Color Me Pretty at Easter, Chapter 17

Don is still trying to complete the Bodybuilder aspiration.  He is at 77% on fitness but because he is an elder, he can’t overdo the exercise at any given time because it is too strenuous.

Marshmallow was stuck and I finally realized it and reset him.  I guess he had his tail stuck in the cabinet or something.

This is the first cat fight and it is between Chicks and Jellybean.  Stella had the option to lecture Chicks for attacking, which she did.  He pretended to not understand what she meant.

Stella is going through the potions because there isn’t any reason to save them – she can’t exactly pass them on to the next generation.

Chicks and Jellybean have made up from their squabble it would appear.

Don is valiantly trying to master fitness.  He is up to 92% and trying to not die by relaxing, but it is time to go to work.

Ham and Tulip work on what might be their last school projects.  Ham’s birthday is Tuesday (tomorrow) and Tulip’s birthday is Saturday, so these are their last school projects.

Don comes home from work and hits the treadmill, making it to 97% before he is too tired to continue.  Wuss.

The man just wants to sleep in his own bed.

There it is…  Don has mastered fitness and completed his aspiration of Bodybuilder.

It just increased his days left so that he will now outlive Stella assuming he doesn’t do anything stupid.  Since the challenge is over when Stella dies, I want to make sure someone will be around to take care of the cats, so Don will not be doing anything stupid.

Ham and Tulip haven’t had a lot of screen time as teens, but they haven’t done much of anything exciting, and now it is time for Ham to blow out his candles.

Marshmallow wants to help Ham by standing in the middle of the cake, but either way, Ham gets the candles blown out.

Ham rolled Creative, Loves Outdoors, and Geek – plus Responsible, Top-Notch Toddler, and Scouting Aptitude.  He completed The Curator aspiration as a teen, providing Stella with eleven (11) moodlet solvers and two fun potions before moving out.  As a reminder the kids have been uploaded to the gallery, but I didn’t think about the fact that the girls are wearing CC hairs.  They can be found under #boolpropnet or #easteregg or my EAID tsmetana.  Tulip will also be shared once she has her birthday.

Here is a tour of the house – the front of the house with all the items that have collected out front over the course of the challenge.  The house itself was downloaded from the gallery and I didn’t make a note of the creator at the time, but it was empty.  It is the same style as the Landgraab house across the street so it fits in perfectly.

Top down views of each floor.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Standing at the front door, looking to the left is the living room.

Front the corner of the living room looking towards the back of the house.  The kitchen is at the very back to the right.  Stella’s office is to the left under/behind the stairs and the dining room is open behind the office.  The nursery and toddler room are to the right up at the front of the house, basically behind the wall with the TV.

This is the entry hall.  The living room is to the left, the toddler room is to the right.  The nursery room door is set back next to the desk.  The TV is on the other side of the wall on the left.

The toddler room in the front corner.

The nursery.

Main floor bathroom – ignore the piles of hair on the floor – one of the cats is floofy.

The laundry room, which was empty until a few days ago because they forgot about it.

The backside of the kitchen because I set it up weirdly.

Standing in the back corner looking to the front of the house.

The dining room has great views.

Stella’s office.  All of the paintings are masterpieces that Stella painted except for the five Easter egg paintings.

The fitness room is on the top floor.  This would be my office just for the view.

The master bedroom.  Stella is still working on the art for this floor so the walls are not completely decorated up here.

The boys room.

The girls room.

Stella drinks a potion to improve her fun and then she begins painting again.

Don is free to do whatever since he has mastered fitness and completed the bodybuilder aspiration.  As he walks away, he is giving me a Mr. Incredible vibe.

Don visits with Stella while she is working on paintings for the second floor.  The floofy cat has been identified as Marshmallow.

They are just missing Chicks, who is not missing them.

Tulip is enjoying her time I think.  She has done her homework and her project and gets all the free time to play games.

April and Caleb sitting in a tree, K i s s i n g.  Then there comes a baby.

Stella needed something different so she is working on a gig, in the laundry.  Wherever inspiration hits.

Don complained about the dirty dishes and then he cleaned them up.  Tulip just sat and watched him.

Then she had to go deal with the bees.  The bees made sure to deal with her also.  They all forget the bees, and I am not sure if the beehive can die from neglect but they remember to deal with the bees every day or so.  That means the bees are always pissed.

Stella decides she would rather clean the toilet than paint.

Just to show her current status as a Global Superstar and the leader of both the Renegades and Paragons.

Tulip came home very tense and needed something to de-stress.  She got a mud bath and four cats.

Don comes home and Peeps runs out to meet him.  While he is greeting Peeps he has the opportunity to become companions, so they do.

