Color Me Pretty at Easter, Chapter 11

Stella is still trying to finish that mobile app and then she will be done with programming and moving on to another skill.

Peeps is still getting pets from someone – there is always someone willing to pet him.

Spring is on baby duty today with Tulip.

Ham asked Don to read him a story and Don agreed and then went as far as possible across the house.  Ham was right behind him the entire way so Don had to read him two stories.

Hatch finally got his makeover.  He is working on the two social badges with April.

And then, Spring set the house on fire.

Hatch didn’t even hesitate – fuck the house and the rest of the family, he was the first one to reach the street.

Ham heard the alarm and headed downstairs to see what was happening.  By the time he climbed down all the stairs, the excitement was over.  No one ever tried to save him – they never even thought about saving him.

Stella must have put out the fire because she is the one standing there.  Don and Spring aren’t anywhere close.  That is the expensive stove also.

April and Peeps join Hatch outside and Ham is still visible standing at the bottom of the stairs while Don can be seen checking out the damage from a distance.

The counter has been replaced, the stove will be replaced as soon as Stella finishes this contract and gets paid.

Don checks on Ham and suggests they get back to working on flash cards.  Ham objects as usual.

I just want this one record – we will see.  “Ham defies less often.”

Hatch and April pick up where they left off and Hatch is able to earn both of the social badges before they head back into the house.

This freaking app took forever.  And it is her last app because she finished the programming portion of the challenge.  She is switching her freelance focus to artist and will be working on the paintings.  And because I am a sucker for punishment, she actually takes a gig that doesn’t relate to actually painting the paintings she needs.

Don gets Ham into the kitchen for something to eat and he is the first toddler to get something to drink with his food.

Then he gets left in the high chair like every other toddler as Don wanders off to do something else.

Spring rescues him from the high chair and works on flash cards for a little while.  At this point I realized that Spring does not have the skills required for her A – but she has the performance.  After she finishes with Ham, she will need to level something.

April just realized there is a new baby in the house.  Not going to lie – I wrote those words and had to look at the family screen – yes, there is still a baby there.  Tulip should be a toddler soon, which is good because I keep forgetting there is another baby in the house.  Also, April needs to work on her angry face.

Hatch is working on the science badge and he really needed to pee.  He was told to go pee, but apparently he missed the meaning of “go pee” and just went pee.  Now he needs a shower.

Ham, at least, understands where to pee.  The problem is that there is the same green cloud around Ham as is around Hatch.

Stella added the Sims version of The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh to her collection during the last update but I forgot to show the picture.  I have always considered this representative of The Starry Night but side-by-side comparison doesn’t quite hold up, at least not as a direct reproduction.  But for me, this is what I see when I look at the painting.

The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh, 1889

This painting is currently in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art, New York City.

I also have a reproduction hanging in my living room above my sofa.

Apparently Tulip has been ignored a lot, as Social Services called and gave them a warning about making sure to feed her.  Don heads into the nursery to give her a bottle and check on her.  She hasn’t been crying so it is a good thing her birthday is coming soon.  Ham is waiting his turn because he is hungry also.

After Ham asks for food, Don agrees to give him food – then they both head out to answer the siren call of the stereo.  The stereo has been sold.

After the stereo is sold, Ham asks for food again.  Again, Don agrees to give him food.  This time Ham gets food.

April is making fun of adults and Spring is enjoying whatever she is saying about them.  They both laughed and laughed afterwards.

Ham is working on imagination and he has an entire stack of books to look at before he is done.

Hatch is still trying to make the potions for his badge.  He keeps getting interrupted so it is going way too slow.

Stella made three trips into space – no space bunny – and then she didn’t make it to toilet when she got home.  She also passed out before she could get to bed.  This challenge has been rough on her.

Hatch needs to complete the outdoor badge so he heads to the park for a hot minute.

This is the first mess that April is made, that I remember.  That was always Spring’s area of expertise.  Don comes along and asks her to not make messes and she cleans it up.

Ham is assigned to watcher status and Hatch is the watched target.  He is working on the arts and crafts badge and has to complete five pictures, and Ham will be watching the entire time.

Ham wanted to ask Don some questions, so Don carried him into the nursery and put him into the bassinet with Tulip.  That looks really uncomfortable.

Yeah, really uncomfortable.  After Ham asks his questions, Don takes him out of the bassinet and puts him into his own toddler bed.

April is still swimming, although she has to get out of the pool when it is time for the scout meeting.

Tulip is still a baby – she is still here.  Stinky and crying and hoping someone remembers her soon.

Don has been running on the treadmill all day and he is miserable.  He should stop if for no other reason but to change Tulip’s diaper.

Stella ran some more space missions but doesn’t have it in her to try some paintings.  She is going to bed and will pee later.  Hopefully she will pee in the toilet and not on the floor, but no promises.  She is about to pass out from exhaustion and then she is going to have an energy crash from pulling an all-nighter (celebrity perk).

Ham is the only one in the house up for the moment, but Spring is about to get back up.  It is a good thing she made a bowl of salad before everyone went to sleep so Ham would have something to eat when he woke up (after everyone went to bed).

Spring gets back up so that she can help Tulip get started as a toddler.  Blonde – and Wild.  And before she is even set down for her first lesson on walking, she already has a plan to wake up April.  Nope.  She will be put to bed and then Spring will go to bed, and her toddler training will begin in the morning.

This is what Bob Newbie gives Stella… a shade lighter than Hatch, and darn cute, after the makeover.

Oh, and it appears that she also has Stella’s nose.

Ham wanders into the room while Spring is reading Tulip to sleep, and he is also put back to bed.  Spring heads to bed, and of course everyone else starts getting up to pee and shower.  They are all dealt with and sent back to bed as quickly as possible, with the goal to have the entire household asleep at the same time.  At 12:35 am, it is done.  For about 30 minutes.

The third Easter Egg painting that Stella has acquired is the Mona Lisa knockoff.

Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci c. 1503-19

The Mona Lisa is on display in the Louvre Museum in Paris and is considered on of the most valuable paintings in the world.


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