Color Me Pretty at Easter, Chapter 10

Don catches Peeps drinking out of a puddle and he lectures him about it.  They hope to train Peeps with good habits.

Peeps is very upset about being lectured though and Don has to calm him down afterwards.  Don and Peeps are friends now.

April is called over to clean up the puddle.  This is the pee puddle that Stella left when she was not able to make it to the toilet recently, so yuck.

Hatch makes top-notch toddler look easy as he still has 3 days until his birthday.

He joins the girls for a dance party by the pool where they are working on the fitness badge.  Peeps wants to dance too.

Stella has taken another freelance job as she works on programming skill.  She is trying to decide if this builds the skill as well as practicing programming but at least she makes ~§2,500-2,800 for each gig.  And she can take it whenever she has the time to put into it and not be dependent on a specific timetable.  I wish this was for more than just three areas though.

Stella has really blown through the celebrity ranks as she completes the freelance jobs.  She has the Noticeable perk which gives her a chance to gain bonus fame from skills and careers.  When turning in her latest project she boosted all the way to a 5-star celebrity.  She is now a Global Superstar.

This is probably going to come back to haunt her at some point.

Peeps doesn’t care what kind of celebrity she is as long as she gives him love.

Stella puts everything on pause and spends about §4,000 buying packs of void critter cards until she finally finds the missing card.  Collection completed.  30 real time minutes.  Then I went and took a nap to celebrate.

Stella gets back to work and she is level 8 programming which allows her to take a special job on the freelancer board.

There are three items that she needs to complete and she has 48 hours.  It pays §7,265 which will pay the bills for a week.

Spring may have an A in school but she is still making sure to do her homework and extra credit work every day.

April smells something stinky and thinks maybe the dirty plates are what she is smelling.  I think she is mistaken.

Hatch has a lot of time on his hands and he spends it stalking Peeps.

Peeps doesn’t seem to mind all that much.

Unnaturally Large Space Rock, which fit into Stella’s backpack and completed the space rocks collection, with a banana for scale.

Hatch tries to imitate Peeps but Peeps is a cat not a dog.

Neither Bob nor Pascal were invited over or invited into the house.  Pascal at least cleaned up some trash.  Stella asked them both to leave.

The girls come home from school and I realize it is Spring’s birthday and she is bubbling.  April is heading off to do her homework.  As Spring is blowing out her candles I check the board and she has already completed the requirements for the fitness badge, so she has completed all requirements to become Llamacorn Scout as a child.  She will get the final promotion as a teen though.

Stella needs to sleep so Hatch is being sent to bed for a nap also.

As Spring is trying to blow out the candles, I remember something from this morning and scroll back through the notifications.  Sure enough, 7 hours ago they received the notification that it’s Ham’s birthday also.

Spring will get her makeover once Don gets home from work, but she definitely grew into Stella’s nose.  She heads into the nursery to help Ham with his birthday.  Stella needs to sleep and teen hands catch the toddlers too.  Ham will get his makeover later also.

Ham becomes a Fussy toddler because, of course he does.

Don just came home, so it is time for the makeovers now…  But first the bees.

It looks creepy the way April stands and watches as the bees attack Don.  Just standing there, watching and waiting.

Makeovers are done – Spring rolled Self-Absorbed and Music Lover and was given Musical Genius for her aspiration.  Her only requirement as a teen will be to finish the scouting badges for the promotion to Llamacorn, which she has already done, and to get an A.  She will be expected to help out around the house to give Don a break and let Stella work on the skills portion of the challenge.  Ham, as noted previously, is Fussy.  It is expected that he will throw a lot of tantrums.

Everyone heads to bed leaving Peeps up alone.  Peeps should be having his birthday soon and becoming a big cat, and I watch and wait.  And think – don’t wake up the boys.

Ham is up and he comes looking for Stella.  It must be time to begin his toddler training.

She begins with the potty, because that is important.  Hatch needs to use the potty also, but he is a big boy and he waits for his turn.

While Hatch uses the potty, Ham plays with Peeps.  They are still waiting on Peeps to get bigger.  I think Peeps is ready to get bigger also.

