Chase That Name, Cordelia 1.2

Cameron works on catching up his homework, after which he plans on working on his presentation and term paper.

Cordelia is working on a commercial for a pharmaceutical product today and she is the “doctor”.

She had a great day and received another promotion to Commercial Spokesperson. She still has not achieved any fame of note. Maybe the next commercial will make her a celebrity.

Back home, she continues to rummage while Cameron works on his schoolwork. She hasn’t been able to buy him a laptop yet, but that could be because she has replaced the flooring and recolors the walls.

They spend their weekend doing normal, boring things. Cordelia continues to rummage (and rummage and rummage) while Cameron has finished his homework and is working on his presentation and term paper now.

Taking a break from rummaging, Cordelia is focused on reaching the top of the vampire ladder.

She wasn’t far away and is now one of the strongest vampires in the land as a Grand Master. She picks up some more powers: Tamed Thirst, Creature of the Night, Garlic Immunity, and Detect Personality. She also picks up two more weaknesses: Withered Stomach and Guilty Drinker.

They both wanted to have some fun, but Cameron didn’t have the stamina to get up or stay up. Cordelia gave him a pass and tumble when he woke up.

Sunday is spent turning sims for Cordelia’s vampire family. She gets Dina Caliente.

Julia Wright.

She should not have tried to turn Alice in the sunlight, so that was a failure.

This is the first time I have seen a simbot moved into a house alone. This was either MCCC or EA, I haven’t a clue which.

Back to the turnings, this is Paige Guy.

Then Fatima Straud. Straud? Interesting, but she wasn’t a vampire already. Oh, never mind. She has recently married Vlad, but she wasn’t married when Cordelia turned her.

Finally, Cordelia circles back around to Alice Martin. That makes five.

Her next action is to complete Friend of the World, and for that she needed five more friends. They are irritated at being called over to her house for pictures, and then sent home. Whatever, Cordelia has completed Friend of the World now.

One thing about not sleeping as a vampire – it is possible to get a lot of things done. Cordelia creates a second club, Vampire Offspring, and adds her five fledgling vampires. Then she starts a gathering.

She is waiting for them to all change, plus she is in her third trimester.

Cameron has completed his presentation and his term paper, and caught up on his homework. Dina seeks out the quiet of the office to work on her sketchpad.

Nesting. Let’s just call this nesting.

They are literally just killing time. My game always hates it when there are a lot of vampires turning at the same time, and let’s toss a pregnancy on top of that. Cordelia is trying to complete the Leader of the Pack aspiration, but she needs to earn more club points so that she can open the club up to eight sims. And then she needs to add two more vampires to the club.

Some vampire charm wafting through the kitchen as the fledglings realize that food tastes awful now. I sure hope no one was a Foodie or working in Culinary.

Cordelia is running down the hall so it must be time to have a baby. Although when I was in labor, there was no running.

The first baby is a girl – Caryn Fletcher. Since the last baby will be the heir, all of the earlier babies will take Cameron’s last name. The heir will take the Chase surname.

Cameron did better than I expected considering he only went to school for one day under my control.

Cordelia is trying to complete Leader of the Pack, and she is looking for two more sims to turn. Her requirements are that the offspring are all young adult female, so that she can have her squad. Most of the ones that are not already vampires are pregnant. It takes her time.

But eventually she finds two females that are not pregnant. Venessa and Lia.

Cameron decides to drop out of university and get a job. After all, he has a family now and making money is pretty darn important.

O.M.G. Apparently the NAP program for Sharing is Caring means that sims rob you blind. At this point I am just noticing the couch and loveseats and coffee table are missing. There is more. (Also Cordelia completed the Leader of the Pack aspiration and everyone was kicked out of the house).

By the time I checked each room, the total damage was fairly significant when household funds are still low.

  • 1 Couch
  • 2 Love Seats
  • 1 Coffee Table
  • 1 Bookcase
  • 2 Kitchen Counters
  • 1 Kitchen Sink
  • 1 Bread Box
  • 1 Paper Towel Holder

Deciding this is bugged, because it really sucks, Cordelia insta-repealed Sharing is Caring, and then filled in the rest of the spots with NAPs that maybe aren’t as damaging:

  • Promote Creative Arts (this was already there)
  • Support the Performing Arts! (acting)
  • Tech Support (programming)
  • Fun-Loving Community (video gaming)

Despite my irritation at the thieves in Cordelia’s vampire club, she invites them back over since they have not started turning yet. And as soon as they arrive, the first five offspring make the turn.

