2021 Challenges

Barker Pet Clinic

It is 2021 which means it is time for a new Tournament to begin at Carl’s forums. The first challenge of the tournament is the Ultimutt Dogtor and it revolves around dogs. If that isn’t […]

2020 Challenges

2020.13 A Couple of KnitWits

As the year winds down, the challenge this time will be focused on knitting and comedy. A Couple of KnitWits September 28 to October 18 Goal People wonder what goes on in the Knitwit household. […]

2020 Challenges

2020.12 Skilling the Kids P1

This challenge is for the kids – gotta teach those kids. Skilling the Kids – Hybrid Education September 7 to September 27 Goal Many schools are currently using a hybrid approach to education – part-time […]

2020 Challenges

2020.11 Nuts for Collections

This challenge is all about collecting. But the collections must be completed to count, with a multiplier for working on Nature aspirations. Nuts for Collections August 17 to September 6 Goal: It’s probably not just […]

2020 Challenges

2020.9 Elder Traitsman

This challenge is to see how many traits your two elder sims can earn in two weeks, or before they die. The only traits that count are the reward traits for completing aspirations and the […]