Color Me Pretty at Easter, Chapter 12

Even though it is the middle of the night, the potty training has begun.  Anything to avoid changing a diaper.

But, nothing is done with privacy.  Ham wakes up and he comes to watch.  He is also still needing to master thinking and imagination, so he will be watching for awhile.

Peeps also comes to watch.  April tried to chase them out of the bathroom so that she could use this bathtub, ignoring the three other tubs in the house.  She was rejected and sent back upstairs to use the bathtub attached to her bedroom.

Hatch came in and cleaned up the mess Tulip was making while she was learning how to make the pee go into the potty.  Peeps had moved on, not enough activity here to suit him, but Ham is still watching.

Since everyone was up already, Spring made breakfast and their day has started.  Tulip ended up eating in the office since there isn’t a chair pulled out for a second toddler and Ham didn’t want to share.  Stella is heading outside for a run of space missions, while Ham is about to read a bunch of books.  Don and the older kids will be heading to work and school shortly, leaving Tulip to begin learning her toddler skills and Ham trying to finish his.

Ham begins his marathon reading session by chowing down on the books.

Tulip is stationed at the stuffed bear where she hugs away her sadness, or at least she hugs the bear long enough that her sadness wears off.  Hatch loves on Peeps who was feeling a little lonely – because affectionate cats need a lot a loving and attention also.

Ham finishes reading all of his books and is a sliver from mastering imagination.

Tulip has mastered communication and is bouncing with excitement.

They both head outside where Ham masters imagination when he picks up the doll.

Then he masters thinking as he watches Tulip play on the slide.  He is a top-notch toddler and yippee for that.

Tulip continues to play on the slide while Ham disappears into the house to play with Peeps or something.

Stella made five missions and didn’t see a hair of the space bunny.  Not a single whisper.  She is now going to paint some paintings to see if she has any luck there.

Stella realizes that Tulip can’t go to the potty alone yet, so she stops her slide-playing and takes her to the potty.  Tulip is happy to go, no defiance here.

She isn’t so happy after she goes though because she made a mess on the floor again.  And then she finds out they sold the dollhouse upstairs because it was the other siren-song item and kept interrupting everything else they needed to do to call them upstairs to play.

While everyone is doing productive things, Ham wakes up in a foul mood.  He throws a tantrum and makes sure to wake up Tulip also.  Then he goes to the potty, which he could have done without the tantrum.

Since they are both up, they get something to eat and then they are both sent back to bed since it is the middle of the night.  Everyone is sent to bed, and they will start again in the morning.  He is about to tell her a joke, but she didn’t laugh.

Stella has the voodoo doll and she is still working on mischief so she decides to bind the doll to Don.

But it doesn’t work.  She tried three times but it never bound to Don.  She will try again when she isn’t exhausted.

The entire house was asleep at the same time for less than an hour.

Tulip is sent out to the slide to work on mastering movement.

Ham is also up and he keeps playing with Peeps like a dog.  Peeps isn’t impressed and that makes Ham upset.

Tulip has mastered movement and is the master of the world.

Spring is making breakfast and everyone hopes she doesn’t set the house on fire again.  Peeps is happiest when Ham just pets him.

Actually, Peeps likes it when anyone pets and snuggles him.  Ham got a bubble bath and Tulip wants one too.

Don is in a good mood and doesn’t have to work today, so Tulip also gets a bubble bath.

Then it is reading-day.

Ham wants to listen to a story so Don reads another story.

Then he goes to put up the book, but they want to hear it again so they follow him into the office.

And then again.  Although, at this point, Ham is getting tired of the same story over and over, but Tulip is loving it.

Don says enough and puts Tulip to bed.  Spring is on her way to put Ham to bed also.

Now, if only they would stay in bed until tomorrow morning.  Spoiler: they won’t.

Stella finally gets the voodoo doll to bind to Don.  This is probably not going to help with relationship, and it also doesn’t seem to build mischief very quickly, so she will continue to use mischief social for the skill.

Ham and Hatch are dancing.  Hatch has completed all of his badges except for fitness and he is working on that.

Tulip is sad because Don when to work.  Her immediate response was not to cry.

It was to go hit the teddy bear.

