Chase That Name, Cordelia 1.3

Cordelia is still working hard on various aspirations and she is also incubating the next baby. Caryn is still sleeping, for however long that lasts.

Cameron is hungry so he is tasked with making the meal for him and Caryn. Not sure what he sees in there, but hopefully it is edible.

And, Caryn is awake. She really has to pee, otherwise she is smiling most of the time.

After getting food ready, and eating his own meal, Cameron is back on the laptop working on improving his programming skill.

See – all smiles.

Cordelia adds a Lin-Z for the music without the high attraction. I am so tired of stereos that literally interfere with a sims queue, causing them to drop everything to go dance. I had that problem in Drifter house 12. So, they get a Lin-Z and it basically has no attraction, so they will dance when I tell them to dance.

Yeah, whatever.

Vrooom! Vrooom!

Caryn is bouncing between dancing, playing, and watching. When there isn’t anyone to watch, she plays with her blocks. She has almost mastered everything, but then the oldest child is always the best and the smartest.

Caryn wants to play with Cameron but she doesn’t interrupt the adults while they are talking. Maybe she should speak out a little more, though, because she almost didn’t get to play at all.

Sadness. The face of exhaustion.

Cordelia waits patiently for Caryn to wake up so that she can read her to sleep. Life might be easier if I didn’t insist on it, but I have noticed that there aren’t any nightmares if they get a bedtime story.

Caryn is finally back in bed and trying to listen to the story, but she is very tired.

No clue. Apparently I played longer than normal before starting this update, and I have no clue what this was about. I will say that Cordelia runs very fast and she likes to talk to Cameron when she can escape my clutches.

So, Cordelia goes off to her gig alone. I stay home with Caryn and Cameron. Cameron hires a caterer to stock the fridge so that he can continue to work and Caryn will have plenty to eat.

She makes a meal or three and then starts setting these down in the living room. They are meals that are too advanced for Cordelia and Cameron and will end up being thrown away.

At this point she is leaving. The fridge broke so Cameron repaired it, but the mess she leaves behind.

Cordelia gets back from her gig, and while she didn’t get a promotion, she is now a one-star celebrity. Go Cordelia.

Caryn has reached the point where she can run now. Woo.

And she plays with the blocks until she is so sick of the blocks that she never wants to see another block.

More dancing. I was a little early earlier with the statement that she has almost mastered everything. She gets to that point soon.

Cordelia has a reflection session and decides that maybe she isn’t going to pursue her acting dreams. Her life is going a different way than she planned, and that is okay.

She finds a position as an Agency Clerk with a Secret Agency. She just swapped one agency for another.

Hahahahahahaha. Is that a dad joke or a mom joke?

I am not a big taco eater, especially not the crunchy tacos, and definitely fish tacos. But this is looking much better than I would think. Maybe I am hungry…?

More smiles as Caryn continues bouncing between activities.

So, Cordelia has an orchard of plasma trees and she has a lot of sprinklers. She had to repair all of the sprinklers, then searched for parts, and then she needed to throw away the piles of trash. She definitely doesn’t want any trash plants. But she also needed an outdoor trash can, so it made sense to put a dumpster next to the container building.

Umm, Cordelia?!? That is very unsanitary and especially for a sim in their third trimester.

She is feeling the regret for the dumpster diving. And she is feeling the pains from labor. It is time for the next baby.

I have moments where I want to turn off her superspeed. And imagine what it is like with auto lights, as she zips through the house. I keep getting this feeling of that ghostly presence as lights flash on and off in different rooms. All that to say… it is time for the baby…

Baby Oliver joins the family.

Cameron is extremely late with his panicking. Cordelia has not only given birth and fed Oliver, but she took a shower and is now outside tending to the plasma trees.

Work. Cameron is heading to work now, acting all calm and collected.

Who? Get out of this house.

Cordelia gets some play time in with Caryn as they work on her movement skill.

Cameron earned a promotion to level 3, Code Monkey. He is thrilled.

Cordelia reads a story to Caryn, but she has already heard it before. It does look like she is seriously judging Cordelia for something.

There are flash cards so that Caryn can work on her thinking.

I haven’t used this in a long time, but this house has a great wall for it, so up it goes. I was also looking for something that cost §500 to complete Rebate Day.