She keeps them around long enough to get her three training sessions completed, and then she sends them all away.

She has time to spend with Caryn now, and she regenerates her powers while Caryn rests nearby.

Cordelia is still working on a myriad of aspirations, and she needs to make three plasma packs out of fish or frogs. She also needs to ask for permission to drink twice. So, the fishing first.

And then the ask. Duane Talla and Anaya Jang are both willing to offer their arm for Cordelia, and this will probably be the last time she drinks from a sim as she has several powers and weaknesses that will work against it.

She spends more power points to become Master of the Darkness. The only real powers remaining that she would like to get is the two next levels of Vampire Charm and all three levels of Vampire Strength. And even those are not required, just nice to have.

Cameron seems to be much happier now that he has dropped out of university. He took a job in the Tech Guru field and he gets to play video games and do some programming every day, as much as he wants.

With her offspring sent off, and soon the club will be disbanded, Cordelia spends her time practicing acting. She really needs to go out for another audition, but it won’t be while there is a toddler in the house.

It is almost time for Caryn to become a toddler so Cordelia is working on getting the block house built.

And done. And the notification just popped up for Caryn’s birthday.

Cordelia heads into the nursery to help Caryn out of the bassinet, and she finds an Angelic toddler waiting for her.

Cordelia gets Caryn settled on the potty and then she heads into the kitchen to make her some mac and cheese. Cameron comes home from work and it sure does look like he hasn’t been sleeping lately. Probably because he was taking care of Caryn while Cordelia worked on her vampire offspring.

Yum – mac and cheese.

Caryn is ready for bed so she watches Cordelia as she rummages for more items to sell.

Before bedtime, there is playtime. Cordelia needed 15 art pieces for the walls for Mansion Baron, and those all seemed appropriate.

After playtime, before bedtime, Cordelia reads a story to Caryn.

She is getting closer to being able to go to sleep. After storytime in the living room, Cordelia reads a story to Caryn while she falls asleep.


A quick peek at the house.

With Caryn a toddler now, it is time for Cameron and Cordelia to begin working on baby “O”.

Venessa happens to walk by, which triggers her transformation. That reminds Cordelia to call Lia over so that she can complete her turning also.

Downstairs Caryn is up and asking for a diaper change.

Those morning diapers can be pretty awful. And these are the moments when I appreciate the tuning mod by Livvie that actually makes a diaper change effective.

Cameron has time before work so Cordelia takes advantage of that to get some time in on her laptop. Cameron is supposed to be taking care of Caryn, but as generally happens, both are wanting Cordelia’s attention.

Cameron just wanted to chat while Caryn is hungry.

Priorities sorted. And since she is angelic there isn’t any concern that the food is going to be thrown on the floor.

I love controlling the toddlers. Caryn is mastering communication now. I am using Jenn’s aging: Toddlers can age up early with all skills mastered.

Cameron comes home from work exhausted again. Maybe I should pay attention to him a little bit more.

Cordelia is still working on a variety of aspirations, and is now looking at Nerd Brain for the handiness. That means she has to get through the first tier of reading three books and reaching level 3 in logic.

And, she just found out she is pregnant again. She is heading over to tell Cameron – any excuse to not finish reading the book.

After mastering communication, Caryn begins to work on mastering the potty.

Upstairs, Cordelia is now working on handiness with the woodworking table. She is not impressed.

In order to get some movement skill, Caryn is doing laps between the four potties.

Potty is mastered, Cameron is home from work, and Cordelia went to her audition. That means it is play time.

Cameron does his best to rest her a story, but they are both hungry and tired, so it doesn’t go so well.

The sad part is that Caryn must eat before going to bed because she is really starving.

At least she made it safe and sound – her tummy is full and she is getting a good night of sleep.

And then Cameron fucks it up. Dude, really? For reference, Caryn’s bed is up against that particular wall.

Cameron finally calls the fire department and the fire is put out. Cordelia has already snatched up Caryn and is running for the door.

I haven’t watched to see them carry a toddler up and down a ladder, and we don’t watch it this time either. Cordelia is stopped and puts Caryn down.

Caryn makes it to the potty on time, barely. Then she asks for, and gets, a bubble bath.

This time Cordelia is making breakfast, which Caryn will eat before going back to bed.


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