Chase That Name, Cordelia 1.1

I thought I would give the Name Game Challenge another attempt. I am using the rules posted by Jenn on one of her many blogs.

Sweet and simple – each child’s name must begin with the letters in Mom’s name, sequentially.The challenge ends when all 26 letters have been used at least once. I am also going to be playing this as a matriarchy, so only the girls are eligible to become the next heiress.

Founding the challenge this time around is Cordelia Chase. Cordelia will get the challenge off to a quick start by knocking out 8 letters in one generation.

Cordelia’s traits are Snob, Materialistic, and Self-Absorbed. Her aspiration is Fabulously Wealthy. She will be starting off in the Acting career. And, oh – she is a vampire.

While Cordelia has to have quite a lot of pregnancies, she isn’t in a time crunch with her biological clock. So she is going to work on her career and aspiration, and will delay having kids until she has a place for them to live. She moves into the empty lot in Del Sol Valley, because an actress needs to be close to the studios.

Of course, as a vampire she really, really needs some form of shelter.

It is like magic. Cordelia runs to get inside because the sun is hot, hot, hot.

Once inside, the very empty container, she sees a ladder going down. Might as well check it out, right?

So she is now the “proud” owner of one container on an empty lot in Del Sol Valley, and a very large underground basement. An otherwise empty underground basement with a desk, computer, and candle.

I am sure that you picked up on where Cordelia is from and I am loving the irony that has made her a vampire. If you don’t recognize her, then you have missed out on a classic.

Cordelia begins her day reading up on vampires. Since this her life now, she might as well know what to expect.

She does take a break when the welcoming committee shows up. It is only one person, but Venessa lives nearby and they quickly become best friends.

Cordelia reads all of the books she can afford – even with selling them back once she was done, she still can’t afford the last book. Then she spent time, boring time, searching the internet for more information. Did she mention how boring that is?

While she is recharging her batteries, she realizes that she hasn’t actually joined an agency. So, she takes a position as an uncredited extra and joins the Everyday Extras Talent Agency. Hopefully that will be a good choice. She is waiting to take her first gig until after she finishes leveling her vampire skills. Perfect Sun Resistance is the target.

She buys a couple of packs of plasma for dinner. Afterwards she looks around at her gloomy dungeon. Maybe one day it will be a nice underground home, but for the moment, it isn’t any better than a dungeon. Other than she isn’t locked inside.

Cordelia really hates the decor of her dungeon palace, so she sets out scrounging for decorations to either use or sell.

She adds a few things that she needs to get her through these lean times, and she finally masters Vampire Lore.

A random shower/tub is placed so that she can keep herself nice and clean. She might not need a toilet or a kitchen, but a bath is definitely required.

She is getting ready for her first audition and needs to improve her charisma. As is obvious in the mirror, the dungeon is still quite bare.

While she was practicing her speech in the mirror, her BFF, Venessa, invited her to a party at some chalet.

She was a little lonely, so of course she went. She monopolized Venessa at the beginning.

But they eventually made it to the party. By the time she left the party, she had introduced herself to everyone there, except for Judith Ward. The Judith Ward. Global Superstar. One of these day, Cordelia is going to be a Global Superstar. At this point, I thought to check to see if Cordelia was earning Fame Points, and had her Step into the Spotlight.

The sun is coming up and Cordelia is beginning to burn, so she runs home.

She was home for a few hours before time to leave for the audition. She is excited even if this is just a commercial. She has to start somewhere so that the powers that be can see her brillance.

She got the part! Now she has to practice both her acting and improve her charisma, before the commercial starts tomorrow.

As the night falls, she invites over Lilith for some vampire training. She met Lilith at the party the night before. Lilith was pouring the drinks.

She and Lilith spend the night sparring. Lilith is very good – of the three initial vampires, I have always found that she is the hardest to beat.

They sparred approximately twenty times, and Cordelia only won twice. She still needs a third win for whichever aspiration that is – Master Vampire I think.

Lilith started having baby thoughts, so it looks like she is pregnant already. Cordelia is going to need to meet Caleb and Vlad so that she has a sparring partner once Lilith begins to show.

The sun comes up and Lilith heads home. Cordelia goes back for some research to see if she can figure out how to win her third spar.

After some mediation, Cordelia creates her very own Vampire Coven. For starters, she invites Lilith, Caleb, and Vlad to join her. But eventually she will fill it up with her own offspring.

