Color Me Pretty at Easter, Chapter 16

Tulip gets things started with her age bar bubbling and a birthday cake.  She isn’t able to blow out the candles the first time, but that could be because Hatch decided to walk between her and the cake.

There, the candles are blown out, and Tulip is becoming a teen.

I just realized that her hair may be blonde, but her eyebrows are brown.  Were brown.  They are blonde now.  Tulip rolls Romantic and Self-Assured and is given the Soulmate aspiration.

Stella gets the kids to play a multi-player game with her but she doesn’t spend a lot of time playing at one time.

Then she tries a pro tournament for Density Effect.  Apparently the tournaments on the console are different from the tournaments on the computer, but I think the tournaments on the gaming mat are the same as the ones on the computer.  So far there are nine tournaments she needs to enter and win.  She hasn’t won any yet.

She does spend a lot of time painting but hasn’t found any more Easter eggs.  There are four that she is aware of, that she is trying to paint.  She is keeping any masterpieces to decorate the house and selling everything else.

When the season changes to summer, she heads out to change it back to spring.  This will be the last time she has to change it because she doesn’t expect to still be alive in four weeks: 11 days until she is an elder and then however many days as an elder.

It is hard to tell but it looks like they might be playing.

Both cats have their own beds, but they prefer to sleep on the floor next to Stella.

Stella is going to keep entering Blicblock tournaments until she wins one.  Then she will move to the next game.  In between she will play Blicblock to see if she can get something good to happen.  There are a lot of tournaments to play and win, and she will take breaks periodically to paint a set of pictures.  Tulip still likes to sit in the office with her while she is on the computer.

Peeps comes in and it is immediately obvious that something is wrong.

As Stella is getting ready to take Peeps to the vet, it looks like they are wrestling, and it looks like they are play-wrestling, not actually fighting.  This is the first time I have seen two cats play like this.

At the vet’s office, Stella realizes that maybe Don should have brought Peeps, because the fans are intrusive.

Thankfully, they get Peeps into a room quickly, and he is going to be just fine.

Ham and Tulip come home enraged.  They are safe as long as they are teens.  But they are sent straight to bed to sleep it off anyways.

Tulip gets up and she is still in the mood so she is sent to take an angry poop and then calm down in the mirror.

Ham also gets up still in a snit so he is sent back to the mirror.  They need to just get over this.

Hatch is the one that is having to repair the plumbing and he is missing Spring and April at this point.

Once again the cats are camped out at Stella’s bedside.

Stella needs to play games and paint.  And it is getting boring to watch.  She is taking a potion to avoid the sleeping and peeing and eating.  And she realizes Hatch’s birthday is coming up in two days.

She spends the day painting but she doesn’t paint any more Easter eggs.  As best as I can tell, there are two remaining that I recognize (later I realize the points are capped at five and she has five so she is done painting for Easter eggs).  And I am avoiding the video gaming because she still has to master the skill and then she has to win a tournament in all nine games.  I am hoping she can get the last two paintings and then just spend the rest of her life trying to win the tournaments.  At least the paintings are financially productive.

Stella added two more paintings to the Easter egg collection.

The Girl with the Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer, 1665

This painting is in permanent residence in Mauritshuis in The Hague, Netherlands

The second painting is a picnic.

A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat, 1884-1886

This painting is in the collection at the Art Institute of Chicago

The new maid has an interesting professional look, and the caterer today is Hugo Villareal.  They also had the option of hiring Spring to come and be their caterer.

At this point Stella realizes she is limited to five Easter egg paintings, so she is down to the video gaming tournaments and the birth announcement picture (which she didn’t get) and the TV shows (which are completely random popup holidays).  So, she is going to farm aspirations, careers, and money for the remainder of the challenge.  As the kids are close to moving out, things are settling down and should go fairly quickly (uneventfully).  She is awake, she just doesn’t want to get up.  Both of the boys’ dads died at the same time so she is sad about that and she is insane erratic and she is about to have an emotion bomb, because that is the celebrity quirk she just picked up.

The cats line up for attention, which Don is happy to provide.  The kids are doing homework and school projects, because they didn’t do them on Monday or Tuesday.  They all have an A, so the projects are just to keep them busy more than anything.