This is the first mess that Caryn has made, but it is also the first time she has slipped my control.

She is sent back to finish the mess since she is close to mastering imagination, and since she already started, she might as well finish.

After she masters imagination, and not before, Cordelia scolds her for making a mess. For angelic toddlers, hugging it out is a cute scolding. I missed getting pictures of her scolded face. This is the listening to reasons face.

And after the scolding comes the hugs.

I was wrong. I didn’t think the attraction for Lin-Z would pull them out of something else, but Cordelia proved me wrong.

Caryn comes to find Cordelia, because she has been trying to get a bath. Stupid dancing.

I remember thinking something when I took this picture, but that was yesterday and this is today. I can’t remember.

Caryn puts herself to bed after the bath. She was so tired she didn’t even want to pretend to listen to a bedtime story.

Cameron and Cordelia decide to get right to the next pregnancy since Cordelia isn’t trying to become an actress any more.

Late for work, Cordelia is running, get out of her way.

I finally remembered to get pictures of Cordelia and Cameron for the memory wall. Points, all the points.

Cameron gets to clean up Caryn’s mess – she is still sleeping.

Cameron has to leave for work and he passes the nanny coming in as he is going out.

She makes a meal first thing, and then sits and reads in with Caryn.

When Cordelia comes home, she tends to the plasma trees before going downstairs.

Caryn is up and she wanders into the nursery where Oliver is sleeping.

She is more impressed with the stuffed unicorn than with the brother. She had no reaction to a new sibling.

It took me awhile to realize that there was some kind of glitch. Caryn was getting no skill for watching but once I reloaded the game, she was able to get it done.

Caryn has mastered all skills and is now a Top-notch Toddler. Cameron was just picking her up to hold her. They did nothing but stand there.

Lin-Z broke and I considered leaving it broken, but then that defeats the purpose of having it. So, Cordelia makes the repairs.

Cameron calls it a day and heads to bed. If only it were that easy.

It is time for Caryn to get some sleep. She will have birthday cake in the morning.

While Cordelia is trying to read Caryn to sleep, the nanny came in to check on her. She then picked her up and put her back on the bed. At least she still was able to listen to the story before falling asleep. Nanny needs to get out of Cordelia’s face.

Cordelia has good news for Cameron – the next baby is on the way.

Cordelia leaves for work and then the notification comes that it is time for Oliver’s birthday. Cameron will get to do the honors since he has a few hours before leaving for work.

Oliver becomes a little charmer and is a cutie. It looks like all of the children from Cordelia and Cameron are going to be cute. Hopefully they don’t grow out of that.

Oliver may be a charmer but he is also defiant.

Cameron wins that battle and Oliver heads over to the potty.

Maybe he had to sit on the potty, but that didn’t mean he had to pee in the potty. As he leaves the bathroom with a puddle on the floor.

Which, of course, makes Oliver a sad boy. Plus both Cordelia and Cameron are at work, and we haven’t seen hide nor hair from Caryn, as she sleep off the toddler training sessions. By the way, Oliver masters communication.

I have no idea why Cordelia is cranky. Other than she is pregnant, which is a pretty good reason.

Caryn finally gets up and heads to the potty. I thought she had completed her skills with several days until her birthday, but I was wrong. It is her birthday now. The cake is made, and Cordelia will help her with the candles as soon as she gets Oliver to bed and Caryn finishes her potty.


Cordelia is back trying to get Oliver to sleep with a story. The story is important. But the instant she sat him on the bed, the nanny came running over to check on him, and then she picked him up interrupting the story. Seriously, I must have the story. This has become the hill where my toddlers pass out. Cordelia dismisses the nanny and tries again. Then I have to cancel all of the actions in Cameron’s queue to come check on Oliver. Geez-Louise guys.

While all of this played out silently, Caryn left the bunker for the first time in her life to check on Cameron.

Then, because I can control these kids, Caryn joins the scouts.

Fin.Al.Ly And of course he is angry because he is exhausted and he doesn’t care about the story, he just wants to go to sleep.

Caryn gets her makeover and I realize that I could have checked her occult status at any time. She is not a vampire, but Oliver is a vampire. She rolled Geek when she aged up and took the Mental aspiration, Whiz Kid.


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