Things are tense since Vlad does not get along all that well with Lilith and Caleb.

But everyone plays nicely for now.

Cordelia gets Caleb to practice acting with her in preparation of her first commercial.

They also have an impromptu street performance as they are playing around. Finally Cordelia sends everyone home and gets ready for her commercial to film.

She has also reached the level of Master Vampire and purchased several powers and taken her weaknesses.


  • Supernatural Speed
  • Perfect Sun Resistance
  • Vampiric Charm
  • Vampire Creation
  • Occult Disciple


  • Sleep of the Undead
  • Nightmarish Sleep

Cordelia arrives at the studio and heads off to get into hair and makeup and costume.

Even though she doesn’t have a reflection, her hair and makeup guy does a great job.

Yes, because laundry detergent makes me think of pirate ships, and vice versa.

She completes the commercial and all of the miscellaneous tasks, and is released with a kudos. In addition to getting paid, she is promoted to Background Actor. Despite being a vampire, she has a Good Reputation and her fame is growing.

So I had the bright idea of having Cordelia pick baby daddies that would share a first initial with their children. Meaning, for example, that Caleb would father the “C” pregnancy, Otis would father the “O” pregnancy, and etc. So, she heads over to Caleb’s house to let him know he has been chosen to be the first baby daddy. Cats?!?

Before getting to the romance, first Cordelia kicks his ass in a vampiric spar.

That might have been a bad idea because now Caleb rejects every single one of her romantic advances. He never even pretended to accept one before rejection.

So, Cordelia sends him back home to Catarina and the cats.

Now, she has to find a new baby daddy for the “C” pregnancy.

Cameron Fletcher is available so she tracks him down in Britechester. He is single, and he is receptive to her suggestion.

Very receptive.

It isn’t until after Cordelia goes home that I realize Cameron asked Cordelia to be his girlfriend autonomously. I wasn’t going to do that since she was planning on a different baby daddy for each pregnancy.

But the idea is growing on me. As Cordelia ponders how to handle the baby daddies, she continues to rummage for items to sell. She needs to get the house in better shape before any babies come along.

She is building an underground bunker style house. And there is plenty of bedrooms since she will be pregnant eight times. I am expecting that her last child will be the one to carry on the challenge, but we’ll see as we get closer.

While she is rummaging, she practices some of her vampire skills. This one is Vampire Charm.

More progress with the house, and it now has lights in every room.

The yellow room is Cordelia’s bedroom, although she has the weakness that won’t allow her to sleep.

She invites Cameron over to see how things progress, and damned if he doesn’t have the slouchy walk, which I hate. He is heading for her laptop, but the security settings will prevent him from using it.

Shoot me now. Okay, seriously. His traits are good traits, and I will deal with the stupid walking style later. So, Cordelia proposes and Cameron accepts.

Then Cordelia leaves for her audition, and since she has super-speed now, she is out before I can blink. I think Cameron was also caught off guard.

When she gets home from her audition, it is time for them to get married.

Oh, and she is pregnant as you can see.

Since Cameron was living in the university dorms, he brings virtually nothing with him. That means Cordelia will continue to rummage, while Cameron finishes up his studies. I really didn’t think about that one enough.

But first – it is Friday evening and Cameron doesn’t have class until Monday. I can’t really tell where he is in the process. Okay, fine, I actually looked. He is 0 of 12 credits done, and has 3 days remaining in this term. His degree program is Computer Science and he is only taking 3 classes. So, he really isn’t in a hurry to finish, apparently. Cordelia is working on the Soulmate aspiration, and Cameron is struggling. He needs to pee, no wait, he already did. He is hungry and tired also. Cordelia is not letting him go until she is finished.

Cameron finally escapes for a shower and some sleep. No clue in the world why Cordelia is naked. But, she completed Soulmate and mastered Charisma.

She gets dressed and does stuff on the laptop while Cameron sleeps. For her next gig, which I forgot about, she has to improve comedy and research the playful emotion.

A bubble bath to get very playful, and then she has to do playful things. Since I really don’t want her to die, yet, she would calm down between silly faces.

She figures it out and gets it done about two hours before she has to leave for the gig.

Goofy, that is the name of his walk. So, I changed it to Tough. I also took off his glasses from his sleep outfit. Those were the only changes during his makeover. Cameron is a Geek, Genius, and Goofball with the Computer Whiz aspiration. I guess he is going to need his own computer now.


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