendly Workaholic Rock Star Best tip: 9,800 Concerts: 2374 + 2270 = 4644 Best Autograph Session: 4,900 Epic Parties: 14 out of 15 (1 + 0.7 = 1.7) 19344 x 1.7 = 32,884 Placed: 14/34 Simmers! If you’re interested in writing and/or reading sims stories, participating in fun competitions […]

9.1 Wishmasters

Marcie Erby Good Sense of Humor Disciplined Family-Oriented Eco-Friendly Lucky Professional Author **completed** Tia Collom Adventurous Brave Can’t Stand Art Light Sleeper Ambitious Become an Astronaut **completed** Tia’s random hair change after she drank a Young Again potion. Ayelet Erby Disciplined Neat Party Animal Vegetarian Illustrious Author **completed** Tekla Collom Loves the Outdoors Neat Light […]