Color Me Pretty at Easter, Chapter 15

One thing I didn’t mention in the past update is that all of the kids have completed their scouting badges.  That means all that they have to do now is to get their grades up to an A.  That is it.  That and stay out of trouble.  Easy-peasy.  And, April and Ham have an A already, while Hatch and Tulip are sitting with a B.  They all have the skills required for the increase in their grades though.

While the list of things Stella has to do is getting shorter, there are a lot of items on the calendar for this week.  Stella still needs to master video gaming +win a tournament for each game, master gardening +find the flirty magic bean, reach level 8 in the scientist career +upgrade the satellite +watch the Alien TV channel, find the big bunny on a space mission, paint more Easter egg paintings, and watch more Easter egg TV shows.  I doubt she will reach the top of any career, so the rest of the her time will be about making money and earning aspiration points.  This is all that she has remaining and she has 19 days +her elder days.

There are a lot of birthdays happening this week: Ham becomes a teen on Tuesday, April becomes a young adult on Thursday, and Tulip becomes a teen on Saturday.  This is also the last day of spring for the second time, which means this is week 8 of the challenge.

Don is a level 7 Astronaut.  That is his actual job title not just his career.  His next promotion is where he chooses between Space Ranger and Interstellar Smuggler.  He will most likely choose Interstellar Smuggler as it pays more per day and more per week, and Stella wants the money in the bank.  He is also an elder now, and since he has not completed Bodybuilder, his time is not extended any, but he has all the skills needed for all the promotions.

Tulip continues to take the dishes upstairs to wash them in the bathrooms.

Stella doesn’t have time to sleep right now, so she drinks the sleep replacement potion she took from Spring, and it is time to get to work.

She keeps losing at the tournaments, so there is a theory that having some logic skill will help her win, so she plays some chess and gets up to level 3.  We’ll see.

Looks like Spring has gotten a little busy with one of the Kibo boys – and she has found the EA accessory store.

April uses this opportunity to teach Chicks to not jump on counters so he should be better about staying off of the table and counter in the future.

Tulip is always dancing.  I will be surprised if she hasn’t maxed out motor as a child and dancing as a teen by the time she is done.

Don gets frisky with Stella but there is no time – he has to go to work.

Stella has just enough time to get gardening to level 8 and take care of the bees before she heads off to work.

Must be Monday because everyone has a project today.

Don brings home the promotion as expected and he moves into the Interstellar Smuggler branch.  He is now a Moon Mercenary.

Stella comes home a little later and she also has a promotion to level 7 Laboratory Leader.  One more promotion for her, but first she needs two breakthroughs.

While Don is helping the kids with their projects, Stella needs to work on her breakthroughs and two skills.  Don is giving her the look, like “yeah, right”

Stella chugs a moodlet solver and then heads to her office to begin reading about gardening.

She reads and reads and reads.  She gets both of the breakthroughs she needs for work and almost reads her way to level 9.  The books won’t help her get to level 10 so once she gets the second breakthrough she heads outside.

She is researching the napnip plant and there are green leaves fluttering around her.  She doesn’t have a moodlet, so that is weird but must have something to do with the researching.  By this time she has been up for many, many hours.  But her needs aren’t bad enough to use a moodlet solver yet.

Everyone heads to work and school leaving Don home alone.  He enjoys the peace and quiet and takes care of some chores.  He doesn’t go to work until Wednesday.

Stella pays for her marathon and passes out the instant she gets home from work.  The good news is that she should get her last promotion on Wednesday.  That would mean that she would be able to upgrade the satellite on Thursday and then switch to the Astronaut career by Friday.

Spring comes to visit but her baby belly isn’t showing yet.

They almost missed Ham’s birthday, but I remembered.

They all grow into their looks as teens.  Nervous Subject and Stella are both present in Ham.  But first, Ham rolls Loves Outdoors and Geek so he is given The Curator.

Ham begins his homework and gives me a chance to take a picture of his profile.  Where Hatches bulges outwards, Ham has Stella’s ski-slope.

Looks about right, Stella and Don get up to pee and the cats take over the bed.

Caleb is in a hurry to get somewhere.

Stella is hoping for a promotion today, and she needs a little fun before work.