Time for a commercial break while Stella has an emotional breakdown.  She will be back in a few minutes to finish farming the careers for bonuses and career rewards for the first four levels thanks to the Connections trait.  That gives her a good bump on her cash on hand.  Now she will begin farming aspirations for those points.


The kids are working on their projects so Don waits until they are finished before he takes Peeps to the vet.  Stella went to bed leaving this trip to Don to make.

Prismatic Poop Plague – that sounds colorful.  Don elects for Peeps to get a shot and they head home.

Seriously?  Peeps just got home from the vet and he is sick again.  Oh, apparently I missed the fact that Peeps is an elder now.

Now he has an Overheated Sniffer.

Stella doesn’t like the thought of losing Peeps so she buys some treats while she is at the vet.

The first treat makes Peeps younger once again.

The second treat should make him a little more resistant to all of the illnesses.

She also bought a wellness treat for Chicks.

Hatch almost misses his birthday again, but the cake is ready and he gets to blow out his candles.  He is still sad about Dustin’s death but at least sadness won’t kill them.  He rolls Creative, Foodie, and Evil.  Yes Hatch is Evil.  He also has Scouting Aptitude, Responsible, Top-Notch Toddler, and his aspiration is Mansion Baron – which he is on the last tier.  There isn’t anything that Hatch needs to do before moving out, so he heads on out into MCCC-land.  All of the kids are on the gallery under #boolpropnet and #easteregg.

With two spaces in the house, Stella decides they have tempted fate long enough so she calls and adopts two more kittens.  Marshmallow is a Singapura and he is Talkative, Fluffy, and Frisky.

Jellybean is a Calico and she is Friendly, Mischievous, and a Prowler.

Stella adds a second feeder, because four cats will not share one feeder successfully.

Ham and Tulip are working on their homework, where Tulip dares anyone to challenge her skills with the invisible book.

The new babies make themselves at home and get right to the playing.

They enjoy exploring their new home and finding all the goodies that they have to use.  So far, they have not interacted with the older cats.

That time when you run so fast that your back legs try to get in front of your front legs and {umphhh}

Stella hires a caterer at random and they get Spring.  Spring, who is pregnant again, apparently.  Spring, who is still not married and doesn’t have a steady partner.

Stella tries to paint a flirty masterpiece, but none of them are masterpieces, so she goes back to the digital tablet.

This is literally her life now.

The cats are adorable and are enjoying life.

Don finally breaks down and cleans the kitchen after Spring made three entire meals.

Stella drinks a moodlet solver and continues to paint.  Her goal is to fill the walls of the house with masterpieces.  House value, baby.

After the moodlet solver, she drinks one of the Inspired Celebuserums for a boost, hoping to get some masterpieces out of the next batch of paintings.  She is working on the master bedroom now as the downstairs is basically done, except for the bathroom, nursery, and toddler room.

Ham is wondering why they added a washer and dryer to house because now they have to do laundry, and no one will ever remember to actually do laundry.  They need to hire a maid.

Don makes sure that Peeps is getting plenty of love.  He gives all the cats plenty of loves.

Stella has to go to the museum for the painting aspiration and when she is leaving she gets in the middle of a rough looking crowd.  She is glad to get home safely.

Jellybean is the first of the kittens to become an adult.

But Marshmallow isn’t far behind.


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  1. I’m just chiming in because I’ve been reading this all lurky-like and not liking or commenting. I’ve been reading it on my phone, through my email, where it’s not as easy to do those things. BUT, I’m in front of a computer just for you because I’m enjoying this so much. Several chapters ago I laughed out loud at Don doing flashcards with (I think it was Tulip) one of his kids and you said “This is how many kids Don wanted” and he’s holding the 1 card, then “this is how many kids he has” and he’s holding the 5 card. HA HA! Also, you inspired me to throw some cats in my household, they’ve been VERY fun. I was wondering if you’d show me what the house looks like? It’s so spacious and open, but decorated too. It seems functional and pretty and I wanted to know more about it. I’m a terrible builder, but I’m trying to get better. I always add or expand rooms and forget to adjust the roof. HA. Very fun stuff!

    • I will include a tour of the house in tomorrow’s update! I downloaded the empty shell from the gallery, because I can’t build for crap, but they have been decorating as they go. It has been a great house.

      Thanks for the great comment – the cats are awesome, I just love them and they add life to the house and the pictures, photo bombing my shots.

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