Color Me Pretty at Easter, Chapter 14

The family has a busy week ahead with several birthdays coming up and no toddlers in the house.  It is time to buckle down and knock out the last of the Easter eggs.  Of course, Don and Tulip can’t do anything to help, except stay out of the way and stay out of trouble.

Tulip cleans up the dishes and insists on taking them up to the boys bathroom to wash up.  Every single time.

Hatch is still flexing his creative muscle, and he needs to stop.

Stella has a talk with him about it, and then he leaves for school before he can clean it up.  If it is still there, Tulip will clean it up for the badge.

It figures, Don gets the bunny mission.  Don is in the Astronaut career, and now I am wondering if that is a requirement.  If so, Stella won’t be able to get the mission until she completes the Scientist career.

Don spends the rest of the afternoon on the treadmill.  He still would like to complete the Bodybuilder aspiration and all he needs is to master the fitness skill.

It is time for birthday cake so Spring is going to be making the cake.

Spring will be blowing out her candles first because she is home.  I should have paid more attention to her mood swing.

Spring rolls Neat, Self-Absorbed, and Music Lover.  She also has Responsible, Creatively Gifted, Top-Notch Toddler, and Scouting Aptitude.  Her aspiration is Musical Genius.  At the time she blew out her candles she was level 9 in Cooking.

At first I thought she was having a temper tantrum.  Then the reality became real.  Crap.  This was not planned.  While mood swings can’t, or won’t kill the teens.  They apparently will kill them once they become young adults.  I had plans for Spring, and this isn’t them.  Sims 4 has been out since 2014 and this is the very first time I have had the cardiac explosion death.

Spring feels something wrong, and then she collapses.

April is the first one to find her, just beating the Reaper.

Stella is on a mission.  It is also her birthday and she is coming to blow out her candles not even noticing Spring lying dead on the floor beside the cake.

She knows she still looks good.  Everyone gathered is cheering for Stella and mourning for Spring.  So confusing, even for Grim.  And Ham is still eating – priorities, amirite?

Then Stella notices Spring.  Oh wow, was she laying there the entire time?

April has the highest relationship with Spring so she begs the Reaper not to take her sister.

It worked!  OMG, it worked!!

Spring is surrounded by light and brought back to life.

And she is still enraged.  She immediately begins where she left off.  Fearing that Grim wouldn’t bring her back again, she is sent to the bathroom to calm her shit down.

Spring finally calms down and she is feeling much better now.  She takes a job as an Entertainer and heads to bed.  Then before anything else can happen to her, she is allowed to move out and start a life of her own.

That leaves an opening in the household and they don’t need any accidental babies.

Stella literally blinks and there are two kids in her bedroom.  It is like they popped out of thin air.

Stella is not taking any chances, so a kid moves out and a cat moves in.  This is Chicks Lothario, and at the moment all she knows is that he is affectionate.

He is territorial and a prowler, which means he doesn’t like strangers but he does like to go outside and chase other creatures.  That sounds like there will be some vet visits in his future when those creatures chase him back.

But he is really cute and he makes himself right at home.

April has completed her scouting badges and she has an A in school, so she is biding her time until she becomes a young adult and can also move out.  Hopefully, she can do it without the drama of dying first.

The younger three are having a homework session.  Hatch is ready for his birthday – he has an A – plus he already has completed all of his badges for scouts.  Ham has an A but still lacks two badges – fishing and dancing.  Tulip has a B and she has 4/9 badges completed.

Stella seems to gain performance better when she goes to work alone, so she goes to work alone.  But she still has to have breakthroughs for the promotions.  She is finishing the last upgrade which this is the best way to get her breakthroughs.

She needs a little pick-me-up and thanks for Spring’s aspiration points, she has a potion for that.  She is able to get one of the two breakthroughs she needs from the rocket upgrade.

Don hires a caterer to come over and stock the fridge.  Chicks is playing nice.  The belly is a trap.

And the trap has been sprung.

Jesminder made a lot of food, and it was put into the fridge without spoiling.  Stella decided to kill two birds with one stone and she is reading for the last breakthrough, but she is reading the gardening skill book.

She gets the breakthrough and gains another level in gardening.

Chicks is checking out the broken dishwasher, and I am thinking laying in the puddle of water is probably not the wisest decision.