Then she spent the morning playing with the blocks – until the blocks made her angry because there were too many blocks.

When she starts seeing them as balls to throw, it is time to take a break for food and potty.

Ham is angry because the dolls made him mad – he doesn’t want to play with the dolls.  But he keeps playing with the dolls because he has no self-control.

After his tantrum, Ham wants to love on Peeps, but this is probably not the right time for that so he runs to the teddy bear for a hug instead.

The hug doesn’t make him feel better and now that the mad is over, he is very sad.  His emotions are all over the place, and he is tiring me out.  {fussy}

Today is Ham’s birthday, but his bar is not even close to bubbling yet.  So, he goes to take a nap while Tulip is reading (looking) at books.  The toddlers are having quiet time while Stella harasses the maid.

Stella keeps the maid occupied for an entire level of mischief despite very real attempts to leave.  But she is now level 8, only two more to go.

Tulip reads until Spring comes home and then she goes down for a nap, that should last well into the night.

I send Spring up to see if maybe she can get lucky with the mission, and to make sure it exists – I know it does because I have seen it before, but I am now wondering if Stella needs a certain skill level or maybe the rocket needs the other two upgrades.  Anyways, Spring does this.

And she is pissed.  It will cost Stella §1,000 to rebuild the rocket, but Spring is pissed.

A rare shot of all five kids in the same room.  Ham is excited because HIS AGE BAR IS FINALLY BUBBLING!  It is birthday cake time!

Don has to make a new cake because the other one must have spoiled.

Little shit is getting a zombie cake.

As Ham gets ready to spit on the zombies, Spring is still yelling obscenities in the background.

Stella repairs the rocket and takes it up for a mission, and damned if she does immediately wreck it herself.

Tulip is feeling forgotten and alone.  And she is not happy about that.

Stella decides to fuck forget the space bunny and move on.  She is going to get a job as a scientist and begin working on the satellite dish.  Thanks for her connections and celebrity perks, she begins at level 4, Serum Sequencer.  Now she needs eight breakthroughs (the satellite dish is #7).

Don has the day off so he heads in to spend some time with Tulip, and gives her a hug to calm her down.

Stella doesn’t begin working until tomorrow so she plans on painting digitally and trying to come up with some breakthroughs before she goes to work.  Lots and lots of paintings.

Don reads Tulip a story and she is loving the attention.

And then she isn’t.  Now she wants to hit Don.

She doesn’t hit him but she does yell at him.  He is not impressed and makes her sit down with him for some work on her flash cards.

Peeps never stops moving.  Sometimes I am not sure if he even sleeps.

After flash cards it is time for Tulip to follow Stella around for awhile.  Not that she has to go far, as Stella is making a lot of digital prints at the moment.  But Tulip gets to level 4 and that means it is time to harass Don with a bunch of questions.

And the harassment has begun.  She only picks on Don because, of course.  It isn’t like he is doing anything important.

Stella is spending the day installing the last two upgrades to the rocket, and this is an excellent way to get her breakthroughs.

Tulip asks Don to read her a story and he tries to lose her by going upstairs instead of using the perfectly good, comfortable living room furniture.

It doesn’t work and Tulip follows into the bedroom where he is hiding.

He does read her a story but she is angry with him again for something.  She spends most of the day either happy or angry with Don.

Oh yeah, she is hungry.

On the way down to the kitchen, they pass Nervous wandering around the house.  No clue wtf he is doing here.

Don teases Tulip by getting her a sandwich and then just standing behind her with it.  Just standing there, holding the sandwich.

Finally she has the sandwich, and Don is keeping her company while she eats.  One has to wonder what conversation can be had with a toddler that involves handcuffs.

After food, they have another run at the flash cards.  Don is teaching Tulip her numbers.  This is the number of kids he wanted.

This is the number of kids he got.

Tulip has mastered thinking and has almost mastered imagination.  She will be a top-notch toddler shortly with 2 days until her birthday.

When Stella had finished the first upgrade, she had thought of six breakthroughs.  Then she starts on the last upgrade and immediately gets the seventh upgrade.

When she gets the eighth breakthrough, she is allowed to take a break and get some sleep.  Her first day at her new job begins in less than 10 hours

He Sleeps!


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