Ham has the day off from school, and he needs to build a skill, so he is reading about vampires – it is still the fastest skill to level.

With everyone else gone, Ham runs around the neighborhood collecting the collectibles for his aspiration.

Apparently someone forgot to refill the cats food tower and they were hungry.

Stella got her last promotion, so on Thursday she will be able to upgrade the satellite dish. {yay}  She made a few space missions just to see if the space bunny would show up, but nope.

The teens worked together on their homework while Tulip did hers in the living room.  One guess as to who finished first.

Stella called up Caleb and invited him over because April wanted to meet an actual vampire.

April and Caleb spent the evening getting to know each other – just as friends.

Chicks even kept them company.

I forgot that Stella also kept the Rainbow Fireflies from her trip to Granite Falls.  {random shiny}

April is heading up to bed and Peeps has now joined them outside.  Caleb greets Peeps but allows Chicks space.

After everyone is in bed, Caleb hangs out and plays games.  Go home Caleb.

Stella has finally upgraded the satellite so she can access the Alien TV station.

Now she just has to survive the last day at work.

She changes the channel…


It is time for April to blow out her birthday candles, and her emotional state is checked first – she is uncomfortable because she is hungry.  No mood swings in play here.

Candles have been blown, April takes the next step and it is not a job.

She has a request for Caleb, something she has wanted for a long time.

Caleb agrees to turn her into a vampire and begins the process right away.  Stella watches.

I don’t believe Stella likes this turn of events so Caleb might need to be wary.

The process has begun.

Stella made a serum at work on her last day and she decides to test it out.

It worked, she is back to being slim once again.  Don approves.

With the turning started, April begins working on her next plan.

Upstairs, age and fatigue interrupt Stella and Don’s plans for the evening.

Downstairs, April has made it to whatever base this is.  By the time Caleb leaves, he has agreed to be her boyfriend.  April has no comment about the fact that Caleb is already married.  She has forever to deal with that minor issue.

Peeps and Chicks have never become friends apparently.  Chicks doesn’t like sharing the bed with Peeps.

Don is still trying to master fitness and Ham joins him for about 30 minutes and then calls it a week.

Stella is still looking for the space bunny.  She switched to the astronaut career since Don was able to find the right mission, it is worth a shot.  But first, she is going to get some sleep.

Stella may not be a scientist any more but she has her own chemistry lab, so she tries to make a Need Serum.  It doesn’t work this time, so she works on her needs the old fashioned way.

Spring walks by and lord-have-mercy it looks like she is wearing all of the accessories.  She also is no longer pregnant – she had a boy, Xavier.

Stella has finally mastered gardening so she can now begin buying rare seed packs.  These are §1,000 each and give minimal seeds each time.  There is a possibility that the seed will be a magic bean.

As Stella is beginning to spend their savings on the rare seeds, April makes her final transformation…

… into a soccer mom.  Yeah, real vampire-y.  [makeover coming right up]

That is much better.  And now April is moving out to begin her MCCC life.  April ended up Hot-Headed, Geek, and a Bookworm, with Scouting Aptitude, Responsible, and Top-Notch Toddler.  Her aspiration is Vampire Family, which she obviously needed to become a vampire.  Her highest skill is the Vampire Lore at level 6.

Stella spent quite a lot of simoleons and finally picked up the flirty magic bean.  Then she decided to try to complete the collection and finally gave up, missing one.  She will try later but her funds were dropping too fast and she needs to recover what she has already spent first.

Stella decides to drink another moodlet solver and keep going.  She may pay later, but for now she wants to enter a tournament.

Stella enters a Blicblock tournament and it seems like everyone in the house has to come talk to her, to ask advice, or whatever.

She finally loses her cool with Tulip.

Tulip almost gets the message but still continues to talk to her, then she leaves to go take a bubble bath.  Stella loses the tournament – second place is still a loss.

Since there is a four-hour cooldown between tournaments, Stella heads out to make a mission.  OMG, she finally gets the mission.  And she is in the Astronaut career, so I am taking this as proof enough for me.

Stella is wrapping this up – she just has to play a lot of video games, maybe level her logic, and paint a lot of paintings.  And, she can’t get pregnant.


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