Stella has her first abduction.  Thankfully it is Stella and not Don, and thankfully there is no room at the inn either way.

Oops, it looks like they forgot Hatch’s birthday.  He is now a Creative Foodie, who is getting a quick (minor) makeover.

Hatch wants to be a Mansion Baron, which he will be able to complete at least the first three levels fairly easily.  He is now on the last level of the aspiration – 20 columns and the house needs to be worth §350,000.  Yeah, that isn’t happening in the two weeks before he becomes a young adult.  As for his nose and profile, let’s just say that Stella + Dustin Broke makes for some interesting topography.

Love Day slips into the calendar and it is time for Stella and Don to have a date.  They do that first thing in the morning so that no one forgets it.

Stella decides to play a video game before work, and that is on the list so she is left to it.

While everyone is at work, Hatch is the only one home and Spring comes over to visit.  She doesn’t look like her death has caused her any lasting harm, but she is also not married yet.  Those things are probably not related.

They spend time dancing, because that is what everyone in this household does.

Chicks becomes an adult cat, and I actually almost caught it on film.

Stella and Don arrive home an hour apart but Don was still standing there when Stella came home.  Peeps came out to meet one of them, or maybe both.  Either way, cute picture.

Someone broke the dollhouse, and this is the first time that has happened.

Hatch is right on it and gets it repaired right away.

As everyone begins heading to bed, Stella is reading the gardening book as she works on her breakthroughs for the next promotion.  It sure would be nice if she could have the two promotions she needs by the end of the next week.  That would give her two weeks as an adult to try for the damn space mission/space bunny.

April has cheeks.!.!

Nope, false alarm, she was eating.

Stella is about to pass out, but she researched long enough to get gardening to level 7.  She has to have it mastered in order to buy the seed packs that have the magic beans, so that she can collect the flirty bean for the points.

It is time to leave the house, and they decide to try to find the Dust Spirits this weekend.  Ham and Tulip need to work on their outdoor badge and the rest come along for fun.  The cats stayed home because the cabin isn’t setup for pets, and this is just faster, hopefully.  Of course, they get there as the sun is coming up and the Dust Spirits are night creatures.  So, Stella goes to bed and the rest of the household gets the day to play.

Ham and Tulip head off to get the fishing done.  That is quick and painless.  They also decide to stay there and continue fishing instead of going back to the house.  Smart kids.

Don is playing horseshoes with the teens.

Apparently, Don’s resolution never recognized his last promotion and now it is going to fail to complete, so he is tense.

April is tense because she is too close to the family.  Hatch is just uncomfortable because he burned his arm lighting the campfire, but he isn’t giving anyone else the death glare.  He is definitely on the receiving end of it though.

Yeah, maybe they should all just go home.

Stella finally gets lucky at something and catches a Dust Spirit on her first night.

She is going home!

April is trying to keep herself calm and relaxed, but it isn’t working out that well.

Hatch is actually enjoying himself now that his arm doesn’t hurt any more.  The campfire is nice and cozy.

Don suggests they leave at the scheduled time and maybe have a little celebration before they go.

Stella is up for that.

Ham and Tulip do not look like they are enjoying the dancing.  And they are dancing.

At this point, everyone is ready to go home.  Which is good, because the vacation is over and they are going home.

Peeps is very glad they are home.  He was not happy at being left home when they went on vacation, even if they were only gone 24 hours.

April was complaining about the nasty toilet, so April can clean the nasty toilet.

Don is broken.  Broken Don.  He had to be reset for his upper body to move again.

Stella puts the Dust Spirits in a terrarium and sets it out so everyone can admire them.

She also decides to keep the Dragon Dragonfly that she caught.

Her next action is to find out who is leading the Paragons club and see if she can get an invitation to join.  She tracks down Siobhan, who is now married to Buck Grunt and living in an apartment in the city.  Stella’s celebrity makes it easy to get an invitation into the club.

They talk for awhile and then she suggests that Siobhan has so much going on, maybe Stella should take over the club as the new leader.

Siobhan agrees and Stella leaves before she can change her mind.  Stella is now the leader of both the Renegades and the Paragons.

When Stella gets home, it is time for Don to blow out his candles.

Don has become an elder.


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