Chase That Name, Cordelia 1.4

It has been just a minute or two since I last played Cordelia and I return to the reminder that she is pregnant with her next baby, the letter R.

Caryn is taking care of herself and getting something to eat.

Oliver is pissed because he is hungry and exhausted and he is choosing to sleep before he eats. Cameron is sleeping because he has to go to work in 14 hours and those promotions don’t feel like they are coming very fast.

It has been awhile since I have played this challenge. Lots has happened (real life) and now I want to get at least one update posted before starting some other challenges. So, now I am remembering what everyone was doing. Caryn is working on the mental aspiration and the scouting badges. She needs to get an A in school during the process.

Oliver is so cute, but then most toddlers are. He has eaten and is heading to the potty.

Caryn dances between other activities because that is actually a good way to get the fitness badge. Oliver is dancing because he needs to improve his movement and there isn’t anyone here at the moment that can play with him.

There was a story and now there is a pissy toddler. He needs to get some sleep.

[Time passes] Caryn is working on her social badges and she was able to trap Oliver on the loveseat long enough to get them both done.

[more time passes] Both Cordelia and Cameron went to work, which means Oliver has a nanny for the day. Finally someone with time to play with him.

Oof. Cordelia looks like she is ready to have this baby any minute now. [spoiler] She’s not.

After some playtime, Oliver gets the nanny to read him a story. This will be the last time today that I am happy with the nanny.

Cameron also brings home a promotion. Also because Cordelia earned one also, but her belly distracted me.

Cordelia has been trying to put Oliver to sleep but the nanny is doing the shit again where she comes in and picks him up in the middle of being read to sleep. Cordelia dismisses the nanny and then Cameron pulls the same shit stunt.

Finally, Cordelia has Oliver sleeping. Caryn has also gone to bed. And Cordelia realized that she earned parenting skill for tucking the kids into bed. So she tucked one and then the other, back and forth, until she mastered parenting.

Cordelia is finally in labor. I was beginning to think this pregnancy was going to last forever.

Baby Riley joins the family. As a reminder, this is a matriarchy so only girls are eligible for the poll to decide the next heiress.

Wasting no time, Cordelia is letting Cameron know that she is pregnant again – baby #4 (D).

A little dance time – Dance for Cordelia, Fitness for Caryn, and Movement for Oliver.

He is pissed because he had a plate of food but Cordelia came and put him in the high chair before he could eat it. Now he is eating the food in the high chair.

New Skill Day and everyone is taking advantage of the faster skilling. Oliver masters imagination and movement today and gets thinking up to level 4. Caryn masters mental and gets creativity up to level 8. Cordelia mastered acting and Cameron mastered programming.

Vampire. Apparently this is a magic mirror that can show vampires.

We completely miss Cameron’s birthday so he ages up alone. It doesn’t seem to bother him too much.

Oliver meets his new brother, and I believe he was pissed the first time. Now he is lonely so Riley doesn’t seem too bad.

Oliver has mastered all his skills and is a top-notch toddler.

Soon after Oliver completes his skills, it is time for Riley to become a toddler. Independent, so yay for that.

Caryn was told to study hard, and while she did improve her grade to a B, she is not a happy camper.

Because Riley is independent and because his needs were all in the green, he is on the potty until he masters it. I thought he looked like Oliver when he grew up but now I don’t think so.

A close-up of Oliver and yeah, Riley and he look nothing alike.

It is time for more babies, and yes that is plural. Cordelia has her first set of twins – Dylan and Devan. So far, Caryn is the only girl and the one that will be taking over next generation. But Cordelia still has four more pregnancies, so maybe she will have another girl down the road.

She loves her kids. She is always tucking them in or checking on them (this gets irritating).

Cameron earns another promotion. He is outperforming my expectations for him.

There is still space in the house for another baby so Cameron and Cordelia do the thing and then there is confetti.

It is also Winterfest, so everyone is working through the traditions. Caryn is the only one that doesn’t reach gold without Father Winter, so she has to spam a lot of spirit to get there. I end the holidays early once everyone has gold, so she is going to spam the spirit.

It is also Oliver’s birthday. He rolls Vegetarian (just great) and the creative aspiration. As long as I have played Sims 4, you would think I would remember the actual aspiration name. But I don’t at the moment. He will get his makeover soon enough.

Then it is time to give Riley some attention. He has mastered three skills but is only level 1 in imagination and thinking.

I sure wish there were a faster way for them to improve imagination on their own. You can see Oliver standing in the back. His makeover was clothes only so he will show up in a picture sooner or later. 😉

When the notification comes that it is time for the twins to become toddlers, I can’t believe that the days have already passed. Oh.Em.Gee – Three toddlers. The good thing is Riley only has two skills remaining to work on and Dylan rolls Independent, so he will be able to potty train himself. Devan rolls Fussy and won’t that be a joy. They have to wait on their makeovers until Cordelia, Caryn, and Oliver get home from work and school. But makeovers are coming soon.

It was a good day as Caryn earned her A, which also completed her aspiration.

Finally, a look at Oliver. He is still a C student and needs to work on everything.

Cordelia earned a promotion today also, so productive for two of the three.

Makeovers have been completed – this is Dylan. Independent. Pissed.

Devan is Fussy, but he is in a much better mood than Dylan. He has also claimed his bed, which leaves Dylan to take the new bed.

Cordelia and Cameron get all three toddlers to bed, and to sleep, at the same time. It might just be a good night.

I forgot Oliver is a Vegetarian. He might spend most of his childhood and teenage years with an upset tummy, but I will try to remember to have them make vegetarian meals. On the other hand, the fridge is full of leftovers, so he might just have to deal with it.


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