Don takes a turn at potty training Ham, and now he gets defiant.

More defiance on the next potty attempt, but this one gets him to level 2 so he will be able to go by himself now.

Hatch is sad because he played with the dolls for too long.  Stupid dolls.

Don reassures Ham that everyone pees on the floor sometimes, even big boys that don’t aim properly.

Hatch and Peeps spend a lot of time together.  I may have pointed that out before, but they are always together.

The first TV season premiere has finally popped up… Real Housewives of Windenburg.

Stella is not impressed with the episode and notice that Peeps is waiting for Hatch to finish watching TV so that they can go play.  Although this is probably not the right TV show for a toddler.

Ham comes in after the TV show is over, which is fine because he didn’t need to watch it anyways.  He is sad and Don offers to read him a story.

Not surprisingly, Ham told him no, so Don read him a story anyway.  So far, he has told Don no to everything.

While Don and Ham are working on things, Hatch is still somewhere close to Stella.  Stella is working on her programming skill – she received another celebuserum (focused) in the mail and used it to give her a boost while she was practicing programming.  She is level 9, so getting closer.

Ham heads to the stuffed bear to work on communication and it seems fitting to have him hit the bear instead of hugging it.

It also seemed to make him happier.

Peeps finally became an Adult cat.  I swear this is the same look I see in my Apollo.

Don put fuss-butt to bed because everyone needs the peace and quiet.

I don’t know what Hatch said or did but I caught Stella yelling at him.

He doesn’t seem like he is listening to her though.  Don put him to bed when he finished eating.  Stella lost a star so she will have to take a job to get it back.  I will regret that decision.

Dude, this isn’t your house, but thanks for taking out the trash.

Peeps is scared of all the computers.

There are chairs in the toddlers room for a reason.  This is the reason.

Ham wakes up and Spring gets to change her first diaper.  Lucky Spring.

Stella took a job, which was to make an app.  This is not a fast job so it is taking awhile.  However, both boys keep coming into the office, along with Peeps.  Real life, right here.  It also doesn’t help that she has to keep stopping to pee.

Hatch got up to pee and then he started bubbling, so Don told him it was time for birthday cake.

One last look at clingy Hatch, who was a really good toddler despite the clingy aspect.

Hatch rolls Creative and is given the Artistic Prodigy aspiration.  Whether he completes it will depend on how much he needs to be distracted from mess making activities.  He will join the scouts and be working on badges and working to improve his school grades to an A like his sisters.  (makeover still to come)

Stella realizes that she can use the rest of the family’s aspiration points for moodlet solvers and buys a potion so that she can continue to work on the app and maybe even master programming before the baby is born.

Then I catch sight of movement and see Spring playing with Ham in the living room.

Hatch is home from school for whatever reason even though he should have been able to go – it is really silly that they don’t go to school even though they grow up before midnight.  Whatever.  So he is working on the mental skill so he can start earning badges.  It was also the easiest place to leave him working where he didn’t have to be monitored.

Ham is progressing in his skills and has mastered communication and potty.  He is level 4 on movement, level 2 imagination, and level 1 thinking.  The older kids have set the bar high by all becoming top-notch toddlers, so while happy toddler is all that is required for it to be considered “grow up well”, not being top-notch will feel like a let-down.

Stella has mastered programming and is hacking the supercomputer now.

It takes her two attempts to hack the supercomputer due to her pregnancy bladder.  But she has done it.

Code Monk, Reached Level 10, Hacked the Supercomputer, Gone into Labor.  Talk about timing.

The kids all gather in the dining room after school for homework, food, and social time.  Stella is napping in the living room as she waits for the countdown to the birth of the last baby.

Don comes home and the only one that comes out to meet him is Peeps.

Ham is sent out to work on the slide and he is able to master movement before bedtime.

The last baby is a girl – Tulip.

The dialog still doesn’t show the Easter Egg, so either it only shows on the first birth of a new save file, and I missed it on Spring’s birth, or it isn’t in the game any more.

Spring puts Ham to bed since everyone else is busy.  Stella is trying to finish the mobile app for the gig she took and everyone else went to bed leaving it to Spring.


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