Color Me Pretty at Easter, Chapter 13

Tulip celebrates a successful trip to the potty and heads out to the dollhouse to knock the imagination skill out of the park.

There she is – the last top-notch toddler of this challenge.  Get out of her way because she smells the bacon.

Spring continues to cook and so far hasn’t started any more fires.

Peeps is a smart cat and has learned a lot of things.  I wish there was a way to show all of the things he has learned not to do – not to drink from puddles, not to eat sims food, not to jump on counters, not to wake up sims.  It seems like there are others but I can’t remember.

Tulip is still stalking Don and this time she wants a bath.  He has 12 minutes before he has to leave for work but he manages to give her a bath first.

Since Stella will be going to work, and Don has gone to work, someone needs to stay home with Tulip.  Spring was going to take a vacation day but then April got the notification that it is her birthday and her age bar is bubbling, so she will blow out her candles and stay home today.  She gets to use the zombie cake since it hasn’t spoiled yet.

And April and her tiny head has become a teen.  This is the combination of Stella and Ripp Grunt, as a reminder of her genetics.  But I think she is cute.  Actually they all are cute, in a very unique way.

Stella has a few hours before work so she spends her time playing video games.  It will build her fun and work on increasing that skill.

Tulip keeps trying to get Stella to play dolls with her, but Stella has a full to-do list before work.  Finally Spring finishes her schoolwork and takes her out to play in the kiddie pool.

She is only the second toddler to get pool time this challenge, and it wasn’t my idea.

Tulip enjoys the time in the pool and she gets to play until Spring has to leave for school.

Someone has to do it, and she is the only one home that isn’t Stella at the moment.

Stella needed landscaping in order to complete the tier of the Mansion Baron, so she got a bunch of overgrown rose bushes.  Peeps approves.

One thing about Tulip completing her toddler training is that she is now running wild.  She wants to know what Peeps has found.

For the first time, in a long time, I leave the toddler at home and join the adult at work.  I found a mod that fixes the sims not taking care of themselves when they are left at home, and it seems to work.

This is an Easter Egg referencing the meme “Redundant Adjectives are Redundant”.

Stella tries to do her assigned tasks, but she insists on making the satellite first.

She had a potion for energy but either it didn’t work or she lost it.  Then she passed out.  She had to stay late to try to finish her work tasks.

She even got to work on their rocket for a little while.

But she just missed maxing out her performance at the end of the day.

When she got home, Hatch was swimming, but he quickly got out and did his homework before going to bed.

Ham was doing his homework already and feeling pretty proud of himself.  The older girls did their homework and Spring put Tulip to bed and then they went to bed.  Stella dragged her ass to bed because she has to get promotions to level 8 so that she can upgrade the satellite in order to get the alien station.

Don was the only one in a good mood so he is testing a theory and running space missions.

April needs a skill for school so she reads up on vampire lore as it is the fastest to increase.

Upstairs the boys are unsupervised and Hatch explores his creativity.  He is sent downstairs to dance for the fitness badge instead.

Saturday morning and everyone is home.  Stella decides to work on mischief today – and Spring will be her foil.  Lucky Spring.

Apparently Don is sleepy.  Maybe he should go to bed.  This is what happens because he stayed up all night running missions to see if he could get the space bunny mission – thinking maybe it had to do with the astronaut career.  But he didn’t get it either.

Spring slips away and spends the morning playing the piano.  She hasn’t had time to practice in awhile.

Hatch realizes he is not going to make it to the bathroom.

Tulip is sad because she also had a potty accident this morning.  She was trying to be happy by playing with Peeps but it isn’t working.  She can’t stop thinking about it.

She watches Hatch pee himself and she knows how sad he must be.  But Hatch is embarrassed rather than sad.  He heads upstairs to take a bubble bath and hide from everyone.  Ham is still smirking in the background as he works on his badges, knowing he still has at least an hour before he pees himself.

Yeah, Ham still has plenty of time to finish what he is doing before he has to go potty.

Stella finally gives in and plants some napnip.  She needs a plant to research and maybe it will calm Peeps down a little bit.

Then she autonomously plants the banana for scale, that was not supposed to be planted.  She is so proud of herself now.

She heads in to dance with pouty-face, but Tulip doesn’t want to dance any more.  She goes and hits her bear and then tracks down Peeps for some kitty-loving.

Spring is repairing the gaming mat, apparently.  Just as long as she doesn’t kill herself – Stella doesn’t want to have any replacement kids.

Stella is still working on mischief and finally reaches level 9.  Just one more level to master the skill.

Kitty-loving!  Makes everything all better.

Ham is working on the social badges with Tulip but then he has to leave for the scouts meeting.

Spring heads off to her scouts meeting still feeling the effects of her brush with being electrocuted.

I don’t believe I ever introduced April as a teen: she is a Hot-Headed Geek with the Vampire Family aspiration.

Hatch takes a break from the family and lounges in the pool until someone remembers he still needs to dance for fitness.

Stella is using everyone to work on mischief and she just about has it.

Just needs to tell one more story about the apocalypse in StrangerVille.

And with a flick of his nose, she has mastered mischief.

Everyone went to bed and left Tulip up all alone. Whatever will she do all by herself.

Sunday is a busy day because it is Easter Egg Celebration day with lots of traditions to complete, and it is Tulip’s birthday.  Tulip hears someone in the kitchen but it is only Spring making breakfast.  It is not time for a birthday cake just yet.

Don heads out to sell the honey and check on the bees.  They spend all the time enraged and always are on the attack.

Inside Tulip convinces Spring to dance instead of eating, which is fine since neither one is hungry.

Then Don comes in to show them how to dance.

So, they have a wild dance party until the rest of the house wakes up.

Peeps finds a pile of trash and thinks he has found a pile of treasure.  Spring lectures him about playing in the trash and he learns not to do that.  He is a very smart cat.

April spends the day swimming laps.

Don spends the day playing chess.

Stella spends the day researching the napnip plant, at least until she gets to level 5 in gardening.  Then she goes inside to play video games.

But then the Flower Bunny shows up and they finish up the traditions for the holiday.  Mischief is removed and so are the costumes, leaving just the resolutions, bunny, and hunting for eggs.  It doesn’t take long before everyone has completed the traditions and the holiday is over.  They left the holiday active long enough for Stella to hunt for all of the eggs and to complete the collection.

Once Easter Egg Celebration is over, it is time for Tulip’s birthday cake.

The zombie cake still has some time remaining, so Tulip gets her chance to spit on the candles.

Tulip becomes a self-assured child with the artistic aspiration.  The first thing she does is run to the toilet.  Then she does her homework and goes to bed.  She almost forgets to make a resolution since she became a child before the end of the holiday, but she remembered in time.  The holiday was successful for the entire family.

Stella and Don finally have a little time to themselves to rekindle their romance.  It doesn’t take much and even the presence of a noisy Peeps (which is a very appropriate name) doesn’t put a damper on their flames.  They are also still working on the display for the Egg collection.  In the end, the eggs are split up, placing four on each dresser in each of the bedrooms.

The boys are up early, but that is okay because they have things to do.  Hatch has completed the fitness badge, so he is earning his promotion to Llamacorn scout.  Ham is heading to the chemistry table to work on the science badge.  They have a few hours before they have to leave for school, so they are hoping to bring home good grades today.

Which reminds Tulip to join the scouts before she does anything else.

Everyone else is just chilling while they wait for school to start.  In a way, I am ready for them to move out, but then there is the worry about an unexpected pregnancy jacking around with my score.  And if they stay, they can contribute to the family funds.  Jobs, that is what they need.  Jobs.  Jobs that pay money.


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