Stella was working on her concept drawings and needed to pee.  Instead of going to the bathroom next to where she was standing, she decided to go to one of the toilets far as possible away from where she was standing.

Just noticing the parallels.

Stella finally gets another TV season premiere to add to her count – Game of Llamas.

Stella received a tile for the walk of fame many weeks ago, so she decides it is time to head to Del Sol Valley and place it, if for no other reason but to get it out of her inventory.

The ceremony starts and a crowd gathers – she did not bring her family because she just wanted to get it over with.

The tile is placed and the deed is done.

Then the fans begin with the talking.  Stella isn’t in the mood to socialize and she has the No Touching quirk so she waves them off at first.

But then she agrees to sign some autographs until they start to leave.

Finally, she is allowed to head home.

Don finally figures out how to brush the floof.

No – GTFO this house.

The teenage vampire goes after the old man for her meal.  After she drinks her fill, she leaves Don asleep on the floor and heads on about her business.

Checking on the cats, I realize Chicks was sent prowling and hasn’t come home.  He is still off prowling because prowlers are going to prowl.

Jellybean was glitched into the table and wouldn’t reset so I had to move the table to unstick her.

Then she immediately ran away.

Now, everyone is sad.  This is going to push Stella over the edge into an emotional bomb.  Counting down…

After she gets that out of her system she plays a game and then tries another tournament.  She still can’t seem to win one, so I am officially giving up on the tournaments.  Out of the list of Easter eggs given, she has only not completed the video gaming and the birth announcement (55 points total).

Ham comes over to visit and sets the table for Stella.

Jellybean is back and brings a gift or something.  It isn’t important.  Stella runs out to greet her and welcome her home.

Jellybean is more glad to see Chicks then anyone else.


Stella did this on her own.  She is soaking Don which gave him the dazed moodlet.

These two tend to always be somewhere near each other most of the time.

Stella has reached her elder years.  It seems like it has taken forever to get here, but here she is.

According to MCCC, she has 11 days remaining.  Tomorrow Tulip will become a young adult and move out, leaving Don and Stella with a house of cats.  Stella has completed the list of Easter eggs and is just working on building up the nest egg and house value, plus any aspirations she can accumulate.

Tulip tried to give the squeaky ball to Marshmallow but he didn’t seem to know what to do with it, so she gave it to Peeps, who knew exactly what to do with it.

Stella doesn’t know why she bothered buying cat beds for any of them, since they seem to prefer the floor beside her bed.

Except for Jellybean, who thinks the couch is much more comfortable.

I am just loving these cats.

Stella begins her day with a moodlet solver.  She has plenty stored up to last her the rest of her life now.

She paints a picture from reference of Jellybean on the couch, hoping it will be a masterpiece.  It isn’t, but it gets hung up in the house anyways.

It is time for Tulip to have her cake and then move out to begin a life doing adult things.

Tulip rolls Self-Assured, Romantic, and Goofball.  She also has Mediator, Responsible, Top-Notch Toddler, and Scouting Aptitude.  Her aspiration is Soulmate.  I should have gotten her a boyfriend already, but she will have to rely on MCCC to hook her up.

Jellybean has some exciting news – she is in labor.  Chicks tracks her down to make sure she is okay.

He even grooms her a little bit before giving her some space.

Jellybean has twin boys – Hunt and Hide – and they look identical so don’t get me to lying about which is which at this point.  That makes six cats in the household, and two elders.  Don better survive until the end of the challenge because someone has to remain to take care of the kitties.

Hunt is Affectionate, Territorial, and a Prowler.

Hide is Friendly, Mischievous, and a Prowler.

Stella and Don spend some time together while Stella continues to work on her paintings.

Then it is Easter Egg Celebration again and they head over to socialize with the Bunny, whatever his name.

The kittens are having fun chasing each other around the house.

Stella and Don want some couple time but Peeps doesn’t want to let them use the bed.

Finally they trick him into leaving the bedroom so that they can have their time together.

While they are under the sheets, Jellybean comes in to watch, or whatever it is that cats do.

Stella was a 5-star celebrity, Global Superstar and she had a Pristine Reputation.  She completed three aspirations: Painter Extraordinaire, Fabulously Wealthy, and Renaissance Sim.  And she died doing Don.

Jellybean – Stop!

The cats all had to get on top of Don while Grim reaped Stella – and Don was stuck so he had to be reset.

Chicks came running up to see what was going on and was the only one not hung up in the pile on the bed.

Stella’s final score is 1,855 – and her challenge is over.

I played just long enough past Stella’s death for the kittens to become adults.



…and that’s all folks…


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